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Zambia Airways project not viable-HH


UPND President Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has criticized government’s move to relaunch Zambia Airways describing the decision as a waste of tax payers money.

And Mr Hichilema has accused those pushing for the relaunch of Zambia Airways of planning to use the airline to bring in drugs, money laundering activities and corruption.

Mr Hichilema said the project to relaunch Zambia Airways which was defunct in 1994 is a waste of public resources as the project is not economically viable.

He was speaking on Thursday when he featured on a live Hot Seat radio programme on Hot FM.

Mr Hichilema advised the Zambian government to start constructing toilets in markets than forming an airline.

“An airline in Zambia today, given our geographical position in the center with so many neighbours and the nature of the business as our national airline is not viable. Have you seen what’s happening with South African Airways, that is a huge airline where they are putting in billions of dollars every so often. Why are national airlines not viable?”

He added, “I know the emotions, that you own a national airline, I am a business man. Sometimes you must walk away from emotions as a business man and look at the dynamics of the business and the dynamics of the business are that Zambia national airline will not work, it will be a waste of tax payers money.”

“Why? Because the dictates commercially do not allow, the dictates do not confirm that you can run a viable airline. British Airways as big as it as it is struggling every now and then. Now look at it, you can’t manage Cholera here in Kanyama, how would you manage an airline that requires more intellect, a lot capital,” he said.

And Mr Hichilema has alleged that the people pushing for the restart of Zambia Airways are only interested in serving their selfish interests.

“These people are pushing for an airline because they want to use it for corruption, move cash around using diplomatic passports, they want to move drugs around. We hear those who are friends of the President are pushing for the airline because they want to supply food to the airline and other supply services. They are looking at personal gains,” Mr Hichilema said.

“Why do you want to form an airline instead of building toilets in the market? This thing is not viable,” Mr Hichilema charged.


    • I am still in awe that the Government insisted on going ahead with this besides the unecessary new Airport costing us upwards of USD 30 million albeit less than the 42for42.

    • Hi HH, I totally agree with you. However, I miss seeing the Zambia flag in the skies. Lets try it out again and make Zambia Airways the flight of choice:)

    • It’s just too costly for this country to put our flag in the air, better we empower youths on the ground, by the way what has zambia missed from not having a national airline?

    • I listened to HH’s radio interview this man is super intelligent. Lungu is no where near HH’s intellect no wonder he can never, never accept to go for live debate with HH. That’s would be a desaster. No he can’t even face the media

    • @Nubian Princess you can do much better than that! You are behaving like Mushota say nothing about much ado! We have to put on much more in terms of infrastructure if we want to turn around this country! Not half half measure! We can start by making Zambia a low tax zone of a single amount of say 6% VAT and introduce huge fines for those who break the system!

    • Same blah blah blah … same stuff Ayatollah style, different day. Sit down, relax and enjoy the flight.

      Drugs, Money Laundering & Corruption … what are you talking about???!!!! DEA is all over the world and more sophisticated than you and ain’t of that happening.

      What an alarmist this chap is!!! Those wanting this are friends of the President??? No, they are friends of Zambia!!!

      If GRZ doesn’t do it, some us will take on the offer with the Ethiopians. And who told you British Airways and South African Airways are the best airline out there.

      Why look at only the loses instead of the winners? Let’s roll … the Zambian flag is getting back in the air whether you like it or not, with or without the tax payers money.

      Some of us are more serious about this, money serious than…

    • Zesco. zemtel, zambia railway, tazara, zambia national building society, etc are are s.hole companies that are used by politicians and now you want to add another one, Cry my beloved country.

    • Hello useful clowns … you objections have been notated and like every democracy you are entitled to fresh speech.

      So, right now we have heard your concerns but at the moment we run this country and all you do is run your mouths. If the smart people ever entrust you with running thing country then you can focus on building more toilets.

      As of right now we already made the decision to build more toilets and run Zambia Airways at the same time. We are not choosing one over another. So, good luck on your next loss come 2021.

