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Trump referrs to Haiti and African nations as ‘shithole’ countries


On Thursday, in a meeting with a senators and House members on immigration, the President of the United States, asked this: “Why do we want all these people from ‘shithole countries’ coming here?”

Yes, he said “shithole countries” — apparently in reference to the fact that immigrants from places like El Salvador, Haiti and Africa were being protected in a potential bipartisan deal to preserve the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and secure funding for border security.
What’s even more appalling is that the White House didn’t even try to deny that Trump used that slur, which was first reported in The Washington Post. In fact, in a lengthy statement from White House spokesman Raj Shah, the administration seemed to even defend the sentiment. “Certain Washington politicians choose to fight for foreign countries, but President Trump will always fight for the American people,” said Shah.

Trump then suggested that the United States should instead bring more people from countries such as Norway, whose prime minister he met with Wednesday. The president, according to a White House official, also suggested he would be open to more immigrants from Asian countries because he felt they help the United States economically.

In addition, the president singled out Haiti, telling lawmakers that immigrants from that country must be left out of any deal, these people said.

“Why do we need more Haitians?” Trump said, according to people familiar with the meeting. “Take them out.”

The president’s remarks were quickly met with scorn from Demo­crats and some Republicans and could throw another wrench into bipartisan discussions on immigration, which had shown promise in recent days, according to legislators.

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.) said the comments “will shake the confidence that people have” in the ongoing immigration policy talks.

“Democrats and Republicans in the Senate made a proposal. The answer is this racist outburst of the president. How can you take him seriously?” Gutiérrez said. “They [Republicans] don’t believe in immigration — it’s always been about people of color and keeping them out of this country.”

Rep. Cedric L. Richmond (D-La.), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, said on Twitter that Trump’s remarks “are further proof that his Make America Great Again Agenda is really a Make America White Again agenda.”

Some Republicans also raised objections. Rep. Mia Love (R-Utah), whose family is from Haiti, said in a statement that Trump’s remarks were “unkind, divisive, elitist, and fly in the face of our nation’s values. This behavior is unacceptable from the leader of our nation.”

Source:WashingtonPost ,CNN


    • While leaders and forwarding thinking people are condemning Trumps racist statement I knew a foolish Zambian would come up in support of him. Zambians never cease to amaze me!

    • And also why can’t we make our nations habitable with our resources? Why must our leaders cling to offices and steal shamelessly?

    • In the case of Zambia, Trump’s description of ‘sh..it hole’ is absolutely accurate. The cholera pandemic as a result of filth created by the leaders confirms it. And third hungriest in the world after more than a century of self-rule, what’s it say?

    • I dont support Trump but i feel the attitude of Republicans towards blacks is justifiable.We have truly failed to claim our place in the world.First it was the slave trade we blamed but today people are no longer being sold to Europe,niggers risk their lives to get to the western world for they find no opportunities in their countries.
      We blamed colonisation but even after it was banned we continue to wallow in poverty and backwardness.
      Just look at Zambia everyone went for Pa Bwato lies and even today as they lose their lives to avoidable disease like cholera the n.gger still cant smell the coffee,they are now praising PF or government for cleaning their cities when it is the same government to blame for the state the cities were in.
      And tomorrow you want to take cholera to America to…

    • @Lindiwe, the truth hurts my dear. You can deny until the cows come back home it wont help. Let us be motivated to move ourselves out of the “shithole” (The hole HH put us into when he sold the Mines with a song kikikikiki).

    • My Dad bought a TV becoz we kept going to our neighbors to watch through the window, MACGYVER, A-TEAM, 6-MILLION DOLLAR MAN etc. Imagine how hurt we would be if dad bought a TV & put it in his own bedroom to watch alone whilst we watched at neighbors through the window.

      Our leaders are stealing & eating alone while we flee to other countries for better opportunities.

      We too have emigrated bcoz our countries are sh1tholes. We are being insulted, called names as if we don’t have a potentially rich country

      If you disagree, just look at the filth in LT fotoz of soldiers cleaning Lusaka town.

