Striker Walter Bwalya has revealed that money has motivated his plan to dump Nkana and join Algerian side MC Alger.

Bwalya has sneaked out of the country to negotiate a move at Alger.

“I want to play for MC Alger and they should just negotiate with Nkana for me to move here,” Bwalya was quoted by Times of Zambia.

“The club is offering more money than Nkana, that’s why I want to move,” he adds.

The striker has one year left on his current deal at Nkana.

Nkana have opposed Bwalya’s proposed move to Algeria.

“We shall not negotiate with them until they bring Walter back and handle the transfer in a proper and professional manner, his return to Zambia is part of the condition to negotiate,” Nkana president Kabilia said.

“The problem is with Walter himself, let him be truthful, is it the money they have given him that is confusing him? I know what they are trying to do here. They are in Algeria but they will end up taking him to France where there is a bigger offer,” Kabilia fumed.

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  1. Binene, as much as money is everything we all need, just be proffessional in your conduct. That way you will be respected. Mwi ponta, muka bwela


  2. Naimwe ba Nkana vodobadoba. Thats why muzadwala Cholera. You got someone from Congo and convinced yourselves he was Zambian. Now he doesnt want you. Weluuuuuuuuuuuuuu!


  3. This guy is a crook and his exit will be better for Nkana. Looked at how he was forcing himself to play for the Zambia National Team when he knew he was not eligible. George Lwandamina and Wada wada Nyirenda saved us from humiliation and further possible of losing points if he was featured in either World and Africa Cups qualifies.

    The boy is a proper congole, you know what I mean. His skills can not march Mugala of Lusaka Dynamos.
    Let him go before he influences other players in the team. We have no time to waste on non productivity activities. Kabila led executive please let this boy go. There no money at Nkana to pay him all that money he is talking about. And nowhere in Zambian league. Binene go well and dont come back.


  4. Ba BINENE muletasha..Nkana served you from your mess that almost costed your career. For sure mwiponta mukabwela


  5. Let him go but just include a clause in the contract that benefits Nkana should be sold to France within 3 years. One thing you must not do is to block him!



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