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Zimbabwean President Mnangagwa to visit Zambia next week


President Edgar Lungu beads farewell to Newly sworn in Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa during private talks at Sheraton hotel in Harare
President Edgar Lungu beads farewell to Newly sworn in Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa during private talks at Sheraton hotel in Harare

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa is expected in Zambia next week for a one-day official visit.

Foreign Affairs Joseph Malanji confirmed that President Mnangagwa will arrive in Zambia on Friday, January 19 2017.

Mr Mnangagwa is currently paying courtesy calls on all SADC leaders after taking over power from Robert Mugabe.

President Mnangagwa visited South Africa last month and met with President Jacob Zuma and was yesterday in Angola to meet that country’s President Joao Lourenco.

A statement issued by the Angolan government said the two leaders would discuss the political situation in Zimbabwe.

Mr. Mnangagwa was also expected to brief Lourenco on preparations for general elections to be held most likely during the second half of the year.

Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba also confirmed the visit saying it was part of a diplomatic offensive being undertaken by the new government to interact and keep them abreast with political developments in Zimbabwe.

“The President is paying courtesy calls on all regional Heads of States and Governments. We started with South Africa last month and we are going o Angola to do the same. We will go to Namibia on Monday then Zambia and Botswana, among other countries. That is the format, if you have been appointed President, you must pay courtesy calls no elders in the region. The visits shall be placed in such a manner which does not inconvenience office work as well as other engagements,” Mr. Charamba said.

And Mr Malanji said Zambia and Zimbabwe have a lot in common, and that as sister countries, they are working on further deepening the existing cordial relations between them.
“Zambia and Zimbabwe share special bilateral relations and we have continued to grow in these relations. As a matter of fact, President Emmerson Mnangagwa will on Friday, January 19, come to Zambia for an official visit,” he said.

Commentators said President Mnangagwa had to gain regional acceptance before venturing into continental affairs with the AU summit scheduled for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Jan. 28 – 29.

Political analyst Jacob Rukweza said Mr. Mnangagwa was going on a diplomatic campaign to gain acceptance from the region following the nature of his ascension to power.

“What is clear is that President Mnangagwa has launched a diplomatic offensive in the region where he is meeting heads of state with a view to fostering acceptance and cordial relations with fellow heads of state and government following his rise to power with the assistance of the military.

“Mnangagwa is eager to be accepted by his peers in SADC and the AU as this will go a long way in giving currency to his legitimacy as a head of state. It is in this regard that he is paying courtesy calls to regional heads of state beginning with his all-weather friends from former liberation movements in South Africa, Angola and then Zambia,” he said.


    • We appreciate the friendship between the two countries. They need each other, except that our Edgar Lungu wants to learn only the bad things from Zimbabwe, and from his, now departed mentor, Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

    • He’s just coming to get his people some of them reduced to prostitutes in Zambia during Mugabe’s reign. He’s also coming to convince the farmers to get back. He’s right Zimbabwe has to reassert itself. It’ll be easy with out President who doesn’t know what he’s doing. I remember as a Child when dad used to go to Zim and would bring the goodies. Those were the days

    • Mugabe will still remain my hero, because he showed us that Africa can stand than being called SH**HOLE countries….

    • @W.H.O
      I agree with you. But we are a sh*tholes countries tha’s the fact. corruption, cholera, poverty, boko haram, depleted Zimbabwe, dependence on donor funds..Does that not make us a sh*tholes countries? Remember that your hero Mugabe made the once economical powerhouse of Africa, Zimbabwe, a sh*tholes country! can you imagine that our politicians even steal donated funds! a sh*tholes countries!

    • Mugabe a hero, oh please! The guy who reduced his people to asylum seekers, destitutes and prostitutes in other countries the path Jonathan Lungu is following. Mugabe and Lungu are the reasons why Trump thinks Haiti and African countries are Shi.tholes

  1. ED and Lungu have shared backgrounds. They are both Law Graduates of UNZA and Constitutionally they are both illegitimate Presidents. ED is in Power thru a Military Coup while Lungu stole the vote and is illegally in State House. Lungu rues the overthrow of Robert Mugabe who was his Godfather. Anyway birds of the same feathers flock together. Lungu will opportunistically recognise ED even though his Presidency is illegal and unconstitutional. There is so much hypocrisy in SADC and AU. Their Charters do not recognise Coups plotters but they are recognising ED becoz he removed Dictator Mugabe from Power after 37 years. SADC and AU have established a troublesome precedent on Coups in Africa.

