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Zambians expected an address to the Nation not Pictures of the President


President Edgar Lungu receive the letter of oath from the Newly appointed Minister of National Development and Planning Alexander Chiteme during swearing in ceremony
A young political activist has expressed disappointment that Republican President opted to make announcements of his new Cabinet Ministers when scores of Zambians expected him to address the nation.

Prince Ndoyi a young politician from the former ruling Party the MMD said Zambians did not expect to see pictures of their President making appointments instead they wanted to hear his voice making sweeping changes especially after the dramatic exist from government by Harry Kalaba.

Ndoyi known for his criticism of HH and the UPND leadership today pointed lamentations towards the Head of State as he noted that what the country expected was not only appointments made quietly but an address to the nation on a number of issues among them corruption allegations levelled against his government by one of his own Ministers who has since resigned.

“Today Monday scores of Zambians were waiting to hear the Presidents’ voice either on radio or TV not to see pictures. To hear him sound the alarm in both sound and picture making sweeping changes not only to cabinet but to the wider overall management of the country. Structural reforms in agriculture and his posture against these things that have taken center stage such as Cholera and the Crying Traders, Labour Matters, Army Worms and Corruption Allegations.

“But fortunately for those appointed, which ever wisdom he used to appoint the same, is a debate for another day. But the President saliently did that behind closed doors, subjecting every Zambian to wait for ZNBC news to hear his voice probably in a less than two minute clip,” he said.

Ndoyi opinionated that the Head of State missed yet another opportunity to talk to the public and make popular decisions that identify with the majority who put him in office.

He said President Lungu is seemingly insulated from reality and that the handlers should not de-link the President from the reason he is Republican President, the party.

“My honest opinion is the President has yet again missed a mouth watering opportunity not only to address the nation but to make popular decisions. A President elected on a popular majority of 50percent + 1 must from time to time identify with the popular majority.

“For me the President has been insulated from reality and his party-PF. My most immediate humble advise to the Presidential handlers is that they must not delink the President from the party which is the reason he is President. He is a politician and much of the reason why our former President Rupiah Banda lost in 2011 is because he lost touch with the party-MMD as according to Dickson Jere. RUPIAH BANDA was made too busy with the presidency and party matters he delegated,” he said.

Ndoyi further advised the President to use the discontent of youths in his party as a yardstick to measure the frustrations of youths in the country.

He said the actions of the PF youths who impounded tracks of Mukula was an indicator of a bigger problem which the President should not shy away from addressing.

Further the former students leader and now political activist appealed to those closest to the President such as the First Lady and the First Family to bridge the communication gap between the President and the general citizenry.

Ndoyi questioned whether it was the Zambian intelligence that was failing President or the beauracracy of state house civil servants

“I wonder sometimes does the President hear us, what mode of communication can someone use surely? First lady Esther Lungu and Tasila Lungu please help us. Who is failing our humble leader, is it the INTELLIGENCE or the walls at STATE HOUSE?

“There is no where to hide, you jump on a taxi or a bus, everyone is complaining. In the hospitals and market places, people have missed their President and they don’t see or hear him directly unless through others. They miss their humble and poor President who lived among us. WHERE IS OUR PRESIDENT?”


  1. I agree. I was a little surprised the president didn’t address the nation especially because of the mukula, cholera, Kalaba and changes to his cabinet.

    Bizarre in all honesty.



    • My dear friend Ndoyi, Lungu is a coward with no vision. But don’t worry he will surface soon, am sure he is still making a plan and looking for words to say.

    • Very objective lamentations. Sadly the Presidential handlers have terribly misunderstood their duties or JD hence failing President Lungu in a dangerous way. You cannot have a successful Presidency if his tenure in office is over insulated from the masses that vote not forgetting the rational minds outside his inner-circle.
      Commonly, aides placate leadership with what doesn’t turn the President’s face red on them. PF must urgently audit itself and stop ignoring lamentations of its base and the masses at large. Politicians animals are successful only if they have ears to the ground. Play the elitist game, lose your base period. The party has an important role to help recast its plot in the courts of public opinion. Are current elitist antics Galvanizing any base? I doubt it.