      We appreciate your input but right now we are the only ones running this country not you … thanks a trillion

    • The auto correct is killing me … meant to say “your objections have been noted and like every democracy you are entitled to free speech”

    • Look Look Look what the cat has dragged in – the delusional BR Mumba Jr…really laughable as his vile smiling mug..he says “If GRZ doesn’t do it, some us will take on the offer with the Ethiopians”…if the deal is so hot why is everyone not falling over themselves to partner with EA? Any mug who goes to an airline with $30 million cash to hand out in these hard times would not be turned away.
      Anyway continue with your make believe drivel…

    • Seleniko tu bombeko …. inshinta yenu if you are ever luck ikesa. Right now … Our Time Is Now!!!!

      If you are really a serious businessman as you are purport to be, how come you cannot see what I see here???

      A season JV Partner comes along saying dance with me, all you need is $16M in your first year and I will hold your hand!!!

      That $16M opens a door for you to tap into a $1.5 Billion market share and all you say is, I am sorry I have to build more toilets!!!!

      What kind of fooliiishness, bu fontini and komboni mentality is that??? When FTJ came along and said dance with me, let’s dismantle the $36B Zambian Enterprise and you will collect $75M in fees you jumped and never bated an eye!!!

      Now that there is nothing in it for you, all you want is focus on toilets? How…

    • Look at the Ayatollah worshipers (AKA simpleton Jay Jay) no mind of their own … whatever the Ayatollah says is gospel!!! Pathetic useless clowns always Monday morning Quarter backing with no skill of their own to play …

      Pathetic failure looking for a psychotic break every day to vent … awful lowest scum of our s.hole cyber community they are …

      Sorry sons of a gun, they are … just shut up, sit down, relax and enjoy the flight

    • Ukusaila ba Hakavotela Hake. What’s wrong with this man kanshi? Everything government does is wrong. I can see that you’re a wrong person HH. Bitterness bakaemba will never take you any where.

    • It does take a Soweto marketeer to tell you that this deal is not viable…I have been against the creation of this so called National Airline from day one its unfair for some feeble-minded mug to come here label me Hakainde’s supporter because we share the same view on this issue. One thing I know for sure Old man Sata would have never stood for this rubbish as his vision was for a wholly Zambian owned company or no company at all – there is absolutely no need for this venture.
      LT Readers please remember the names of all these dumbbells in support of this day light robbery…as in 12 months time they will be either hiding or will have changed goal posts by then this company will be over $100 million in the red.

    • Even if we spent another $100 Million we would still recoup some of that through airport taxes, landing fees and actual sales tax on tickets.

      Ayatollah worshipers don’t get, they make it seem like Zambia Airways will have zero revenues while $16M goes in as a sunk cost.

      That’s just an investment, badala!!! What makes the difference is the “return on investment”. Stand alone as a business proposition, Zambia Airways has an impressive higher return on investment than toilets, for example.

      By the way each plane comes with enough toilets, we are not only building toilets on the ground, we are also doing so in the air above and beyond the Zambian skies.

    • After pilfering he found himself in mukobeko via vimbokaila. Today zambia is shell because of U5.

      May the souls of privitisation victims haunt u5.

      no wonder he has no mp in lsk and cb.

      Change does not start in NEGA NEGA.

    • Eithiopian airways is viable, why can’t Zambia airways learn from them after the partnership? EA will bring in the knowledge that HH lacks.

    • Br Mumba just have two question. Have u been to school before? And are you Zambian? Because your comments are below intellect capacity and if you were Zambian your prioity would never have an airline when powerhouse like SA fails to handle its own.

    • Ba True Zambian … no, I have actually never been to school and secondly I don’t even know what nationality I am.

      So, you had been to school and knows how to search can actually try and find my name in those things they call alumni records.

      Perfect you will find someone with my name there but don’t believe it because I may happen to have the same name as someone else.

      As for priorities, I hereby seek advise from you on how to be poor … please enlighten me accordingly.

  1. HH is absolutely right. If govt is failing to manage Zesco and Zamtel which are appallingly loss-making firms DESPITE operating in fertile industries, I just can’t see how they can manage to create a firm what will compete and generate profits in a volatile airline industry.

    • This man also likes criticising everything. He’s an opposition leader anyway, Kaili banamicita kuli ka Lungu! I mean rigging, as if that was not enough he even took him to jail for no reason. Potentially the guy could have been in jail with all the cholera! Mr Cholera could have been laughing with his minions and criminals. BWANA HH sometimes just accept that you have run out of ideas and get out!