    • @Wantanshi … Its not okey for anyone to insult the country of my birth. We are not were we want to be but we are getting there .How can a country that has the most beautiful weather in the world,the most friendly people, the most beautiful natural foods of wide variety,the most abundant fresh water from rivers, the most beautiful animals in the world ..how can anyone call such a place a shithole? No-one has the right to enter your house and insult your children..I don’t care how ugly they are,they are your children and any self respecting parent defend their kids-so likewise..I will defend Zambia from any outsider who insults my country.

    • @Lindiwe
      Not too long ago Trump again mocked Africans that his friends go to Africa to get rich. Rich as Africa in general and Zambia in particular is with abundant natural wealth Africans haven’t the brains to convert these into actual cash and use the money to develop their countries, hence the unashamed frequent trips trips to the Western world to beg. Would you be proud of a parent who supported his family by begging from neighbors? Because other leaders don’t come out truthfully about the state of Africa doesn’t mean they don’t think this continent is a ‘shithole’, they do but have no guts to spell it out like Trump. Trump’s insults must act as a wake up call to stop the stup!dity of asking others to feed you when you got it all. Unfortunately Lindiwe, Trump’s disparaging…

    • If the president says such things about Africa its a big window on what is said about Africans by his white citizens sorry shittyzens

    • @Lindiwe, patriotic and true words indeed. But have you been to Mother Zambia as late as yesterday? Who has let this beautiful country go to the dogs? When are we going to get brooms, soap, water and governance to get this beautiful country back to its glory? I do not like Trump at all but his words have hit the nail on the head.
      We have Cholera- our Zambia is dirty, period!

    • If that is the language a president uses it is a big window on what his citizens, sorry shittyzens, say about Africans in the privacy of their sitting rooms

    • If that is the language a president uses it is a big window on what his citizens, sorry shittyzens, say about Africans in the privacy of their living rooms,

    • At long last, an American president courageous enough to call a spade a spade. We think too highly of ourselves when we can’t fix the plumbing system of a small town like Mumbwa, and are overwhelmed by the drainage system of a city, the size of Lusaka! How deserving we are, to be called: “Shitholes!” We lack self-respect. For that reason the world has little, if any respect, for us. How much less, America’s outspoken president, Donald Trump!

    • Africa is sh!thole, Zambia included.
      Look at all those people who die trying to cross the Mediterranean running away from the stench of the sh1t.

      Africans need to own up and make a better world for themselves in Africa. Africans should stop fleeing the sh!thole and die with a bit of pride.

      That’s why i enjoy my vacations in Africa and not Europe or America

      Viva life in the sh!thole…

    • @awe shuwa no I wasn’t in Zambia yesterday. But I know that after the economic slump of the 1980-1990’s African countries were forced to agree to harsh terms from the IMF /World bank that have affected where we are today.Public services were not going to be funded.Health and education were not going to be funded. Urbanisation lead to overcrowding of cities and services could not cater for the expanding population. Corruption became rife.Civil servants had to steal to survive.This lead to further deterioration. Multiparty democracy was championed and this lead to even more corruption,money wastage on by elections,bootlicking and caderism…Nobody cares for the poor.Do you think those people selling tomatoes like the filthy environment? Hell no! But for years and years the government…

    • @awe shuwa ..continued ..But for years and years the government doesn’t listen and why? Because there no money. someone convinced us Africans that our natural resources were worthless and pieces of paper with faces of dead white men on them were more valuable.At least Zimbabwe has shown that goods can be traded without money. I digress…Africa is on the rise and agreeing with disparaging remarks made by ignorant a..holes will not help us.Zambia is beautiful.Zambia is rising.Thats it. Lets believe it and help our nation.

    • Former Mexican President and longtime trump critic Vicente Fox Quesada had this to say in response to racist American President Trump:

      “Donald Trump, your mouth is the foulest shithole in the world. With what authority do you proclaim who is welcome in America and who is not. America’s greatness is built on diversity, or have you forgotten your immigrant background, Donald?”