  2. Slowly you will all start realizing the state we are in and those of us that have been saying from day one will say i told you so .Never elect a person that does not passionately aspire to be a leader .Our president never aspired for that position but was pushed to that position by people that wanted to benefit .He does not have the personality of a president and all what you are saying will not come naturally to him .You cant fake leadership ,its either you have it or you don’t .its that simple .

    • True. Besides his obvious lack of leadership skills he is a very dishonest person. I mean he was convicted of stealing. Just this alone should have warned people to keep him far away from power. Now the govt chief spokesperson says PF organisation is a lucrative business enterprise. That’s what the thieving president has transformed the govt into, a thriving venture for shameless bootlickers and other disgusting sycophants.

  3. 7 days ago Ndoyi was a villain for saying something negative against the opposition, today he’s a darling. I love him because he doesn’t arselick.

  4. Exactly my thoughts. One wonders what has befallen the visionless leader who seems to be out of touch with reality. The gist of the matter is the rising trend in corrupt activities in PF, which should have be addressed without delay, the mukula saga, fire trucks, ambulance procurement, CHOLERA etc. Alas as usual, the lackadaisical approach to serious issues coupled with lack of empathy, probity and decisiveness clearly testifies that our leader is either directly involved or he is protecting some elements in his government in this maladministration. What a shambolic and reckless way to handle such a calamity. He has decided to bury his head in the sand and instead opted to chase those who will not bend to his machinations. Lord help us.

  5. Everybody around ECL is not being truthful to the President about the current situation in the country.Life is very tough for majority of Zambians.People are wondering how the PF Government has done so much for infrastructure development but nothing to improve conditions in urban settlements resulting in the cholera outbreak which now seems unstoppable and is spreading outside Lusaka.Many people have lost faith in PF and it will be a miracle to win 2021 if things do not change.CK,LM and HK have done their part in destroying the PF,no matter how much you want to disregard it.

    • development should always start with human development,building 360 million dollar airports and 1.2 billion dollar highways while people around those airports and highways are falling like flies from cholera is not development.not in a million years…you build from the ground up not the other way around

  6. If the President had called a Press Conference and made “sweeping pronouncements” as requested, he would have created an impression that there was a big crisis with the Kalaba’s resignation. By playing it low, even Kalaba is disappointed. However, the President himself needs to talk with the Nation on periodic bases instead of through the Press Aide. This is the style that Mr. Sata and the PF brought which is not the way a country should be run.

    • Harry Kalaba isn’t the first person to resign their cabinet post…In Unip, Kapwepwe and others resigned, so did Ludwig Sondashi, Mungomba etc from Chiluba’s cabinet. As human beings we’ve our ambitions and objects for ourselves and no man can control us when we want to achieve them. Even those who appear hopeless can at one time decide to follow their paths. In the western countries resignations due differences in opinions is a daily occurrence.

  7. Zambia kuwayawayafye,Ndoyi you are expecting too much my brother lets just wait for Jesus,thats more likely to happen than what you are were expecting from ECL…

    • No wonder he has been quiet.He has not travelled for close to a month and since he only speaks on the tarmac of the airport it appears he has not had an opportunity to address the nation

  8. When ECL commissions a hospital U COMPLAIN THAT why cant a minister of health do it? when we have cholera u want him to give briefings instead of chitalu so palast LEAVE HIM ALONE ASEBENZE MUNTHU IN HIS OWN STYLE

  9. he’s waiting to make a statement when he’s on the tarmac at the airport. I’ve told you guys this guys isn’t a leader.
    the only time he opens his mouth shows those sharp koswe teeth is when he’s about to jump on a plane paid for by the hard working and deprived Zambians.

  10. His handlers (advisor, cabinet) and himself (president) don’t govern they just re-act… To show those who can’t see that they’ aren’t doing anything instead they’re just reacting…not governing

  11. It is also important to note that address people over the issue of Cholera is also the responsibility of the minister of Health who has since done that. We should just provide solutions not only criticisms. We should be solution providers not criticisms providers. a solution from one Zambian on how we can tackle the present situation can help and heal millions of our people. Even if the president appears it cannot help solve the matter.


  12. Bane this is not an epidemic, the minister responsible for health is ably handling the situation, mwalishu pa! Even things you don’t understand! Lekeni Lungu abombe ko if I important please!

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