    • Let’s just look at Zesco, the trend is for politicians from the ruling party and those well-connected to call the Zesco MD to employ their children and girlfriends. From 1991 to date, ZESCO has been turned into a dumping ground. It was the same with ZANACO before it was privatised. How will this airline be managed differently? Any guarantees that we won’t have cadres (from PF now and those from future ruling parties) flying for free on Lusaka-Johannesburg route? Given we don’t have any single state-owned enterprise (SOE) that’s profit-making at the moment, what magic we’ll use to make Zambia Airways self-sustaining without being heavily reliant on state subsidies? As a country, we have weak institutions that’s why successive governments have failed to provide leadership in our SOEs…

    • ……….Unless we come up with new legislation, this failure will not end whether Zambia is governed by PF, NDC or UPND. By the way, I read an article that we have purchased aircraft from Russia. That should be a source of concern. Those have reliability issues and poor safety record. Why didn’t we go for the Boeing or Airbus aircraft?

    • @Zakeyo
      Where have I mentioned tribe above? It is because I have agreed with HH’s view so you assume I am pro-Tonga? I am not talking about the tribe of the MD or the tribe of the appointing authority. I don’t care what tribe someone is, I see everyone as a fellow Zambian, period. I have said the trend is for “politicians and well-connected individuals” to send their kids/girlfriends (including cadres) to the Zesco MD to facilitate their recruitment. I even mentioned ZANACO before it was privatised (during MMD). This is not just a PF thing it was a norm during MMD days as well and it’s bound to continue regardless of who is in power unless we strengthen the governance institutions.

    • GRZ couldn’t manage Zamtel ,ZamRails ,the public debt and even badly mismanaged public health resulting in cholera .Yes The Chosen one is 100% correct.

    • Zesco is failing because Zambians cannot afford economic rates. And the government has a responsibility to its people. A country is not a corporate company where everything is seen in boardroom context.

    • ZESCO was in a tight spot because of overstaffing and mainly because of the tariff structure-ZESCO generated power at a cost of say $0.15c per KWh and supplied to consumers at $0.05c, how do you expect it to perform?? It is the PF that has scrapped off these subsidies so that ZESCO can start turning a profit and attract more investment into this sector. Zamtel, Zambia Railways are also turning profits as more people are turning to rail transportation of heavy goods. Others like ZSIC are still robust and with the concept of IDC taking shape, despite the negative publicity PF is getting, it’s really looking bright.

  2. The mentioned issue on drugs, money laundering activities and corruption are worth noting.
    President Lungu you are a man of good soul, look into the issues raised by HH.

  3. you are ranting… you cannot explain business in press briefing ignoring the complexities of it.

    You are a business man aren’t you? Come with figures so you can win us on your side.

    Just because HH says it is not viable does not mean it’s a fact.That is his opinion.

    If anything HH is part of cholera. You sold businesses in which those individuals selling in the streets where working.

    You were more than happy and to use your own words…

    ….” you must walk away from emotions as a business man and look at the dynamics of the business “

    can you put out the dynamics in detail so we compare your meaning of dynamics to the government’s dynamics. Then we as Zambians are going to make an informed decision.

    Am glad that you have injected yourself into this debate but…

    • Cont — please do not just point fingers and accusations about how others have failed. Come with detail and facts and we shall see if you make sense or not.

      At the moment you are ranting…

    • How do you accuse HH of selling companies, when they were not his dad’s, but solely run by the zambian government on behalf the zambian people, where does one individual get the courage to play with state property? How does one individual outwit the all lot of technocrats in government? How, just how?

    • You’re deluded. Bring out your reasons for supporting the reintroduction of Zambian Airways. I am a tax payer and as such I don’t want the tax I am paying to be abused by selfish individuals

    • @NSCS
      muntu wandi..I really trust you when you speak, I listen attentively.
      I just remembered HH pocketed a lot of our money from privatization of parastatals and condemned the workers to untold and extreme poverty. All those mutembo, HH and others who stole from privatization won’t be allowed near the powers of the presidency! let’s support our humble President Lungu ruling Zambia

    • HH has pointed out much bigger airlines, like British Airways and South African Airways that are struggling financially. What more do you want him to do?

      As for analysis air traffic into, out of and within Zambia, you and me know very well that there is no way, given Zambian politics, HH would be given access to such statistics.

