Monday, July 22, 2024

Cote d’Ivoire plot to slay Zambia


Cote d’Ivoire coach Kamara Ibrahim says they are not feeling any pressure ahead of Thursdays’ must-win game against Zambia.

The Elephants head into the match bruised after losing 1-0 to Namibia.

It was a stinging result for the 2016 CHAN bronze medal winners after Namibia stole a late winner in stoppage time of the 90 minutes.

And on Thursday, The Elephants attempt to beat or draw with Zambia to maintain their interest in the competition.

“I think we prepared well. In any case we know what lies ahead. We lost our first match and if we want to continue the adventure, we will have to get a very good result tomorrow,” Kamara said.

“Zambia are comfortable because they won their first match. They can afford to lose their second game hoping they can get something from the third game.

“They are also a very athletic team with player’s quick players in attack.

“We started the competition badly; we learned the lessons, now we have to go in the right direction to go as far as possible.

“But we are not under pressure after that loss. What interests us is the present and we must now move forward.”

Zambia leads Group B on 3 points after beating bottom placed Uganda 3-1 on Sunday.

Cote d’Ivoire are third following that loss to second positioned Namibia in last Sunday’s first Group B match in Marrakech.


  1. These are Zambia’s best customer and Zambia will be comfortable going into the game. However complacency should be avoided going into the game on the back of Jonathan’s thieving government’s reign, THE Cholera government.

  2. I just hope the blunt Alex Ngonga is not used in this game. We need strikers that score goals at all levels. Not just at home after smoking weed.

  3. Stupid comment; How can you say Zambia is comfortable and can afford to lose this game. This is always the stupid comfortability of Zambia when they start well and then get so big headed and relax and then get kicked out. There is nothing like afford to lose this game. This is very annoying. Nga nachiba mupepi nga namutobamo ulupi uwalandilefi.

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