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Zimbabwe to spend close to $1 billion dollars on turning the Chirundu-Beitbridge road into a dual carriageway


Beitbridge border crossing
Beitbridge border crossing

Zimbabwe has announced that it will in March this year commence the construction of a dual carriageway Chirundu-Beitbridge at a cost of close to $1 billion dollars.

The Zimbabwean government engaged an Austrian firm, Geiger International to carry out the project under a 25-year build-operate-transfer (BOT) model at a cost of $998 million.

The project is on an 897 km stretch from Chirundu and will cover Harare-Masvingo up to Beitbridge at the South African boarder.

The cost of the cost is significantly lower than what the Zambian government is spending on shorter stretch to construct a dual carriageway on the Lusaka-Ndola highway.
 In September, President Edgar Lungu launched the construction of the 321-kilometre Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway at cost of US$1.2 billion by China’s China Jiangxi International Corporation to take four years.
While Zimbabwe will reserve 40 percent of the project to sub-contracting the local companies, the Zambian government has only reserved 20 percent of the project.
Many analysts in Zambia have questioned the exorbitant cost of the Ndola-Lusaka dual carriageway but Government defended the project cost by stating that the road will have other side infrastructure such as a hotel.

Zimbabwe’s Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development Dr Joram Gumbo made the announcement this week adding that “It will be a big day because the dualisation of the Harare-Beitbridge Highway was long overdue after having been delayed by battles, that at one, time spilled into the courts. The project will cost just under a billion at about $998 million and the contractor will tell the President the time lines for completing the project and the President will also say something during the official launch of the project.”
He added, “We are happy that the dualisation will finally start and though it may not totally end road accidents along the highway, we believe for those drivers who are careful, the number of accidents will go down.”
The Chirundu-Beitbridge highway facilitates the movement of a lot of traffic between Southern and Central Africa and also facilitates regional trade.
The construction of a dual carriageway will facilitate the restoration of the highway as an artery and hub of SADC’s road transport network linking Southern Africa with the rest of Africa.
The Chirundu-Beitbridge highway has seen a lot of accidents due to the high volumes of traffic and dualisation could be a long-term solution to the problem.


    • And a key economic Road such as the Nakonde road remains in a pathetic state! The President is only interested in inspecting smuggling of Mukula logs there and how much ZRA is collecting. It is a shame. Needless to say the cost is scandalous for the Lsk – Nd dual. We are always to believe that the Chinese are always the cheapest and agree to BOT arrangements compared to Europeans. But here u are the Zimbabweans have engaged an Austrian company. I am sure the quality of the road will even be far superior than ours … that will come with cheap Chinese Hotels dotted along it.

    • Ine naumfwa insoni because when citizens say there is corruption the hon. Minister of Information says we are jealous. So we shall talk in 2021 hoping jealousy wouldn’t have consumed us whole by then.

    • A simple google search will indicate that the cost of the Chirundu-Beitbridge highway is actually $2.3 billion. The information contained in this article is wrong by placing the figure at $998 million.

  1. Please Mr. Mnangagwa, when you get to meet Lungu on Friday, can you raise this issue. In Zambia billion dollars seems to be worth less than on the Zim side.

  2. Lungu should also consider extending dual to reach Chirundu border with a Lusaka by-pass to facilitate business/trade. Those trucks crowding streets of Lusaka have no business being in our town. It is a huge inconvenience for both them and us.

  3. Cheap Chinese road 1.2 billion and the same 1.2 billion goes back to China. Come on people why is it only in Zambia where Chinese services and contracts are expensive. What’s the interest in it.

    • @Jay Jay I always thought you’re always focused and informed in your contribution but now I think otherwise. The road in question is costing $2.7 and I wonder what the motive is for the author in giving the wrong figure. Most disappointing is to see the so well educated falling for this lie.

  4. Look, it’s very clear that Lungu and company don’t care about our country. It’s the sad reality. But what’s more sad is to see a bunch of our countrymen who fanatically defend such indefensible corruption. Zambia will always be poor as long as people only think of the now and not the future

  5. President Lungu check the minister responsible for this BOQ. He will embarrass us!
    My heart bleeds when I smell crooked scheming behind such projects. Sort out some of these useless ministers, they are not there to become rich. Zambia is bigger than them.

  6. The Zimbabwean government engaged an Austrian firm, Geiger International to carry out the project under a 25-year build-operate-transfer (BOT) model at a cost of $998 million.

    Whats the meaning of this statement? enlighten me is it consequential on final cost and tolls to be collected for the period they are to run

  7. That is $1billion for almost 1000 km……please Zambia how can this 360 km be $1.2 billion……This is open corruption at its best!

  8. LT. Stop peddling fake news. Who are you trying to impress?

    The 9711km project toll involves the dualisation, upgrading and tolling of the highway, whose estimated completion date is 2022 and estimated total project cost is US$2.7 Billion.

    You might want to start educating yourself on the facts before enlightening the world with lies. How about taking 5 minutes out of your day to research and educate yourself a little.

    • Agree,Lusaka times should investigate instead of peddling lies. The total coast of the project will be $2.3 billion and not $997 million.

    • I see you’re getting a lot of thumbs down because people are hell bent to believe that money is going to be stolen. No wonder even Trump has lost faith in today’s reporting. Please download the link related to the project.

  9. BOT happens when a company operates a structure efficiently to recoup their money while teaching locals how to manage and operate the structure properly. Once trained, the local take over because they are fully qualified with operational and managerial experience. These projects have a very high successful out come than those where the building company leaves and goes home – like TAZARA railways. Remember what happened when the Canadian National Railways staff left Zambia Railways? Now you know what I mean.

  10. The news has left me broken down completely. How can it be that a dual carriage way of 897 km costs 998 million dollars while the same road of 321 km just on the other side of the Zambezi costs 1,2 billion dollars?
    Mr President if you are really honest , transparent and wants the best of Zambia, halt that project right now until we understand whether this vast world would not give us another credible and competent contractor to give us quality work at sane cost. It can not any more be associated to sound minds to sign such a contract, This will not just crush your chances to win next elections but it puts a final sea on the requirements of your entry into prison after your term of office. Trust me the history of Zambia going forward will be written with

  11. Knowing HH and his cohorts as I do, they would have condemned this project if it happened in Zambia. They are praising the project simply because it is happening outside Zambia. To these people, everything that PF government does, even if good, they will criticise it. So don’t fool us with your fake praises of the Zimbabwean project.

  12. … your name described as the most dishonest president . Those that seek to discredit you gains un disputable platform now. Those of us who defend you as a honest man are smacked with shame. Those within your gvt secretively seeking alliance with your opponents have enough grounds to openly declare you immoral, you have to brace your self for mass exodus from your part. Fire trucks, road tenders, soon it will be CB international air port , before we open our ears fully to assimilate that it will be new scandals at the coming Zambia airways as the author of today “s article about the air line explained. Aren’t all these disquieting to you?

  13. I have told you that Zimbabwe will rise up again; Lungu’s deals are corrupt; the opposition should campaign vigorously to have this deal scraped; the Australians will do a far much better job;

    • Someone here above has told us that the cost is actually $2.4m not $1m as reported. Let’s research further instead of getting excited. I am not privy to the OBQ of our road construction or what will be involved but it’s not good to just read and believe. Especially in these days of news distortions.

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