  4. And his followers call him intelligent comparing an airline to building toilets. HH’s whole life has been about his personal needs so if others come up with projects he thinks personal enrichment. What does he have to say about a lot of Zambians that will be employed when this happens? What has he to say about other supporting Industries that will grow around the Airline even simple taxi drivers? Has HH ever said anything about the ultra modern airport being contracted a the number of people that have been employed and will be employed as a result. Just because SAA and BA are struggling does not stop Zambian from partnering with Ethiopian Airline which is not struggling to make a difference. Cows are not the only profitable business in this country. Bring back the money from Panama Mr…

    • He understands business, because of the cholera look at the human capital that this country has lost? Do you know that in business human capital is the most treasured. If you open that airline and your human capital is all cholerad, how are you going to run it and with what humans? And which tourist would like to use your airline and visit you?

    • Kci can you listen to what HH said in that interview before exhibiting your ignorance. People like you are the reason why we are in such a desperate situation in Zambia. So shameful that day the least

  5. This is a man who aspires to lead Zambia sure?shocking indeed!!i keep on telling guys from 3.5 provinces that a upnd leader is cursed because he keeps on making same mistakes before elections.many Zambians are happy seeing PF bringing back companies which FTJ Chiluba destroyed in the 90s.if HH tries to ask Zambians on the street how they feel about Zambia Airways,he will be shocked after seeing thousands in support of Govnt.HH blamed PF about new roads,airports,hospitals,schools,etc before 2016 elections by saying people wont eat roads.that statement didnt go well with many Zambians,WHO IN THE END VOTED AGAINST KAINDE!!he is once more making the same mistake!!IF ZAMBIA AIRWAYS STARTS OPERATING,HOW MANY JOBS WILL BE CREATED?A LOT!!

  6. Very soon we will have Zambian Pilots marrying Ethiopian air hostesses and vise versa. Some of the Fringe benefits that HH has ignored. Beauty is coming to Zambia.

  7. Moreover,who tells HH that if an airline fails in UK or South Africa then we also cannot try it in Zambia?if that is the reasoning,then Kainde’s Govnt could be the worst because he would always comparing projects to those which are working out well in other countries!!any normal person cant say, i cannot initiate such a business because my friend failed.destiny differs in life.where others fail,others prosper-such is life!!HH always wants to sound wise when infact he is very dull.HOW CAN A NORMAL PERSON COMPARES STARTING AN AIRLINE TO BUILDING PUBLIC TOILETS?the other day HH was telling councils not to be charging toilet what does HH stands for in life?Kainde talks a lot of rubbish.on the same radio programme today,he failed to answer whether UPND supports street vending or…

    • Talking about employment creation, what has happened to those youths your showed us on deadNBC at mulungushi textiles in kabwe during campaigns? What is the current figure of employees at mulungushi textiles?

    • By the way magufuli has introduced free education in Tanzania, something you pf cadres said is not possible in this world, so where others fail to provide free education, upnd would have made it possible.

    • “…if an airline fails in UK or South Africa then we also cannot try it in Zambia?” Another failed experiment, a crash before take-off – very absurd!

    • @Njimbu. He gave an example of the UK because firstly, there’s a lot of professionalism and accountability in the UK with a lot of air traffic (the UK has tens of millions of visitors every year) so an air line there is more likely to better than here where we have no accountability for anything and corruption and nepotism are rampant. South Africa also has a lot of accountability although less than UK. Even corruption there is not as rampant as it is in Zambia. South Africa is an industrial hub in Africa servicing the entire Africa and that means lot of air transport passengers. I have used air transport on several occasions and believe me Zambia does not have enough travelers to warrant the formation of an air line to share with regional air lines who already have huge customer bases.

    • Meant to say, “so an air line there is more likely to do better than here. If you’ve gone to the UK or indeed SA by air, you would know what HH is talking about. Planes land every minute at Oliver Tambo International airport. A lot of them bringing people who will need to fly to other destinations within and outside South Africa. What that means is that SAA has a lot of customers. On the contrary, when you get to KK airport or SMM airport in Ndola, it looks like an abandoned place at times. Sometimes, it will take several hrs before a plane lands. Mind you, a plane is not like bus, it has to start off even if there are five passengers in it once it’s time for departure. Unless they make fairs very cheap so that most people can be flying but you need to look at making profit making.

