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Government urges youths to builds a culture of repaying loans


Acting Chadiza District Commissioner Gerald Tembo has urged youths to embrace the culture of repaying loans they obtain from the youth empowerment Fund.

Mr. Tembo says doing this would enable more groups to benefit from the revolving funds being provided by government.

He said previously government has allocated funds to youth groups but only a small amount has been recovered.

ZANIS reports that the acting District Commissioner was speaking in Chadiza yesterday when he handed over a motorized cargo tri-cycle to the Reformed Church in Zambia Chadiza Youth Group as part of the empowerment scheme.

“This tri-cycle is under the youth empowerment scheme which is within the action plan for youth empowerment and employment action plan that was launched by President Edgar Lungu in 2015,” Mr. Tembo Said.

And Reformed Church in Zambia (RCZ) Minister in Charge James Mphanza thanked President Edgar Lungu for initiating the provision of the vehicles to youth clubs as this will enable young people to engage in entrepreneurial transportation ventures.

Rev. Mphanza said the Cargo tri-cycle scheme will go a long way in actualizing the objectives contained in the youth empowerment and employment action plan.

And speaking on behalf of the youths, Aaron Zulu described the occasion as another mile stone by the present administration in the state to uplift standard of living of people, especially the youths.

Mr. Zulu said the occasion was unique, because the leaders of tomorrow and strength of the society are benefiting from government.


  1. But, has Commerce Minister, Margaret Mwanakatwe, paid back the loan to the Empowerment Fund? The loan that she took out even turned toxic as she chose not to pay back.

  2. This is the problem Ba Tembo… advising people doesn’t work.

    You should have committee with the youth involved to study what causes non repayment and how to install discipline to make repayments. The numbers of non repayment can reduce with the input of the youths themselves advising how.

    You see Ba Tembo, that is how leaders think. Otherwise you will forever advise the youths to make repayments.

  3. We leave a thieving minister Margaret Mwanakatwe to steal loans meant for the vulnerable sector yet we are urging kids to pay? Where are they getting this example from?

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