    • Former Mexican President and longtime trump critic Vicente Fox Quesada had this to say in response to racist American President Trump:

      “Donald Trump, your mouth is the foulest shithole in the world. With what authority do you proclaim who is welcome in America and who is not. America’s greatness is built on diversity, or have you forgotten your immigrant background, Donald?”

    • Filth is created by people not leaders. When your wife and kids litter your surroundings no kunyela panse at free will who do you blame. People make a country a sh*thole not Government.

    • Stinging as Trump’s comment was, it’s really hard to deny that certain African countries are just that. Hope the insult will provoke African leaders into getting serious about development. Africa will never attain global respect until some of our foo1ish leaders wake up, and take the development of our countries seriously. African leaders, this is how leaders from developed countries think of you when you visit their countries. Most of them will not tell you to your face because they want to be politically correct. Some years ago, African corrupt leaders and their dirty countries used to hide from world scrutiny because there was no internet, no online social media, and no smartphones. Not anymore. Anybody from anywhere can now easily know the good, the bad and the ugly about your…

    • (Continued)… country. You can’t fool them anymore. I wish some clean developed countries would ban some of our corrupt good for nothing African leaders from entering. Tell them something like, “we don’t want to see you here, until you take the development of your country seriously.” Sometimes you need someone to tell you that you smell bad and have bad breath, for you to take hygiene seriously.

    • (Continued)… country. You can’t hoodwink them anymore. I wish some clean developed countries would ban some of our corrupt good for nothing African leaders from entering. Tell them something like, “we don’t want to see you here, until you take the development of your country seriously.” Sometimes you need someone to tell you that you smell bad and have bad breath, for you to take hygiene seriously.

    • Wake up call for African leaders! With all the resources that Africa has its leaders have not utilized them for the benefit of its people but rather still remain enslaved by the demands of those in desperate need of African resources to prop their economies! First it was slavery that built the touted country and economy that Trump has inherited from immigrant forefathers and can now protect with aspersions at those that broke their backs to build without compensation! Africans have not made capital of its resources still enslaved by markets off the continent! Raw materials still get shipped out cheaply and for years Africans are not resolved that all processing can be done locally to grow economies! For Zambia the example of the Mukula wood being used for furniture, furnishings and, gun…

    • contd…. butts is siphoned clandestinely by selfish leaders instead of inviting infrastructure to process the wood within country into finished products for export! National budgets still have a component of “So much will be expected from cooperating partners!” Much as it hurts some actions need to be taken to salvage image and avoid insults!

  1. Aakainde reports to Trump I’m sure that’s the language they use in their interactions.

    Kaponya (HH) your bad language is rubbing off on Donald trump.

    (HH) has reported the President Lungu and the Zambian government to Donald Trump. Under 5!

  2. Trump is right..considerng Africa has the most valuable natural resources in the world yet the poorest continent..we the shithole for sure… Africa is a shiiit continent.. and we dont have to blame our leaders ..even ordinary people are so docile to even demand decent Government…

  3. its time you become proud of your own nations and forget about USA and stay and fight within your country and make your country great and better.

    • You have govts like this Lazy moron we have in State House who is selling our resources for himself like Mukula and he is happy to spend $1million on one Scania Fire truck.

    • But the same pf cadres say leadership is appointed by God and should be respected, why can’t they respect trump’s leadership and accept what he has said as gospel truth?

  4. Not surprising.Balitumwenamo sana.Despite sitting on abundant resources and after so many years of independence we still go to them to beg.

  5. As offensive as Trump’s comments may be, they should move us to do some introspection. Why should our people be forced to seek a better life in the West? Africa has all the natural resources necessary to have a booming, robust economy able to support every citizen and give them opportunity to be the best they can. But instead, we have famine, poverty, starvation, war, corruption, disease etc.
    The issue here is WHY? Am sure there are many factors to consider. But primarily it’s down to bad leadership. Our leaders did a good job of fighting for independence. They worked together and sacrificed everything. But after we got independence they now became the colonial masters. Greedily accumulating wealth for themselves, while the masses starved. Insisting on holding on to power for eternity…

  6. ..continued….Our leaders who fought so galantlt to free us from our western oppressors have themselves become worse oppressors. And the legacy is passed down to subsequent generations of leaders. It appears to me that we will soon need a new crop of freedom fighters to free us once again from oppression…..only tho time the oppressor is us.

