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Zambia vs Ivory Coast Goals Highlights (UPDATED)

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    • Says coach: Beston Chambeshi.
      This will not go down good … Remember when Edgar was referred to as Jonathan Lungu?

    • saimbwende please
      How do some of you even end up on the net?This is toxic thinking sir only loosers propagate tribalism.Am sure if we were to trace you we would discover a ka so called businessman with a ka cheap chinese fon trying to act intelligent.I am bemba and i have no problem with our tonga brothers and sisters.

    • Dude is a low life not worth responding to… obviously one who is very insecure.

  1. Mwefupuba what relevance does tribalism have in this tech age. We are not in Stone Age. Any person still wrapped in impapa sha triblism no kolwe who lives in the past . Be real n grow beyond rhetoric. It doesn’t matter who plays so long as they are Zambian period I’m Bemba

  2. Great performance, boys! Mulenga was in brillant form, Ivory Coast goalie and defence were catastrophic, with a little bit more audacity, we could have easily scored more goals.

  3. One Zambia one Nation, My Tonga brother in goals is the last line of defense, and the coach on the field. He sees all. All Zambian.

  4. HH, HaSpata and HaJayJay are complaining that “Wedson is corrupt! He selected Augustine Mulenga and Mulenga scored!” Yesterday, they also recalled that “This is what UPND will stop when they come to power! Wedson selected Daka and Daka scored against Algeria! It was because Lungu told them to include him!” These guys are nuts.

  5. I am glad Mbewe and Mulenga made the defense run by being fast! This is the way the Under 20 dismantled teams! Fast and focused! You got to be dangerous and your opponents will respect you! Good skills Mulenga! If you keep this pace then you are going to Europe! Stay focused! We can do it! Fear none!

  6. Siambwende or whatever you call your self. Let me give you a tongue lashing you nit wit.
    It’s cells like you that make this great cosmopolitan country leak with wounds of hate. Your thinking is an exhibition of one that lacks common sense and respect for our late and leaving founding fathers. Zambia is uniquely blest with 73 plus foreign nationals like Indians, Lebanese, Somalins etc who have all becomes a rich blend of cultures and synergies.
    For you Siambwende to demean the values that unit us in this great nation is an insult to the head of state Mr EC Lungu who has continued to foster one Zambia one nation.
    When we genuine sports lovers VB go to watch our games at the beautiful stadia, we don’t sit according to tribe, we don’t cheer players became of their ethnicity. We are a…

  7. What a solo 2nd goal… dude needs to send that clip to the scouts in Europe and he will have a job for life easily.

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