  8. Business is a blessing .It does not mean that when Shoprite fails then no one can win or if it did not work in malawi,it can not work anywhere.Everything done at the right time and place always suceed.Let PF try the National Airline.This could be the right time and right place. HH,Dont behave like you know what tomorrow has for Zambia.Tomorrow is a mystery.When you started business,you took a risk.If you don’t risk in life you don’t gain.

  9. Of course it is viable only if we seriously avoid the mistakes that we committed that led to the collapse of the airline in 1994.No free air tickets for family members of members of staff and we should work out a proper plan of repaying the loan that we used to purchase the planes

    • Back then, greed and lack of discipline were the issues. They are still the issues today, not just for an undertaking in aviation, but for all else, even where competition is zero, as is the case with ZESCO.

    • If we choose to remain economic dependants, always afraid to undertake any business initiatives, ever begging for foreign investments and never willing to make any ourselves, we will have nothing to hand down to posterity in the end – and the judgement we shall face then will be more severe than the one we would face having made some mistakes while at least we tried.

      The credo of a successful business: Nothing ventured nothing gained.

    • In business, there is what is called calculated risk…so far the risk of failure for the proposed airline is astronomical. On the other hand the government could have revamped the railways (which already has assets) and grabbed all the transportation contracts for the copper and related contracts – unfortunately they can’t because they are corrupt and some own trucks.
      They could not transparently purchase a fire truck; what would stop them stealing by over-inflating the price of a plane that is worth millions of dollars? Agree with HH here – it is a no brainer.

  10. I also don’t think that a national airline is viable but for different economic reasons including management, commercials, market viability etc, unlike Mr Hichilema who spoils his case by launching ill advised ill conceived tantrums like
    1. ” bring in drugs, money laundering activities and corruption”
    2. “he advised the Zambian government to start constructing toilets in markets than forming an airline”.

    This boy is turning a serious national matter into a circus like his politics, and still can’t learn to avoid boadting about himself.

    4. He gives selective examples of SAA and British Airways leaving out the successful african airline Ethiopian.

  11. When an airline is introduced there’s a multiplier effect where other businesses will be born such as agrifloral which used used to employ people when Zambia Airways was there and the list of other opportunities will be in place…Now coming back to the Supreme leader HH of the UPND his bitterness has consumed him badly that,the once considered educated Manager cannot articulate well with facts…

  12. Which other country has no Airline like Zambia? Lets have something to fly our flag. What is not viable is HH becoming president….period!

    • Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda…All those little Caribbean nations and a bunch of the Central American Nations don’t have their own airlines. …that doesnt affect tourism.

    • BTW @ least 30 out of 54 countries in Africa have national airlines. All of Zambia’s neighbors including TANZANIA have national airlines. For South Africa, Egypt, Tanzania, Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe, the national airline is key part of mass tourism strategy to bring in millions of tourist annually. With competing & sometimes better sites than most of these countries, Zambia is still struggling to bring 1m tourists per annum for lack of national airline yet its listed in top 5 destinations in Africa. So let’s give airline a chance. It’s like building a road to these destinations. It may’ve far reaching positive effects. God Bless Zambia

    • What mass tourism strategy? You are lamentably failing to hit minimum benchmarks… because you do not have an airline…lazy mindset indeed. You think this is 1960..are you telling us there are no airlines flying to Zambia.
      I am tired of trying to pump sense into these dunderhead cadres!!!

  13. UPND could do themselves a favour by caging Kainde to keep his rotten mouth shut because he keeps on destroying the already limited UPND’s chances of forming Govnt anytime soon.they say “silence is golden”.Many Zambians prefer Edgar Lungu not that he is the best but because he talks less and delivers a lot.talking too much is cheap in life!!Actions speak louder than words!!jumping from one radio to another wont take Kainde to state house.Michael Sata knew how to talk,hence attracting huge radio listeners on daily basis!!BUT WHENEVER HH SPEAKS ON RADIO,MANY LISTERNERS BLAME HIM-HENCE LOSING VOTERS!!Mr Sata was saying i will revamp Zambia Railways,Kawambwe tea estate,grab Zamtel,etc and people liked this message of hope and voted for him in 2011!!BUT KAINDE THINKS ZAMBIANS ARE HAPPY…

    • “…Mr Sata was saying i will revamp Zambia Railways,Kawambwe tea estate,grab Zamtel,etc…”

      You are losers in PF for sure , which of the above has worked ?????