    • @Journeyman: have you watched the movie “Gangs of New York”??? That movie tells you the state of politics and the sh**hole New York was in the 1800s. In Europe they had bubonic plague outbreaks because of filth and bad city planning. What happened??? They improved and evolved as their education levels and governance improved. Africa is a new civilization trying to catch up, is it wrong to go through the pitfalls the west went though????

    • @Zambiancitizen you are right that the West went through its own issues. But to say we must go through the same issues because we are a young civilisation is naive at best. If we can’t learn from other people mistakes and avoid them, then we are truly lost. The nation of Israel was formed in 1948 and is surrounded on every side by enemies who are determined to wipe them from the face of the earth. But look at them. Are they a shithole nation? They not only survived the hate of the Arabs, they have thrived and dominated. That’s the example we should be looking at. Not 19th century US or Europe.
      You should also know that the US and Europe in the 19th century ith all those problems was more industrialised than we are 200 years later. Whats your excuse for that?

    • @Zambian citizen,
      We don’t have to go through what Europe went through in the middle ages. After all we were better off at the time of attaining our independence and had the same GDP as South Korea which is now an economic giant. Within Africa some countries are doing relatively fine while others due to bad governance are literally sh!t holes. We just have to get our act together and pull this country out of this economic quagmire but we don’t just have leaders who care. I don’t like Trump but maybe we will learn from being scorned and humiliated.

    • Some situations are inevitable. We can’t avoid them. Take the cholera situation. If it’s bad governance then blame the previous govt. who didn’t invest in sanitation and water systems when the population of Lusaka started swelling in the early 2000s and the compunds got overloaded. But it’s clearly a case of rapid urbanization. Like ECL pronounced last month that govt. will reorganise the compounds, it’s now a priority. We can’t avoid it but we as Zambians are up for the challenge. We are evolving. 2002 we had to import mealie meal from RSA, today we are exporting maize, we feed ourselves.

    • An apology when it is the truth?It is like a mad man asking someone to apologies for calling him mad.Your country is probably worse than a shithole,you shamelessly even have foreigners coming to teach you how to shit ati “open defecation free” shitting,and you want to protest when they refer to your country as a shithole.

    • Botswana has asked for an apology…but tge likes of Zambia are beggers that’s why they dont turn up to vote at the UN!!

  7. We can make our country great if we choose to. It just callls for concerted efforts from everyone coupled with the political will from the powers that be. Look at how we have united to clean the country. Surely it should not take a calamity (like cholera) for us to change our attitude.
    Let’s use the defence forces to construct roads, to build infrastructure, to build small hydro-power stations on our rivers, etc. They have the skills and the time, I believe.

  8. Trump has a duty to ensure America becomes great again and what’s impressive about him is the fact that he’s implementing his campaign promises one of which was to ensure that immigration policies are changed to reduce the influx of foreigners into that country. The American government works hard so that Americans can lead better lives and not foreigners from other countries going there to enjoy the sweat of Americans. It’s not like here in Zambia where our president goes around the world using our taxes to look for investors but when investors come into Zambia, Indians and white South Africans start flocking here to come and take up jobs which Zambians can do. If Trump thinks Norwegians are good for American, so be it. He was chosen lead.

    • Hog wash ,do not justify this racist attack its not about making USA great ,its straight up racist saying only Norwegian type people are welcome.

  9. What do you expect from Trump when funds cleaning of sewer pipes and drainage…how can he respect you? When you buy Fire Trucks for $1million each. He said it to these African leaders that his friends are making a lot of money in their countries whilst they have no clue and they ignorantly clapped in approval.
    Docile Africans the only person who has respect for you is your fellow African….those religions are there to put you down.
    Look at Libya…its where they wanted it to be..a begger like Zambia!!

