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Namibia bans imports from Zambia due to cholera outbreak


Namibia has banned the importation of all perishable food, fruits, unprocessed food and water from neighboring Zambia over a cholera outbreak that has killed more than 60 people with over 2,600 cases reported, local online website, New Era reports.

The ban came into effect on Monday and is aimed at containing the current outbreak in Zambia. The country recorded the first case of cholera last year September.

Recently, one case was reported in Livingstone, Zambia, about 200km from that country’s border with Namibia. This case seems to have played a part in the government banning the import of food from the neighbouring country.

A case reported at the border between the two countries is believed to have prompted the ban.

Many Namibians in the eastern Zambezi Region buy – and in some cases smuggle – maize flour and fruits such as mangoes from Zambia, the report said.

Namibia’s health minister, Lempie Onesmus said that health officials are on alert and have taken precautionary measures, including screening people entering Namibia from Zambia.

“When a person arrives, the health officer uses an infrared thermometer to check the body temperature [of that visitor]. If the body temperature is too high, maybe 37 degrees, the device will ring as it has a programmed alarm. It also depends on what symptoms the person has. For instance, if that person has cholera, they will be vomiting and having diarrhea,” Onesmus said.

Zambia has also banned public gatherings in the areas affected so as to contain the outbreak.

Cholera is a bacterial disease causing severe diarrhoea and dehydration, usually spread in water.


  1. What is needed here Zambians is to treat polluted water . Also put up temporal removable or mobile toilets in the compounds where the pandemic is. You are treating and cleaning but others are eating while defecating wrongly. Have you visited the Pit latrines around Kanyama, Misis, Mandevu , Chawama etc? You will be shocked. Cholera is not in town but in the densely populated residences.
    Give them Plastics suitable for defecating and then the council people pick up all (rubbish) that early in the morning and evening to be thrown very far from the people.

    • Shame on Northern Rhodesia, at least this cholera disaster will teach you culture of cleanliness. Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique are next to ban imports.

    • Hopefully more countries should put a one year ban on Lungu and his bloated government from visiting their countries so that we can save some tax payers money from his aimless visits .

    • Even you people in diaspora, forget about kapenta, beans and all those food stuff you like from zambia,,,,, imagine getting sick of cholera ku USA,,,,, cause ati kapenta from lusaka,,,,,Donald Trump will deport you immediately

    • Namibia bans imports from Zambia due to cholera outbreak
      Sounds like the entire Zambia has cholera! Guys in Lusaka, why is it always that cholera starts from there? Hummmmmmmmmmmmm! Okay kulusaka kulidoti anso! Namibia screens Zambians entering its land against the pandemic. Really embarrassing headlines. But we did the same when Ebola hit Western Africa. Zambia the real Africa.

  2. This Cholera is just a Cover up. The idea is to give you vaccines that have dangerous side effects to reduce the population of the world. Why is United Nations Development Program building warehouses? UN 2030 Agenda is to kill 2 Billion People by the year 2030. Don’t take these Cholera vaccines.

    • I am agreeing with you @Lombe (MA). Why should we take vaccines against cholera… cholera just a bacteria! One would agree vaccines against viruses but not cholera. We have had cholera outbreaks before, and no vaccines were administered. The question is who developed and validated this cholera specific vaccine? and how did he come up with the solution of vaccination against cholera?. You can’t just wake up within a week and tell Mr President that the solution is to vaccinate the masses. Iwe Chilufya whom are you kidding. Stop this nonsense of vaccines.

    • Especially donations from Bill Gates…he has shares in Big Pharma…who needs vaccines for cholera.
      What Africans do not know is that even with the biggest continent and blessed land the west is worried about our population growth…really laughable…they are concerned about future homes

    • There is an expose lecture video on YouTube about a secret project to eliminate black people.

      Just type in the search space, “secret project to eliminate black people”, several videos will pop up.

      While this maybe a possibility, let’s also humbly admit our guilt in the way we do certain things. For example tolerating the filthy surroundings. We are too dirty such that if experimenters with bio-weapons were looking for a test site they would choose Zambia so that their clandestine project can not be easily detected.

    • True don’t take them. Why would there be a vaccine for cholera? It made me wonder a lot as to why our people will be made to take these drugs. Look here my people Cholera is very preventable disease and all you have to do is live clean and eat clean etc. If you live dirt and eat dirt you will end up with cholera.

    • Killer vaccine? Come on guys. If you go ku under 5 children are vaccinated several times against a range of diseases. If you want to kill people y not do it then? The concern should be where has this vaccine been used and what were the effects? Not the intension

    • @Juliet Perth
      I am very worried about this vaccine issue against cholera. is it cholera specific vaccine? or is it just a general antimicrobial vaccine? I don’t trust Chilufya. we need to be careful, these guys may just bring EBOLA viral concentrates and vaccinate our people. Indeed, don’t allow to be administered with this cholera vaccine. Please mwe bantu bandi stay clean, and refuse any vaccine.

    • The Vaccine has been around for 50 yrs and only used when there are bad out breaks and medical staff are protected , refusing to be vaccinated will cause super bugs, small pox, polio and others are nearly gone with the help of vaccines. this is typical uneducated people scaring people. its *****s like you that allowed cholera to get to where it is today.

  3. It would really be a shame if the Zambian government takes this cholera outbreak with kid gloves. Cholera has already cost the country millions of Kwacha. Tanzania has banned Zambians from passing through Tanzania, now it’s Namibia, who will be next? What plans does the government have so that Cholera is contained once and for all? How come our neighbors do not have cholera and we have had cholera for years? This does not read right. How about we give PF this year to sort out cholera? Next year we do not want to see cholera again. And please continue keeping town clean. Do not let the vendors back, please!

