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Mwiinga not part of the group claiming his contract termination was tribal


FORMER Public Service Pension Fund (PSPF) chief executive officer, Richard Mwiinga
FORMER Public Service Pension Fund (PSPF) chief executive officer, Richard Mwiinga

FORMER Public Service Pension Fund (PSPF) chief executive officer, Richard Mwiinga says that he is not part of the clique that has been claiming that the termination of his contract by President Edgar Lungu was based on tribal lines.

UPND chairperson, Mutale Nalumango accused President Lungu of not renewing the contract of Dr Mwiinga because he was Tonga.

Dr Mwiinga told the Daily Nation that he did not know why his contract was not renewed as there were no reasons given for the termination.

When asked whether he was part of the group claiming that his dismissal was based on tribe, Dr Mwiinga said he has never commented on the matter.

He distanced himself from the clique, which included former Secretary to the Cabinet, Sketchley Sacika, adding that he had never discussed his dismissal with anyone.

“No, I have never discussed anything about the termination of my contract with anyone, that’s why I said I can’t comment. I was never given reasons why that contract was not renewed so I have not commented anything,” said Dr Mwiinga.

Meanwhile, a former PSPF employee, Joseph Zulu, whose contract was also terminated wondered why President Lungu was being accused when it was the board that proposed such action.

Mr Zulu said that there was no way Dr Mwiinga’s dismissal would have bordered on tribalism, when his contract was also not renewed despite him coming from Eastern Province.

Mr Zulu reiterated that it was sad that the UPND had been incensed by the departure of Dr Mwiinga because he was a Tonga, when the same party had been quiet over many others who had suffered the same fate.

And several PSPF former employees also said in separate interviews that there was nothing sinister about Dr Mwiinga’s termination of contract.

Dr Mwiinga was appointed in 2014 to act as PSPF chief executive for administrative convenience during the period of Mr Thomas Phiri’s suspension.


    • We all know why Mwiinga was fired. PF and Lungu have taken tribalism to another level. The entire Cabinet and even PS level is only for people from Bemba and Eastern. 80% of parastatal heads and Ambassadors are Bemba or Easterners. This is without malice from a Bemba person, myself

    • Obatala so why has Zulu’s appointment not been renewed when he is a easterner? I hope you now understand why we don;t want HH as president because UPND cannot think outside tribe.

    • I dont believe Joseph Zulu is being truthful … Yes it may not be tribal, but certainly there is something fishy here especially that Mwiinga got very high performance ratings from the Board itself Zulu is saying was their decision. What I suspect is that he has been a hindrance to the access of resources by the politicians. The PSPF is one of those few institutions that may have finances in the current PF mismanagement of resources. There are other Tongas indeed who may have “survived” in strategic positions but possibly easily bow to the wishes of the thieves.

    • If the many Tongas are bowing to the Politiician push, and Dr Mwiinga is principled as portrayed on this network, then his termination is not tribal but other issues period

    • Why is unpd such a tribal grouping?? Nowonder they will keep losing elections. To this tribal group from southern province, the only thing they are bothered with are tongas. So unpd is only a party for tongas?? May this tribal party rot in opposition. Mwiinga is not the first person in Zambia to have a contract unrenewed.

    • You don’t even have an iota of shame.Why do you think you are the only ones who can rule Zambia.Look at all the ministries ,it is full of just 2 tribes.You then turn and accuse Southerners ati they are tribal.Mule kwatako insoni mwe ba bemba.

    • He sounds as a reasonable Tonga, groom him for the next VP running mate, he’s got the right education alright and sounds articulate enough to repudiate tribal politics.

      Look for more like this guy … he sounds logical and patriotic enough, the road to State House in 2021 passes through Southern Province.

      If he’s not good enough find someone else, got to split that Tonga vote once and for all while promoting “One Zambia One Nation”.

      Ayatollah wants to divide and conquer but we always win when “United We Stand”. Let’s roll … A Tonga VP Is The Axiomatic Thing To Do ~ B R Mumba, Sr

  1. People we are a one nation don’t look at tribal lines . Are you telling me all Tongas must have everything they want and if a tonga contract is terminated then its tribal.stop the No sense ,it’s normal not to renew a contract. Why do politicians want to divide I say every time my wife is Tonga and am proud of Tonga women. They are the best and the men are a big problem. Too proud of themselves.

  2. So why even give the story headline coverage if there is no tribal problem here? There are definately more significant things happening in the country this day that are worth our attention.