    • I partially agree with Jay Jay! who is fixing our Water and sanitation reticulation in Lusaka? Its the Millennium Challenge Account. funded wholly USA. Except Presidents are diplomats. Who should control their emotions, opinions and show exemplary diplomatic ethics. The world is a global village and we need each other. He should look at Dr. Ben Carson and other great African Americans. who should remind him that we are equally great people given right opportunities and resources. Its a dark and sad day in politics.

    • Jay Jay much as I agree with, I will advise that it’s this attitude of standing apart from the “Africans” by an African. You can’t continue calling African leaders as useless and yet you has got better brains don’t want to become a president and correct things. You are overseas after attaining education provided by sh!thole country. If you want Zambia to be up to your level of standards come and take over….after all these presidents are ordinary people like you and me. I hope I’ve not offended you.

    • Remember, when the Germans and Japanese were bombed to the ground, did they abandon their countries?? No, they stayed home, put their brains together and rebuilt their countries into super economies. With characters like jay jay and spaka, would you blame Africa????

    • @Ndanje, very wise words but Jay Jay cannot do it alone. All of us that have attained education provided by this sh!thole country, should go back home and make an effort to bring a better life to our people. Everybody deserves to live a better life in this and the afterlife.

  10. The correct description of countries like zambia is shithole. This is in fact understatement. How is zambia not a shithole? Discuss. 20 words maximum. 100 marks.

  11. This is a wake up call to African leaders, Trump and many racists who have actually raped and stripped Africa of its resources in the name of investors think of us like that. It’s a fact. African countries need to be more and pragmatically united because countries like US need our resources.
    Worse still, where does this leave the headless and blank HH who goes round the world tarnishing the name of country? There you are racism is real in US and those that have never been must stop condemning President Lungu and Zambia without facts. To those in diaspora, I really feel bad especially if your skin black like mine. Zambia can and will only be developed by Zambians and let the so called investors pay meaningful taxes to our treasury.

    • And the Koswe Mumpoto should his hands off the treasury. The King Rat and the ruling greedy elite think they are entitled to the treasury which they rape with impunity!

  12. I’ve read something about riots by traders in Lusaka and looks like HH had prior knowledge of this. For how can he issue an appeal for calm and quickly blame the PF for the riots.

  13. Trump is right! But it’s none of our issues: Corruption.
    Ba LT naimwee post the article to Haiti, another corrupt and depleted country.

  14. Trump is an American President. He was elected on the platform of lower taxes , controlled immigration, job creation and less government interference. Clearly, his got a low opinion of Africa, given that Africa is poorly portrayed in the media(wars, famines, diseases etc), he clearly thinks we take more than we add to his countries economy … I don’t agree with that premise. I won’t say more.

    • The leader of the first world has spoken. That’s what he thinks. He just can’t comprehend how a continent so awash with natural wealth could at the same time be so poverty stricken and filthy! The answer is obvious, poor leadership. In Zambia’s case the problem of poverty is self-inflicted. They elect as president a person already infamous as a thief, who confessed he is dull and clueless. What do you expect him to accomplish?

  15. He did not have to say that. That is insulting. I am always called stupid names by guys not matching my status. I ignore.

  16. I’ve just watched a documentary FACE TO FACE featuring the Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X on the mode each used to fight for the black American social status. After this remarks by the orange headed Trump, I think Malcom X was right.

  17. I for one totally agree with President Trump! Why are many of you diasporans living abroad? If all was rosey why did you leave Zambia? Why do Africans risk drowning and many drown for the sake of a better life away. I have seen first hand the mental sickness of my own fellow Africans during my UN peacekeeping mission days, the evil that a man can do to another man, woman or child is always more in Africa I can tell you that from what I’ve seen.

    Well said President Trump keep speaking the truth!

    • What about Europeans who working in Africa at the expense of local people and getting huge salaries? The world isn’t for one single person. People are free to go anywhere as long it’s legal.

