Wednesday, May 22, 2024

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema Media Briefing



  1. HH, unfortunately, you are part of the problem. You are not offering checks and balances but busy positioning yourself as a parallel government. You don’t want to be seen working with the government or offer solutions on national issues but instead, you’re portraying yourself as a parallel government, holding back any progressive ideas you may have until you become president. If your intentions are to frustrate the government, what makes you think others won’t do the same to you? Please stop campaigning and show us that you are a government in waiting and maybe people will start warming up to you.

    • The man says he advised government way back before even cholera started because its known anyway; that cholera will come every rain season. So in all these words its hard for you to figure out advise given to the PF. Or is it that you don’t want to see it? Fake critik

    • @ Zedian – Learn to read, advising and working with are two different things. There are certain times when you put politics aside and join hands on national issues. Imagine a scenario where Zambia would be at war and an opposition leader comes up with a statement saying let me be the president if you want to win this war or we advised the government to buys guns before the war started but they chose not to. Totally absurd!This behavior justifies Kaunda’s one-party system because it proves Zambia is not yet matured for multi-party politics.

    • Kikiki. This no time for political speeches. Upnd can’t work with thepf govt so what can this turd tell us today. He has never said any positive thing about pf govt and one wonders why we can take him serious now. If he stands for anything can he tell us his position on street vending which littered lusaka like a hip of uncollected gabage.

    • I was watching a joint media briefing between pf and upnd of 2010 were sata and hh agreed to reposes zamtel and not to refund the buyers because the deal was illegal. I wonder why today hh says he didn’t support the idea to reposes zamtel. LT can you dig through the records and let all these lowlife minions to judge for themselves.

    • I love this comment: ” ANC now has a leader with the capability of making his own money instead of stealing. I think the UPND government would be the same. President, the vice president, partners Milupi are all millionaires.

  2. This man HH as long as he is not in the state house he will continues to pose a very serious threat to national security and peace of this country. Like futurezed has alluded to above, the man is appears to be running a parallel government,surely how can an opposition party set up a cholera committee which is purely the function of the ruling government. I will not be shocked if this man is arrested again for treason related charges GOING BY HIS BEHAVOIUR. He is portraying himself as the republican president, this being arrogant. The man believes he is the most intelligent person in Zambia and the rest of us are fools and that if he becomes the president (GOD FORBID) Zambia can turn into a paradise, HH this is a pie in the sky.

  3. HH what have you done to help the people of Zambia over the cholera problem apart from your speeches. Look the foolish man called CK busy saying the government is wrong to remove street vendors when they are the root cause of all these problem. Please let’s work together as a nation and clean up the country and come elections let’s have one word over the street vending. Its time we cleaned up the country and the mayor’s country wide let’s support them in cleaning the towns.

  4. HH is not a politician but a businessman thats why he wants so much to be in govnt for business deal ,i have never seen a bitter person like the face of upnd

  5. beautiful country yes but you are one of the pipo who has destroyed this country not only by selling mines but by your bad tung

  6. Hakainde Hichilema correctly analyzed the causes of street vending and the perennial cholera outbreaks in Zambia .He further recommended several short term and long term solutions to deal with the problems.
    People should listen to the press briefing first and don’t just rush to post nonsense

  7. Zambians, let the tempers cool down and look at Zambia as our only home. This disunity is what is causing Trump to insult us and we clap for him.

  8. PF bloggers condemn HH for never saying anything positive about the PF government. Let’s pause for a moment and examine if the opposite can be said of the ruling party. They have never said anything positive about the opposition, including their call on citizens to remain calm in a crisis.

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