      And people wonder why we are in the state we are in…….

  14. Continue..
    What is not viable is you Kainde becoming Zambian president because you can come and sell all remaing Govnt firms and divide Zambia further on tribal lines!!

  15. HH is not as smart as he thinks. What is wow about HH? He is shallow. I am one of the people against Zambian Airways, it will be abused by politicians and political interference will be the order of the day. As a business it can work but look at ZESCO and other state owned companies where you have father Bwalya on the board

  16. The only reasons why this airline will have a chance of working is…..partnering with the Ethiopians and have some concessions to landing rights and other benefits of home soil….

    SA airways is struggling because of the lazy work ethics of black South African workers who have a sense of entitlement without sweating…

  17. Ba HH should have spoken out much earlier. As at now, the relaunch of the national carrier has reached a point of no return.

  18. Whether or not it’s viable, only figures alone will show.

    Meanwhile, the deal has already been signed and the project is launched. It’s true that sometimes in business you have to put emotions aside but sometimes you also have to put national interest first. The desirability is high on all sides: for the customer, the country and also for the investors /service providers.

    As for the issue of transporting drugs through the airline, I’m not really convinced that this can sustain without the culprits getting exposed and rightfully punished sooner or later. Just because some bananas are bad does not mean you have to throw away the whole bunch.

    KEEP IT UP HH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. When the economy collapsed, then capacity to settle bills was compromised. The cash economy is now in place. Consequently, government travelers will not drain the company through unsettled bills. When South Africa closes SAA, then business will be better for Zambia Airways. Mixed economies are like that. It is a matter of balancing. Profit and people. The Police must arrest criminals and business must continue.

  21. HH. People want the facts and just like school, we would like you to show us your workings. How did you come to that conclusion? Citing the woes of BA and SA. Really? Absolute piffle. Pretty ridiculous logic really, but I guess you need that to strengthen a very weak argument.

    You are this guys advisers?

  22. I was once on ET826 and ET863 from Dare-salaam to Lusaka via Addis (bole int airport) and the flight was even going further to HRE in Zim some time last year and the planes ware only half filled with passengers on both routes,How then can Ethiopian claim to be a profitable airline? Malawian Govt is complaining that it signed a raw deal,what is so special with Zambia?when one remembers trekking from Lsk-CBD via Misisi yanjanji to Chawama , it seams to be as easy as that. we have failed ZR,ZAMTEL, ZAMPOST,ZESCO,TAZARA,INDENI etc,why not try UBZ ,ZAMCARGO,CH first then get to QZ. Mind you former QZ employees want their T/ benefits. lets be serious zambians.HH is 100% correct .

  23. In spite of this wise advice from HH, an outstanding businessman, the Koswe Mumpoto President will go ahead with project for narrow and Nationalistic type of reasons. Besides the Airline will facilitate their illicit and corrupt deals but will not bring any net value addition to the Treasury. It is foolish to subsidize Air Travel than Agriculture, Health, Education etc .The Koswes Mumpoto President and his corrupt Ministers will not listen but we regret it when Treasury starts paying subsidies to the New Airline.

  24. I now know that this man is not an economist worth is salt surely how do you link cholera scourge to the airline project, there is no correlation between the two at all. its like comparing mining industry to fishing industry, ATI BA PRESIDENT my foot. This man knows that once this airline flies back to the sky, it will be a political score for the government and a political downgrade for him and his party UPND. I urge the government to ignore such kind of negative criticism meant to derail the much needed strategic initiative in the aviation industry. What this man should have said was to bring empirical based facts to show that this project is set to fail other than just talking trash.

  25. Besides this is a joint venture between the two governments (Ethiopia and Zambia) so this man thinks he is more intelligent than anybody in this venture. Just because he is a businessman by theft does not mean he knows it all.

  26. HH money laundering and drugs? ??? How do you know it’s money laundering and drugs? ?? You must know someone who was laundering money and shipping drugs using diplomatic pass port. .

    Who is that am eager to know drugs and money laundering is very serious offence or accusations. . Drug money is prohibited, what you are saying HH is that we have drug lords in Zambia.