    • @5 Mumba

      For Zimbabwe, we have cause to celebrate – its integration, for Zambia, a cause that breaks our hearts – its disintegration and degradation. One hold for us, hope, while the other thrusts at us, a mountain of despair; either scene leaving us in tears, albeit tears of joy in the first instance, and those of anguish in the second. If, therefore, one were to wish, it would be that Zambia has eyes to see and ears to hear, and that Zimbabwe has a heart of wisdom, to learn from its immediate past!

  2. Lazy Lungu look at your colleague Emmerson, he just became president and he is shortening his visits to just one day where as yourself you send four days in foreign countries doing absolutely nothing but sightseeing. Lazy Lungu was the very person who was against Emmerson next week the clown will be smiling with him.

  3. This clearly shows that despite others calling US corrupt Government , we are highly recognized and respected in the region. ECL is a peacemaker

    • @ 11 ANYOKO

      What is your problem? Who is seeking recognition here? Who is seeking legitimacy? Please enjoy your only piece of candy in silence. We know it won’t take away your hunger. It’s only an appetizer!

    • @ANYOKO
      read the artcle again. He’s on the program visiting SADC. He begun from SA, Namibia, now Zambia… probably proceeding to other countries within the region. Does that make ECL a peacemaker? really?. A visit by depleted Zimbabwe makes you classify Zambia as ‘highly recognized’. Recognized in terms of what? maybe corruption. Are you joking?

  4. Deep down the hearts of Upndees are rapturing painfully at the mention of Edgar Lungu, especially with ALL heads of state happy with him. Aka.inde tried international diplomacy and only reaped a fellow political nonentity Mai.mane, they even rejected him as a guest in south african parliament.

  5. Coming to cholera kanyama, a known opposition party got alarmed when the government successfully launched a vaccination exercise in kanyama. Fearing that the cholera would be eradicated from its source or factory, they incited riots so that cholera can continue. But look what they are saying in public, think we are fools? Come on security wings, even a baby knows this.

  6. Coming to cholera kanyama, some people seem to have got alarmed when a vaccination exercise was successfully launched in kanyama. Riots are suspicious as if meant to stop the vaccination.

    • You do not do vaccination during an epidemic. That vaccin can be a lethal dose. I wouldn’t advise anyone to get it.

  7. It’s really surprising that most foreigners who Zambians have welcomed and embraced can honestly support the opposition. It leaves us to think critically that HH saw their desperation and corrupted them.
    HH doesn’t repent and must return to Mukobeko for good.

  8. Welcome Mnangagwa to cholera land ,the road side shacks capital of Africa and the biggest village of Zambia.

  9. What a great nation we are! The CVs of most presidents in the region always need to have a “lived in Zambia” section. Name them, Nujoma, Mugabe, Mnangagwa, Mbeki, Zuma

    • Indeed but look at the leaders we have…an utter disgrace..they se3e nothing wrong with spending 4 times as much on a Fire truck!!

  10. ba upnd you have no shame not to long ago if not all of ui include hh celebrated mugabe exit think ermason wont recoginise lungu now you ar surprised desperate angry part of two rich fools

  11. Banakangwa, thanks, you are staying only one day. It’s not safe. There is cholera in Lusaka .
    If it was Koswe ni 4 days way .

  12. “Nostradamus” must have hated & failed History. The bonds between Zambia and Zimbabwe were forged when Britain tried to create Kenya and Rhodesia as its overseas colonies. The creation of the Federation of Rhodesia & Nyasaland prompted the whites to forcibly evacuate Rhodesian Africans for relocation to Northern Rhodesia (Zambia). Hence the presence of Shona & Ndebele speaking families in Mapanza, Kabulamwanda, Mumbwa, Mungule, Chongwe (refer Masebo) and Muswishi areas of Zambia. Zambia and Zimbabwe jointly own Kariba Dam and Batoka Project. In the light of true colours precipitating out of the Whites (via Trump insults), Kenya and the SADC States must network to curtail political projects mooted by the Brenthurst Foundation – and watch Obasanjo, Maimane, HH and Odinga.

    • True baMwansa. It makes sense now. I ve seen them around those areas and Chibombo. Chisamba areas. Missed this part of history. thank you bakalamba, shikulu or Mwaice. whichever suits you.

  13. Our criticism has kept Koswe away from the challenger. Even the plane is surprised that it is not taking off as often. Koswe must be sad for stopping to gain his frequent flyer miles. We as Zambians have lost nothing from his not flying since late November. Instead we have saved lots of money as a country because his trips were useless and unprofitable.
    I am sure he is itching to fly to Mfuwe to rest even when he has not worked at all.

  14. Does he know about cholera in Zambia which come about as a result of a serious under investment in the water supply system and a lack of sewage facilities due to irresponsible spending ,lack of priorities and stealing by this clueless government of this NOMADIC president .

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