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Lusambo warns water utility companies


Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo making his remarks at the funeral late Ben Kapita
Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo making his remarks at the funeral late Ben Kapita
Copperbelt Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has directed water utility companies operating in the region to improve their service delivery.

Mr. Lusambo said his office has continued receiving complaints from customers concerning the poor service delivery by water utility companies in the province.

He alleged that water utility companies are failing to deal with issues such as blockages, leakages and sewer pipes but expect the central government to do these ‘small things’.

The minister said this during his 2018 first media briefing at his office today.

“As provincial administration, we have declared 2018 as a year of action. We will not tolerate a laziness attitude by mayors and town clerks when dealing with provision of services to the people in the province,” he said.

Mr. Lusambo wondered why local authorities were failing to maintain cleanliness in their towns which he said should have been part of their routine duties.

He said as a measure to ensure cleanliness is achieved, he will soon embark on a programme of making impromptu visits to councils.

He said the Mayor of any council that would be found wanting will be held responsible.

“And to all the civil servants in the province, I expect high levels of professionalism, loyalty in your duties. I will not accept politicking but service to the people,” Mr. Lusambo warned.

He said civil servants are expected to work with his office and that of the Permanent Secretary in order to deliver to the expectation of the people in the province.

And Mr. Lusambo has thanked the defence forces and the health personnel in the province for cleaning the central business district (CBD).

He said the cleaning of the CBD has contributed to putting the cholera epidemic under control.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lusambo announced that the Copperbelt provincial administration will soon launch an investment audit for all mining companies in the province to ascertain the levels of investments the mining companies have made.

“As government, we have realised that some of the investors have not made any substantial investments in their operations as they have not brought any new equipment or technology but are retrenching the workers,” the minister said.

He added that the investment audits, which will be done with officials from the Ministries of Mines and of Commerce, would confirm the level of the foreign direct investment in the Copperbelt province.


  1. Young man this is what I have been complaining about. Solution is to give these companies to the Chinese. Current managements only interest is in driving 4x4s. Nkana Water and Sewerage have avoided installation of prepaid meter because they know that this will expose how they have been stealing our money.

  2. At a funeral??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    This chap is nuts

  3. Everday issuing warnings. That period is long gone. These days we engage and set quality standards and ensure these are met. No corruption no shoddy works and no substandard products. Bo minister, school is cool!

  4. What is the ultimate objective of the investment audits? So you ascertain that they have not invested much….and then what? What will be your criteria or benchmark for concluding whether they have made a sufficient, high or low investment? Unless their licenses or concession agreements from the onset stipulated the amount of investment they were to make and over what period as a condition of granting them the license, this exercise is futile.
    Back to the water utilities, are these entities private or public? If private are they answerable to any regulatory body that is responsible for enforcing standards and service delivery? What punitive measures are they in case of poor or non-delivery? Whatever the case, it is not within the ambit of these noise maker provincial minister to be…

    • The problem of being led by dander heads!!! What successful enterprise has this managed before and then you put him in charge of province and expects what?

  5. Now that we have executive mayors, we should consider reverting the water supply function to local authorities because most of these water utilities have just become a nuisance. The managers are very arrogant and averse to any suggestions. All streams in Kitwe are conveyors of sewer effluent thanks to Nkana Water! This despite the 35% charged on every bill as sewerage fee. In Chingola some places have never had any water since UNIP left govt. NWASCO is toothless. Common Bowman do to them like you did Richard Kachingwe, you have my 100% support on this one. They have abused the autonomy they cried for, please intervene and let them know that there’s a boss

  6. “……Mr. Lusambo wondered why local authorities were failing to maintain cleanliness in their towns…”

    Is this when this shameless bootlicking bone head has realised this ?????

  7. Bo Bowman please go and solve Masala issues by employing right sanitary measures, before cholera brakes up in your area.

  8. What investment audits and based on what? Are they contractual? What constitutes low and or high? I’m slightly at a loss

  9. What this dull Lusambo has said makes a bit of sense than what the whole of UPND Vice President Politics, GBV was uttering on Prime TV during the Oxygen of Democracy programme.

  10. All sewer-lines need overhauling.
    Start with Masala township which is at your doorstep.

    Provide new water pipelines … we are still using those laid down in Welensky’s time.

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