    • The next is Zaire to ban us. Depleted countries like Zaire has NO cholera in Kinshasa.
      It’s a shame, Zambians are being separated/quarantined at customs! embarrassing. It’s not time to fly.

    • @Abena Ng’umbo-Luapula Boy, which Country is Zaire. If you meant Congo DR those guys would prefer eating Zambian’s vomit or starve to death. Zambia should stop exporting maize to all neighboring Countries due to Cholera and let us see who will be the most affected.

    • @5.3 Abena N’umbo.. Cholera in Kinshasa is endemic.In fact day before yesterday on Radio France , there was a report that municipality has failed to clean the city as it has no money ever since the 12 Million Euros, EU project closed. Heavy rains have killed about 32 people due to the collapse of poorly constructed houses and blocked drainage, heightening fears of higher numbers of cholera cases! HOWEVER, THAT SHOULD BE NO CONSOLATION AS UNLIKE DRC, WE NEED TO COUNT OURSELVES IN A LEAGUE OF COUNTRIES THAT HAVE HAD PEACE AND ORDER FOR 53 YEARS, HENCE THIS CHOLERA OUTBREAK AND OTHERS BEFORE IN THE CAPITAL CITY AND COUNTRY AT LARGE IS A GREAT SHAME ON US!!

    • @Nostradamus
      hahahahha ala bwafya. Leadership pamu nobe.
      Ati what is your vision? I have no vision for Zambia.

  4. Haha ,i’m tempted to laugh but inside am crying.If you don’t seal a crack you’ll be forced to rebuild a whole wall.Zambian authorities have long ignored preventable cholera cracks internally and now their inertia is having huge crack in int’l repercussions.

  5. You reap what you sow. Vendors Desk and all that nonsense at state house. When you do wrong things – wrongs things also happen and at a cost. Can the bank of Zambia or Ministry of Finance tell us how much we have lost as a country due to cholera. Business has really been grounded – next kwacha sliding like you have never seen before. Mark my words.

    • The chickens come home to roost.
      Zambians are also equally to blame for their docility and filth ….I remember visiting Ministry of Lands at the Civil Centre and bypassing a heap of garbage outside; imagine a Public building if there was a willingness to be tidy; Ministry of Justice would have partnered with the Councils and Dept. of Corrections, put people on community sentences to work there weekly.

  6. You even have the so-called “Youth Street Vendor Empowerment Scheme” run by the government. Where on earth do you legalise street vending. Takwaba!!!! Ni misala or what?

  7. Look at upnd cadres up,very shocking creatures!!so for them this is very good news.any negative news about mother Zambia pleases upnd tribal followers-its amazing!!THEN WHEN ZAMBIANS SAY UPND IS A SATANIC PARTY-YOU BLAME THEM KA?its your evil actions and deeds in upnd which make us all to believe that upnd is an evil party!!
    Namibia can ban our products,but that ban wont take long.this cholera outbreak is under control,so very soon everything will be back to normal in Zambia!!

    • What has UPND got to do with this situation. Let the government so out this problem! Next you will be saying HH contaminated the water for political mileage!

    • They are not happy with negative, its just that PF cadres like you like burying their heads in the sands, anywhere theres nothing to bury, you always looking sidewides for problems, this is a case of failed leadership, EL was useless lawyer from chawama, look now!

  8. We have witnessed the results of filth on the streets and the results are still coming
    We have the same filth in cabinet
    We have the same filth in the Civil Service

  9. Cholera has become our unwelcome guest bcuz we cut corners,we’re chaotic ,rule of law is weak and we don’t want to put in the tough rules /tough work.It is not a mere coincidence that the most orderly countries are also the most healthiest and the most prosperous.

  10. European countries are following up on their nationals Panama tax evasion scheme. They are making the crooks pay. They defraud their countries and try to make them poor. Zambia should do so too on the crook HH. He says, “There is nothing wrong to hide money!” My foot!

    • Yes but remember in Zambia that case involves political heroes such as Levy Mwanawasa. It would be embarrassing to rename the Ndola stadium etc

  11. But how does UPND come into the picture. This failure is squarely on PF. They have brought disaster and shame to Zambia and the PF bootlickers cannot see that we are indeed going in reverse. Only two countries in the world have Cholera – Yemen and Zambia. One is a war and the other had a visionless administration more interested in 2021 than the welfare of its citizens.

  12. No surprises here… any meaningful government that genuinely cares about its people would do the same.

    But these are the real economial impact that would put a dent in the public coffers, not that beer hall and tarven and bars closure arguments they were advancing the other day. I bet Lungu and his minions didn’t even think about this one, and certainly didn’t see it coming.

    Qn is the government going to compensate affected businesses and individuals? Like someone pointed out, it will get worse from here. The impact will be felt by all areas of life. They should have unleashed diplomats and PR to preempt and assure our neighbours things are under control; that they have put measures to screen products and people.

  13. Even I would close the borders or reject the goods; it teaches fellow Zambians a great lesson that you can’t live like pigs; this is Lungu’s great international exposure; some of the people who have died were his cadres who used to welcome him at the airport; am angry with Lungu and his corrupt administration;

  14. The wicked when they are punished they do not know about it: hunger, disease lawlessness are the harvest of are wicked government. ‘You sow the wind you shall reap whirlwind’

  15. South Africa has an outbreak of listeriosis and 61 have died. why is Namibia not stopping imports. This disease is more deadly than cholera and South Afruca has struggled to bring it under control since July


  17. @anyoko in your dreams those days when Namibia was a walk over are over, ask Zimbabwe who beat Zambia 3 – 1, Namibia beat them the same margin.

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