  18. I think its time people are told the truth. If you have an issue with what Trump has said, dont buy American, dont buy white supremist products.. buy Za… Oh oh.. I see where the problem is now..we diont have anything after being independent and having peace! Someone says we should go through the machinations of 1800 America and the West? Yet you are in a world and economy where 2018 America and the West control YOUR economy..Will our resources last if we choose to live 1800 style but trade 2018? Wake up! The world has not paused and it owes you NOTHING! Grab the bull by the ma bola!!

  19. Dear Trump the shi..thole is one of the body’s most unappreciated organs. Without the sdhithole you wouldn’t shiiit and all your shhit would remain in your body and you would die. oops! No you in particular would survive. I forget you also shiit through your mouth


  21. Trump is SPOT on , bring productive people to America NOT Shithole pipo , thugs,thieves,beggars,filthy,hungry name them , let shihole pipo go to US just for conferences and leave ASAP to their shihole countries like ZAMBIA.ASIANS are better and welcome to US han africans and south ameriancs just like Chinese are welcome to Zambia than an indigenous Zambian. Lets continue living in shit places mearnt for shit pipo

  22. The truth hurts. A police officer has just been hacked to death in Lusaka because of trying to remove street vendors in an effort to promote cleanliness and fight off Cholera. Bill Clinton once called Lusaka the “Dirty City of Lusaka.” The word dirty means the same as shithole. This place is a shithole, period ! Calling a spade a spade.

  23. @Lindiwe
    Not too long ago Trump again mocked Africans that his friends go to Africa to get rich. Rich as Africa in general and Zambia in particular is with abundant natural wealth Africans haven’t the brains to convert these into actual cash and use the money to develop their countries, hence the unashamed frequent trips trips to the Western world to beg. Would you be proud of a parent who supported his family by begging from neighbors? Because other leaders don’t come out truthfully about the state of Africa doesn’t mean they don’t think this continent is a ‘shithole’, they do but have no guts to spell it out like Trump. Trump’s insults must act as a wake up call to stop the stup!dity of asking others to feed you when you got it all. Unfortunately Lindiwe, Trump’s disparaging…

    • @Lindiwe
      ….. remarks is not unwarranted, Africans asked for it, leading with the chin and getting socked with a powerful punch to the jaw. It’s painful! I know.

    • @Wantanshi I’m weary of waiting for African leaders to change.I think African people themselves should change. This is a wake up call for us ..if our leaders wake up too thats great. Google Mallence Bart Williams on Ted talks…I think Africans are waking up.We just need to be united and stop fighting each other over useless things.

  24. The most shocking thing is how every comment above seems to agree with Trump on his racist outbursts !!!

    Heck I thought we would come out guns blazing but we seem to all agree with him.

    We are literally asking for colonialism to come back

    • Asians have been brought up looking at Western influence as Capitalist evil and propaganda.We in Africa have been brought up to admire and aspire to be like our colonial massa.All the movies we grew up watching were from Hollywood or BBC… When they come to our nations we give them a red carpet and call them investors.. Koreans or Chinese have a different and guarded perspective.Thats why some people are quick to applaud Trumps remarks and defend him. #slavementality

  25. Mwebantu, as much as you try to console yourselves but Trump’s insults are a wake up call! He is right! All of them think like Trump but are “diplomatic” about it. WAKE UP!! You should appreciate that at least some body has told you to your face what a jackass you are!

  26. Whereas an African politician such as HH shamelessly worships Donald Trump as his political God-Father, I will always remain to be a proud African and for ever hold in high esteem our true sons of Africa such as Nelson Mandela – revered by the whole World for his rare brand of wisdom; Dr. Nkrumah – for his vision of the African Continent; and Dr. Kofi Anan for promoting genuine humane diplomatic integrity at the United Nations.

  27. Trump is dead right. Just look at how our leaders mistreat us. Its unimaginable. Thats why we are all over the world looking for a better place to live because here at home too much politics and cholera.

  28. Breaking News bane…..Donald Trump has cancelled his pending trip to the United Kingdom…and the majority British people have welcomed his idea saying Britain does not tolerate the arrogance, racism and bigotry exhibited by Trump…

    • the british pipo are sinking low in thinking, who needs who more… USA or tiny Britain?

      just check the reporting of their useless BBC on Trump. Better still trump has more important things to do than visiting bigotry tiny Britain

  29. I don’t know why everybody is focusing on the word “shithole” ,the main thing is he said he prefers white immigrants over black ones.That’s even more damning than the word shithole.

