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Government flags of oral cholera vaccine in Lusaka

Health Government flags of oral cholera vaccine in Lusaka

A WOMAN receiving a cholera vaccine in Lusaka’s Chawama township
A WOMAN receiving a cholera vaccine in Lusaka’s Chawama township

Government has officially flagged off the oral cholera vaccine in Lusaka’s Kanyama compound and other cholera prone areas.

Government through the United Nations targets to immunize 2000 persons with cholera vaccine especially in the affected areas.

Speaking during the flag off Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya said that the vaccination process should not be misunderstood as a gathering that will promote transmission but a gathering to sensitize and receive the cholera vaccine.

Dr. Chilufya has advised the media to help sensitize the public on the preventive measures of cholera and on the cholera vaccination.

He expressed gratitude that cholera cases have drastically reduced to 80 from 164 cases so far.

No death has been recorded in the last 24 hours which is commendable as many intervention have been put in place.

2,514 cases have so far been treated and discharged in various cholera epi-centers.

The health minister has since assured the public that the downward trend will continue until cholera is brought to a halt.

He said government has escalated the burying of shallow wells and creating fresh water points which will help overcome the epidemic.

Dr. Chilufya has appealed to the public to continue observing good sanitary hygiene and handwashing.

And UN Resident coordinator, Janet Rogan said the UN family will continue to help fight the epidemic and has given 2 million doses of chlorine and 1.3 million doses for mobilization.

And UN Resident Coordinator Janet Rogan said the UN system will continue to help fight the epidemic adding that her organization has so far provided two million quantities of chlorine and other mobilization incentives.


  1. There would have been no need for oral vaccine if PF followed my free advise to remove street vendors and keep our towns and cities clean; don’t just blame cholera of water; i have never seen such filthy is Zambia; they pride themselves as a Christian nation by being the filthiest nation and going to Soweto market and trading was done in pigs mud;

    • And I wonder if this is really cholera vaccines or UN slow poisoning propaganda to reduce impoverished population in Africa….

  2. Ba Lusaka times be serious 2000 people to be immunized? More than 2000 people were immunized yesterday. Please improve on your reporting.

  3. Well as much as this is appreciated, I strongly think it is not a permanent solution to Cholera eradication. We need to focus on cleanliness and adopt hygiene habits in all aspects of our lives. Temporally solutions are what we should do away from, because the problem will resurface in other places soon or later. Built proper sanitation in those crowded Markets and Shanty compounds and the problem will be solved. You cannot have people defecating all around dark corners because of lack of toilets and think that making their immune system adaptive to pathogens is a solution, it will not work. Proper sanitation in Lusaka is required very soon.

  4. This is a ploy to keep us dirty,and not improve our water and sanitation. We do not need cholera vaccine we need improved sanitation…That is how the Industialised nations overcame infectious diseases in the early 1900s by improving hygiene standards. When will we stop being guinea pigs to Pharmaceutical companies.

  5. Side effects are more dangerous than Cholera. This is genocide. Killing Africans to reduce the population of the world. Cholera doesn’t need a vaccine. These vaccines are full of Cancer virus. If they are genuine, why were they smuggled into the country? Because they know that Zambian Pharmacists were going to reject them. The Agenda is to reduce population of the world by 2 Billion People by the 2030. If you take this vaccine you’ll end up with cancer. That’s why they’re building Cancer hospitals. How else can Zambians get Cancer if it’s not through vaccines.

  6. Kk airport your only worry in zambia is the christian nation , what kind of person are you if you hate christian nation dont you can be a non christian person in the nation .
    Your house is the non christian home so dont worry you can act as you please in your house but allow those who love being christians also be who they are simple .

  7. Zambia, a very great land but full of funny reasonings. You got no drainage. The children in Kanyama, Lusaka are living and drinking and swimming and playing with animals and any which can move with the flood water.

    Its very serious. The rains are confused when they come, because they have no sense if direction. No drainage. Simple. I say relocate the people of Kanyama into sheds on the national stadium. Rebuild the place and let the people own them by paying back within twenty years. Relocate Chawama, repeat same.

    Please. The children and the old and the poor are dying by dust and contamination and filth and they have no one. No one.

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