  27. Look who is talking, trying to sound patriotic the very person with stashes of cash externalised and hidden in off shore accounts. Not so long ago he claimed when his party comes into power they will not remove street vendors. Why not bring back some off the cash hidden in off shore accounts to help the affected with basic requirements.

    • It is his money … on the other hand stop ba Koswe who are stealing through over-inflated government procurements.

  28. HH we have lead your opinion but that does not mean we welcome your thought no,bwana why do you oppose everything and if so tell as your plans not ridos bwana ,in this century a country like ours without airline sure ,,i just dont know wat you govnt can bring then

  29. I doubt if there could be any development in Zambia with HH as president.This man is anti-development. For example, he is on record as having called for a immediate stop to the construction of the Ndola-Lusaka dual carriageway despite its obvious benefits to the nation. As usual, he alleges corruption without giving any proof. Is this man normal? Doesn’t he know that the longer it takes to start up something, the more costly it will be in the long run because buildings materials keep rising everyday? And now he says forget about Zambia Airways. Why? The relaunch of Zambia Airways will certainly help boost tourism if properly managed. Why criticise everything the government is doing, even where something is clearly positive? Mwami, I think politics is a wrong cup of tea for you. Just…

  30. Ethiopian Airlines is in partnership to run local African flag carriers in Nigeria ,Malawi ,Togo and now Zambia. If all these joint ventures haven’t succeeded what makes GRZ think they’ll be viable here?

  31. It is you who are not viable! You are unelectable. How much did you receive from downing Zambia Airways to allow the countries you want to sell Zambia to gain Hagain?

  32. I listen and watched HH interviews. This guy is so dull that he always thinks in assumptions! No wonder he is looking for a pie up there with his team! See them tribals here!

  33. I disagree with HH on this one; Let us give PF chance on this one; We should have been advising PF to have government get more shares or to let Zambians buy more shares than give Ethiopians 45% shares;

  34. shut up. so you want to liquidate it

    How many mpa do you have lsk

    or cb.

    They illite cant vote u5 tribal leader sold or companies and wired money to panama

    Zambia is now full of vendors and u5 wants free tolilets in the city so that when they bring goats to LSK. they can be using it

  35. HH is a good talker, a smart cookie, an astute business man and a dull politician. Politically, he is a dwarf in a giant’s robes. State House isn’t the right place for him. The moo of cows is a more familiar call. He should be on a farm doing what he knows best…BUSINESS. Politics is for men, not opportunistic U5ves.

  36. Indeed, HH is a rich businessman, but he is a SADIST who finds pleasure in grabbing land from the poor Ilas to establish a large ranch. The rich Zambians (HH, GBM, Kambwili, Kalaba etc) have formed a formidable political CONSORTIUM to amass wealth in Zambia. Truth is that HH will never accept progressive projects by the PF Govt.
    HH is at pains to witness that South Africa’s ANC has re-branded itself with the election of Ramamosa as its President. Maimane’s wings have been clipped. HH is frustrated to see a new pro-development President in Zimbabwe and is agonizing to see Kenyatta as President of Kenya where Odinga is hallucinating for inauguration “after fulishly boycotting elections”.

  37. The way he speaks can be likened to some and I said some Engineers with very good papers but end up making a run away bridge. It is not that one is not a good Engineer but that circumstances can change and overcome the design parameters. This is happening world over.Yes toilets are essential and ought to be maintained and new ones made. When he demolished houses for the guys who he claimed were illegally in his yard did he first make them houses and toilets? If you cannot care for your neighbor how can you for someone further away.

    • Really, the man is a successful business man and you can liken him to an engineer who has no foresight! Your comment doesn’t make sense.

  38. Adolf did not disappoint once again when he came to the party. In closed doors he is a hopeless speaker one can almost feel the anger and bitterness Adolf has for his friend who from chawama beat the rich business man. Governance does not require a business man lest you end up with a Donald T rich but void of values. Zambia needs a leader not an economist,accountant, lawyer or teacher, just a leader. Someone who will not only inspire the Zambians but one with enough concern for the poor so that they took can have tap water to drink and a flushing toilet. If at every turn you say ‘I am a businessman’ the people respond ‘ so whatwe looking for a leader not your cow business’….

  39. It’s a good idea economically for African countries to start operating their own airlines if done properly with fully qualified employees but if they start hiring their own families and cronies, then it’s a disaster from the start.