  3. Nauseating spin from Richard Sakala as usual. It’s well documented that those with roots from Southern, Western, N/Western and citizens who are viewed to be sympathetic to UPND have been hounded out from top posts in Civil Service and public sector. We don’t want to start mentioning names here. These guys in govt have stinking vendetta

    • Like MD for Zesco is Tonga, Governor BOZ is Tonga, Vice President is Lozi, IG police is from North West province including Army commander, ambassadors Korea & Germany are Tonga and Lozi respectively…these are just few examples…problem is leadership for UPND are tribalists and assume everyone is…

    • Mention names to help us understand this Tonga tribe thing. The truth is Mwiinga’s contract came to an end and there was the option of renewing it. Another fact the system did not like him because he was a hindrance to their crooked ways AND NOT because he was Tonga. There are lots of Tongas who are eating with PF. But anyone in their way Tonga or Indian is kicked out.

  4. Not too long ago, some Directors from Ministry of Community development were fired. The only sin they committed was being from regions viewed as strongholds of opposition. A colleague in Army told me that in the previous year, there has been unprecedented numbers of top soldiers being retired in National interest. These people can’t speak out now because if they do, they may put their lives at stake. We are one country, these tribes are secondary, true leaders should embrace everyone regardless of tribe.

    • @Mookoola tree
      Read the comment@Zakeyo. what posts do you really want to go to your tribe?
      Zakeyo has challenged you to the core by mentioning major corporates/parastatal run by your tribal mates. what else are you crying for? Presidency?, No!! presidency won’t come to you! let’s just support the working president, the man of good soul President Lungu! King Edgar!

    • I really don’t care whether my tribesman is President, Police IG or Military commander. It’s not like I will run to them asking for favours, no. My main concern is with the vast majority of innocent citizens being retired in national interest because they’re perceived to be sympathisers of opposition parties. You can be a Banda, Chewe, Moonga, Lubasi, Mulusa, the moment someone takes a report however false that you are aligned to UPND, you are gone

    • I am sure when Kanganja is fired one day. UPND will cry that because he is from North Western Province. This is the tatic that PF under Sata used against Mwanawasa and RB. They always cried that Bembas were hated, prosecuted and persecuted! Will this work for UPND this time around?

  5. Two board members, may be non tongas, were removed. But their removal was upon questioning why a high performing chief excutive, mwiinga,was being removed. Further we learnt that the board members were informed that powers higher had decided, overriding board decision, not to renew mwiingas contract. If mwiinga says he is not of those who say his removal is because he is tonga, good. Do we need mwiinga to say yes i was removed becz am tonga for his removal for being tonga to be valid? Of course mwiinga knows, u can bet!

  6. ata ifyabupuba, imwe mwemitundu shibili mutushupe! the fact that other tribes are quiet doesn’t mean we are inferior! its bemba this tonga that! ata bane!!! even on znbc, bemba en tonga programs are reserved for sat and Sunday chintobentobe others during the week when no one is watching!!!
    imwe babili muichindikefye

    • Kikikikiki, wantekunya iwe, ati fyalichita reserve weekend pa deadNBC for themselves, abanabo during working days.

    • Zoona tuyi welemo.Bembas[though am Bemba myself] and Tongas need to chill.Out of 73 tribes only two should be making noise all the time?And you will notice that it is normaly the useless ones who depend on government appointments or are looking forward to government appointments who like leaning on tribalism.Mwiinga knows that there will be opportunities to come in future some of them from abroad.If it was one of those incompetent goons he would have been crying blue murder because opportunities for them are few and rare.

  7. What is wrong with tribal balancing approach? It brings out national character in country affairs & kills unnecessary tensions between peoples.

  8. If you serviced your contact in full, move on to another chapter. Life is a cycle. others have to take up your position. In case your contract was terminated prematurely, then you have a bone to chew, engage exorbitant Lusaka lawyers.

  9. A contract can be renewed or not. The conditions in any contract are there for reference. Being fired from permanent employment is not the same as termination of contract.

  10. I would like to believe that there’s always a reason for termination of one’s contract. It is better to tell the affected person why his/her contract is being terminated so that as they move on to other avenues in life they check their conduct, they do not repeat the mistakes they committed in the past.

  11. Like Dr Mwiinga, I do not know why his contract was not renewed, all speculation I think because no employer gives reasons why a contract is not renewed. So I will play the devil’s advocate here: IF qualifying candidates ARE upndee cadres AND do not support your vision AND will spend their time frustrating you AND working against you IN support of their tribal leader can you appoint that person? If the majority of qualified candidates fall in the above category can it surely surprise you if appointees are from more symoathetic and supportive groupings? So do not disqualify your tribe mates by being tribal, give One Zambia One Nation a chance.

  12. All are the same be they from East ,West, North, South and between. Why think in those lines? It is very healthy to keep executives for two to three years and change them so that you get fresh ideas otherwise they start employing survival skills at the expense of company growth. Who knows Mr. Mwiinga may land himself in a better and more interesting. Even in his last job he had the power of the pen that is to hire and fire. To always think tribal is a waste of memory space. No wonder those that are in it do not progress well.

