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Dora Siliya denies ever describing Harry Kalaba as a HOLISTICALLY IMPOTENT MAN


Minister of Agriculture Dora Siliya briefing Journalists shortly after presentation of of the 2016 Quarterly Report at State House
Minister of Agriculture Dora Siliya briefing Journalists shortly after presentation of of the 2016 Quarterly Report at State House

Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya has expressed sadness with the fake news circulating online that she called former Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba a holistically impotent man .

Ms Siliya has further urged the general public to treat such News as fake as she did not issue such a statement.

“I did not call Honorable Kalaba a holistically impotent man, he was my colleague just a few weeks ago and I can not go to the media to start insulting him or calling him names , I had an interview with the Daily Nation Newspaper they wanted to hear from me on the allegations by Kalaba that the entire government is corrupt, the real story is in the daily nation publication of Wednesday January 10,2018 on page . I called the allegations by Hon Kalaba that government is corrupt as Smear tantrums without evidence and said they are tantamount to sabotage ” Hon Siliya said

Some online media publications namely Lusaka Times and Zambian Watchdog yesterday Published a fake story with the Headline “AGRICULTURE MINISTER DORA SILIYA SAYS FORMER FOREIGN AFFAIRS MINISTER HARRY KALABA IS A HOLISTICALLY IMPOTENT MAN WHOSE CLAIMS OF CORRUPTION IN GOVERNMENT ARE BASELESS” alleging that the said words were said by Hon Dora Siliya when infact not .

An extract from the Daily Nation newspaper shows that Hon Siliya did not say any of the words being directed to her by the two online medias , below is the full interview she had with Daily nation newspaper and was published in their Wednesday 10th January publication .

Former Foreign Affairs Minister, Harry Kalaba’s claims of corruption in government are smear corruption tantrums without any evidence, tantamount to sabotage – SAYS AGRICULTURE MINISTER DORA SILIYA.

Ms. Siliya said it is extremely disheartening that Mr. Kalaba is beginning to have delusions on corruption in government without substantiating his blanket claims, which are only damaging his reputation.

Ms. Siliya said it is time that Zambians began to question the motives of those who continue to accuse others, especially in government of corruption with no due process and remains hopeful that Mr. Kalaba would reflect and desist from disparaging government.

“Mr. Kalaba was a colleague of mine until a few days ago. I would have expected more from him in terms of specific allegations so that the country is clear, because these tantrums on blanket corruption do not help.” Ms. Siliya said.

Ms. Siliya who is Petauke Central Member of Parliament said this against the resignation of Harry kalaba from his ministerial job who cited corruption and greediness for his decision.

She said mere smear corruption tantrums as a way of managing the fight against corruption only damages the country’s economic development with many corruption cases taken to court on flimsy grounds purely because of politics.

Ms. Siliya told the Daily Nation in an interview that there could be corruption incidences which the Auditor General’s report highlights, but should not be used as part of smear campaigns.

She further called for some modicum of decency when dealing with government issues especially considering that all former ministers are bound by the ministerial code of ethics.

“How much money have we lost for clean water, drugs and desks because of flimsy cases in court over corruption perceptions? Let’s fight real corruption and not perception which just damages all of us as Zambians.” She said.

She has challenged Mr. Kalaba to explain why he did not report the allegations while still in government and his holier than others attitude that has suddenly got over him to see corruption now.

Ms. Siliya said it is now time that even the Auditor General’s report was put into context so that cases of misappropriation from 2 years ago were not seen by the public to be recent even when government had already taken corrective measures.


    • Dora might have not said it but that is what she was thinking. We know it, we just know it! Dora is a fake PF who insulted the founder of PF. DON’T GIVE HER AN AUDIENCE.

    • With all due respect, you know who published the story. Why not take them to tasks, other than turning to Zambians? “… is time that Zambians began to question the motives of those who continue to accuse others…”. No Please, we have other things to worry about than this. Please, leave the Zambian people alone, they are busy with Cholera.

      Why not tell LT to stop publishing fake news, than beating about the bush, when you have evidence in your hands?

  1. I felt sad about the insults she was showered yesterday. Dora is bad in your own view but she is a hero in petauke because of the various developments in that area under her tenure in office as mp.

  2. Dora, leave Kalaba alone, Kalaba is our Luapula Boy. MMD was voted out because of corruption.
    Stop running your flabby mouth against Luapula People.



  5. Kwena ba Lusaka Times did you give us false news?? Then you have to answer because we the people believe everything we read. Did you mislead us?

  6. Indeed, who ever drives or travels through Petauke District, will witness marvelous developments in the area that can only be attributed to an area MP. The Bahati Constituency is lagging behind from Petauke by “light-years”. Supporters of Kambwili and Kalaba will resort to brewing lies against the hard-working Dora Siliya – as they simultaneously fight for who becomes President of their tribal party that is soon to be joined Savior Chishimba to revive the ideals of UPP.

  7. Can we have the Video Recording for this. Holistically impotent was in quotation marks so she must have said it without thinking. The interpretation of “holistically impotent” was embarrassing to Dora hence “I never said so”. Mulenga Kampamba would also like to say she was misqmisquoted when she referred to Lungu’s govt as “lucrative”. These ladies should think first b4 leaping.

  8. I fail to understand some of the bloggers here. It seems they are insisting that Dora said the words attributed to her by LT and the Zambian Watchdog. The LT has reproduced the ENTIRE story published in the Daily Nation and based on what the Honourable Minister actually said. So why insist that she was correctly quoted by the two social media platforms when you can see the true story with your own naked eyes. The problem is that these bloggers want regime change , so they see nothing good in the current government. Accept the reality, albet painful, that ECL is here to stay!

    • Dora has a well documented history of “he said she said” from her personal to political life …it is in order that people should doubt her.

  9. I always say those who live in glass houses should not throw stones my advice to Dora is that silence is golden,don’t just jump at everything.

  10. Ka Dora walilanda Comrades, the resignation of Hon.Kalaba is not something that should be taken lightly. This is a man who worked closely with the founding president Michael Chilufya Sata (MHSRIP)as well as our current President H.E Edgar Lungu.How in the world can the resignation of such a man be treated frivolously and why would some individuals go to an extent of saying he did nothing for the party and that he’s not a factor?

  11. A clear transcript, even if not so verbatim, clearly exnorates Hon Siliya from the unfounded vicious lies being plastered by a Fake Newsblog calling itself Lusaka Times.It would be proper and professional for LT to issue an apology to the minister.Indeed there are many haters who salivate at every opportunity to denigrate and undress Ms Siliya.This is not one of those moments as it simultaniously negatively affects Mr Kalaba.Please people keep your hatred and evil insults in check and learn to express yourselves with civility and dignity.Your arguments will be heard better and the insults you spew on leadership daily might morph into fake truths that you yourselves might actually believe! And you calling Dora fat, dont know a good woman when you see one. She is the ultimate full bodied…

  12. Let me ask you Dora Siliti, why in the first instance did you decide to go and have an interview with the Daiky Nation. Are you the right person to answer on behalf of the Party. Mule ikabafye ba Dora, you are a MMD, you can answer on behalf of your old party and not necessary PF. There are boundaries my dear. Shame on you.

  13. The most important trait in life is good character which Dora doesnt have hence the white wash of insults which were directed to her. Dora has been found in scandal after scandal which shows that she is morally bankrupt. The problem she has is that she is too generous towards the men folk.

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