  40. As leader of the largest opposition, a government in waiting, you need to inspire and convince people why they should choose you and not your competitor. The danger in always spewing negative and contradictory messages is if Zambia Airways ends up working out, people will always remember you as the person who wishes ill of the country and you end up losing their confidence. They will not vote for you. Badaala has built his demeanor of that of a “messaiah” who will rescue his people from a very evil regime that is torturing people, a robin hood or king Arthur type of figure. The Southerners, who have bought into his dogma, actually believe he is; But not so for the rest of the country who, collectively, carry the power of the kingmaker. This demeanor badaala is using is not working as…

    • …This demeanor badaala is using is not working as experienced in 2015 and 2016. Badaala needs a fresh shot of ideas, a new strategy, a new team of advisors as the current set up has let him down 5 times already. Einstein said madness is trying the same thing and expecting a different result. Even global entities like Chelsea, Manchester City, Real Madrid and other exemplary entities change leaders and teams when fortunes are down; As an economist and a businessman, hh has shown lack of leadership by ignoring this fundamental dynamic!!

  41. The unfortunate thing about our HH is that he has been ill advised! That to win, like Sata, you must trash everything being done or said by the ruling clique! I am shocked that in his position he does not understand that this time around ZA is not a re-launch of the Zambia Airways as it used to be, but that it will be in partnership with the Ethiopian Airline – The most successful African Airline.
    One can also assume that GRZ will not be the controlling hand hence that should ease the fears on the much touted abuse by politicians and GRZ executives.
    The World Bank has stated that with expected pickup in mining activity (demand, hence the price of copper is expected to surge upwards due to the advent of electric vehicles) coupled with the envisaged increase in non traditional exports…

    • Why not revamp the railways so that they ferry the copper to the ports and that in strategic thinking is called directly addressing a need especially since there will be no competition. On the other hand how many airlines fly into Zambia and how many Zambians will be able to afford flying in addition to those who are already flying on proflight and Mahogany?

  42. …..Zambia has the potential to grow its economy. Now, shouldn’t we be positioning ourselves to embrace the forthcoming challenges by putting in place relevant infrastructure? An indigeneous airline is part of the infrastructure! Tourism to grow and the agrifloral businesses to flourish, we need a carrier at hand to provide direct flights into and out of Zambia. I think we need to give it a try – remember, if you take part in a race, chances are that you may win, but if you don’t take part YOU LOSE!

  43. National airline is probably not viable but what the hell every business decision is risky, and HH ought to know that.
    Anyhow I believe the best airline our govt could invest in right now would be Mahogany Air; with Mahogany Air we could take advantage and compete successfully on region flights, flights to every country in the central, southern and eastern region of Africa atleast once or twice a week, there is currently no airline doing this. On top of this Mahogany could do local flights to every provincial HQ .

  44. He is an angry, frustrated disgruntled person…
    My wish is that HH does not fly in the new National Airlines. Cause if I saw him, I would do the obvious thing.
    There is no single airline that has never carried drug deals in the world. Records are to see.

    HH is to emotional and a big political loser

    Just because giant suppermarket .. Walmart is not making g profit in one USA State it does not mean they cannot try in another State.

  45. HH summarized it uptly, and quite: “Now look at it, you can’t manage Cholera here in Kanyama, how would you manage an airline that requires more intellect, a lot capital,” he said.

    • Wrong comparison. Cholera is an enemy who fights back through bad vendors’ attitude with support from HH, while an Airline is an asset that can be exploited to the full benefit of Zambia.

  46. Everyone please hide! Mr. Despicable on the forum! He has no idea but to say “NO” to everything! What a time waster with his colleagues this guy is! He sold Zambia Airways’ stuff and he is not guilty ranting about it! Zambia shall succeed! Some people think when you did some business classes you become a genius! We all did them! We know the government is on a right course. Let them work, get out of the way!

  47. Without Dangote, the price of cement would have been ZMK200.00 or more in Zambia by now.
    How much are we paying to fly from Lusaka to Livingstone and the Copperbelt by the private air travel companies in Zambia? Isn’t cheaper to fly to South Africa than Livingstone?

    We will not go anywhere if we politicize everything for the sake of gaining political mileage. Support where support is due and condemnation where condemnation is due is the answer.

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