A number of schools in Central Province might not reopen for classes next week due to unsanitary conditions prevailing in the institutions.

The school may remain closed in order to curb the spread of cholera which has ravaged some parts of the province.

According to inspections conducted by the Ministry of Health in 480 schools in nine out of the eleven districts in the province, 31 schools have been recommended not to reopen for the first term due to inadequate, poor or lack of sanitation facilities.

This is according to a preliminary report on the inspection of schools which was obtained by ZANIS in Kabwe today.

The report states that health inspectors have intensified inspections in all learning institutions and only schools which will be certified fit to reopen will be granted with a clearance form to resume lessons for term one.

The most affected district is Chibombo where out of 53 schools inspected, only 17 have been recommended not to reopen.

Out of the 17 that have been recommended to open, 15 are government while two private schools.

The inspection teams have also closed several markets, restaurants and shops in the inspected districts with one lodge closed Itezhi Tezhi district.

Cholera, a deadly waterborne disease, first broke out in Lusaka in October last year and spread to many parts of the country including some districts of Central Province.

Kabwe and Mumbwa districts are the most affected in Central province.

The two districts have a cumulative number of cholera cases standing at 19 each since the first case was recorded.

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  1. Inspection of learning instutions, drinking places, worshipping places, hospitals etc should be an ongoing thing not when there is an outbreak of a disease elyo twafundumana no. In safety, we learn that we need to be proactive and not reactive meaning, we need to do all we can to prevent things that are harmful and hazardous from happening, yes that’s being proactive where as reactive simply means, taking up measures after something has already happened even life lost in some instances. Let’s be proactive all of us, looking forward to a time when there no more diseases not only in Zambia but the world as a whole. Thanks to the Government for the fight.


  2. In view of the outbreak of cholera, which is still continuing, Schools should not have been allowed to open at all. Schools are a hotbed of diseases eg cholera, dysentery etc.. Ablution blocks should first be worked on in all schools countrywide before schools can open and pupils and students be allowed back, otherwise the measures being put in place to contain not only cholera but other diseases will be in vain. Ministers Education Education and Health take heed



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