  30. Ctn…Cannibalism in Liberia during that civil war, hacking of limbs in Seirria Leone by RUF, South Sudan gets Independence and in less than 2 years from a promising State turns into a war ravaged country where waring factions burn alive women and children, rape and mutilation in Congo, genocide in Rwanda and Burundi, Boko Haram killing and kidnapping school kids in Nigeria with over 100 children suicide bombers sent to be blown into pieces by Boko Haram!

    And the sad fact is many of these conflicts are directly as a result of Greed and failing to share resources equally!

    How can any sane person argue with Trump on this????

  31. Now I agree with President Kim of North Korea that DONALD TRUMP is a “DERANGED DOTARD”. He is the “shithole” himself. How dare he calls Africa “shithole”. For 400 years they sucked Africa of its best people to go and develop America for no pay as slaves. Isn’t that slave labour from Africa the one that made America that powerful economic engine he is abusing against the same people that made it? Trump is also an immigrant in that country he claims to be his. What a “DERANGED DOTARD”.

  32. In the wake of the shameful disease of filth – CHOLERA – would Zambia not fit into that description? Our government should work to provide the kind of clean, hygienic, healthy and attractive environment the citizens should be proud of or we continue to be despised and labelled with undesirable titles. This has been a failure of successive administrations since independence and what we are suffering now is a compounded problem of many years of neglect. Sanitation and clean water are fundamental factors for a healthy environment. A properly organised and managed refuse collection strategy is a must! The government should look to implement lasting solutions at source than embark on stop gap measures.

  33. One thing you guys aren’t commenting on is the Zambian mindset. For example, I’m reliably informed that Zambians from shopping down south will keep their litter in the bus, but as soon as they cross the border into Zambia, they throw it out the window. And you blame all this on the government. What a people?!

    • It’s difficult how to see how our country can develop when those who support the opposition are always rejoicing whenever the country is in or is insulted by such as Trump. How can a family prosper if the wife is always rejoicing at the husband’s misfortune. Like I said Zambia is open for anyone to become president. Undermining it and always proud of foreign countries will not take us anywhere.

  34. Trump is only fighting for his people the same way Putin does for his Russia. You can not immigrate to Russia and expect a good life because the Russians do not encourage it. I can bet you Trump is being applauded by his supporters for the comments he has just made.

  35. Trump has opened up his racial instincts for the world to know. Yet history tells us that North American states evolved from European immigrants. It is high time African states stepped up their development programs to levels that have been attained by China – and North Korea too. Then Africa will earn its well-deserved respect on this globe.

  36. If you are a Christian and do not Pray to God to help Africa and the rest of the civilized world break away from America’s shackles. Then you have issues.

  37. Raj Shah an Indian supports him. I have said here before Indians have never been Africa’s friends. Starting from that diaper wearing Ghandi. It is Time Africa cut ties with that buttt of a nation and only deal with far east Asian nations. At the least they are just culturally stuck up.

  38. It’s a wake up call to all Africans from president Trump.Why are are African fleeing our continent in search of a better life in either Europe USA ?it’s because we are incapable of making our country function in a way that will provide opportunities for all our citizens.And the blame squarely lies on us African no one will develop Africans other than us wake up, let’s start putting our acts together and stop blaming western countries for our failures.

  39. With the kind of selfish leadership in most African countries, Trump has a point. e.g Uganda, DR Congo, Togo, Burundi … & Z.

  40. Imagine! We Africans believe in witchcraft and we cant bewitch this nincompoop. Do we know how to exploit our strengths?

  41. Most third-world countries have better health care than the U.S, largely due to the fact that we cling to the capitalist system of health-care for profit. It’s a business, like any other enterprise, and everyone has their hand out, from the doctors to the hospitals to the insurers to the drug companies and so on. The whole world knows this, so don’t expect a sudden rush for our shores.


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