  13. The problem is, 99% of the adult population want to be employed as opposed to being employers. As an employee you get whatever is coming. As an employer you decide what is coming.

    As you know I’m a strong Chipimo supporter. But I understand every government wants to put its own people in government positions, especially the top ones. We can debate this all we want but the facts will remain the same for any ruling party. PF is within its rights to hire and fire holders of government positions who are on contract. If you’re in permanent employment and you get fired, then you have a legal right to challenge the decision if you can. We should resist always rushing to consuming everything despite that it is painful being on the outside. Even Trump hires and fires at will.

  14. Why is unpd such a tribal grouping?? Nowonder they will keep losing elections. To this tribal group from southern province, the only thing they are bothered with are tongas. So unpd is only a party for tongas?? May this tribal party rot in opposition. Mwiinga is not the first person in Zambia to have a contract unrenewed.

  15. But why does UPND see tribalism in everything?are tongas untouchable in life?a Mr Zulu’s contract was also not renewed and he never made any noise about it So what is so special about Dr.Mwiinga,a tonga?
    A lot of bembas and Easterners have lost jobs under PF and nobody in Zambia sees tribalism in that;e.g;Mumba Kapumpa,Dr.Msiska(ZRA),PS Jere who even died from cancer last week,etc.
    All die hard tribalists in UPND must be retired by us voters in 2021 by rejecting their Kainde for a record 6th time because UPND has nothing to offer apart from diving Zambia on tribal lines further.JUST IMAGINE HOW TRIBAL ZAMBIA COULD BE IF HH WAS IN STATE HOUSE?easterners and bembas could be forced to change names to tonga names for them to get a job under HH’s Govnt!!!OPEN YOUR EYES VOTERS IN THE NORTH…


  17. UPND is only on tribal crusade!!moreover,it is HH’s careless way of conducting tribal politics which has made many dull tongas to lose their jobs because they also misbehave at work and openly frustrating Govnt efforts.whenever HH loses an election,his tribal supporters become too emotional in Govnt offices forgetting that a number of OP officers move up and down collecting data and those found wanting lose their jobs.Kainde is not a messiah.if he wins( God forbid),only himself and close friends could enjoy Govnt money and not every tonga.ALREADY HH IS A BILLIONAIRE,WHAT DOES HE DO TO TONGAS?NOTHING!!!Easterners,Lenjes,Bembas have had presidents,are they all rich because due to that?BIG NO!!FTJ Chiluba never built even a toilet at his Musangu’s village in Luapula.SO THERE IS NOTHING…

  18. @5.1 Zakeyi,
    And you know deep down your heart that the names you have mentioned are the only people from the Western half of the country holding positions in this Bembanyanja despotic and incompetent regime. It’s tragic the gutless level you people have sank this country to and still keep on blaming Tongas for your filth!

  19. Anyway, it’s no loner only Barotseland that wants to divorce you stinking and thieving lumpens, Lundas, Kaondes, Luvales, bantu Botatwe All now want to cut ties with you incompetent and thieving mambalas!

  20. some comments from tu upnd awemwandi ,how can a normal person say look at ministers ?first how many mps do pf have in southern and what is the critiria when appointing ministers ,to tell you if i was lungu i cant appoint anyone were i was not voted the same i know hh cant do because colours are the alread to see

  21. These guys if put in power can damage the nation! (Mr. Mwiinga, I do not mean you sir!) I am talking about the way these guys (sorry people from the South think!) Anyone whose contract expires can either be renewed or not! It is not rocket science! Tribes!

  22. These UPND chaps are really tribal and they badly want political milage over normal non renewal of contract. if given a chance these guys can put the country on fire. Its no wonder they will just rote in the opposition. God loves Zambia. Never mind its a sh!hole country.
    What a disaster party.
    Its timely warning bane. Always singing tribal this tribal that in this tribal party.


  24. This problem eminates from the useless article written by the tribal bigot and upnd supporter SISHUWA SISHUWA in the gutter journalism publication news diggers. These selfish cowards are hell bent on seeing this country burn.

  25. Dr Mwiinga is still in good standing with the current govt and it’s just a matter of time will be assigned different role. he’s educated and articulate and above all beyond tribal politics as alleged.

  26. Just after the 2006 I attended a symposium at Hotel Edinburgh in kitwe. As I sat alone during refreshment I overhead two gentlemen discussing the just ended elections. One of them was a Litana and they spoke in Ichilamba. What was interesting is that they were worried Mwanawasa was going to lose until ” ba mbuya besu ama loshi ba kana. .. that we can’t let another tribe to take over the government ” meaning the Lozi vote ensured a Lamba won the presidency. I am sure if these two gentlemen read Lusaka times they will remember this discussion.

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