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President Lungu will tour all the 110 districts this year-Davies Mwila

General News President Lungu will tour all the 110 districts this year-Davies Mwila

PF S.G Davies Mwila addressing party cadres from Eastern Provincecalling for the removal of Felix Mutati at the party secretariat.
PF S.G Davies Mwila
Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Mwila has announced that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is this year scheduled to tour and interact with Zambians in all 110 districts.

Speaking in Chongwe yesterday during the launch of the 2018 PF mobilisation exercise, Mr Mwila, who is the ruling party’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) further revealed that the purpose of President Lungu’s grassroots tour in 2018 will be to accord him the opportunity to directly meet and engage officials at branch and ward levels across the nation.

“On behalf of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the ruling Party and the entire Central Committee, I am here to launch our Party mobilization for 2018 and this will be rolled out to all our structures… Secretariat will equip structures across the country with basic tools for mobilization. This will be a phased approach in our quest to mobilize the Party for effective membership recruitment and party programming, no structure will be left behind.

“I also want to announce that in 2018, the Party has drawn up a programme for President Lungu and he is going to visit all the districts across the Country and he will find time to meet and listen to you – the structures in his capacity as your party President,” said Mr Mwila.

AND in launching the ruling party’s 2018 mobilisation, the Secretary General handed over up to 120 Bicycles to Chongwe constituency to be used for party mobilisation by the structures.

“We are mindful that areas such as Chongwe have the hard-to-reach areas and mobility of our officials as they mobilize the Party can be a huge challenge. In this spirit, the Patriotic Front is handing over 120 Bicycles to Chongwe Constituency to be used for Party mobilization by the structures. Chongwe is only the starting point and we shall move from constituency to constituency to equip our structures with basic tools critical for mobilization of the Party.

“With these Bicycles, the Secretariat expects the Party in Chongwe to perform even better and recruit more and more people to join the Boat – the Patriotic Front. With these Bicycles, reach the unreached and convert those from other political parties to join the Patriotic Front. While other political parties offer mere promises, the Patriotic Front is delivering on its promises to the Zambian people.

“I have also brought you the Patriotic Front Calendars for 2018 for the district,” stated Mr. Mwila.

He also donated a total number of 37,440 exercise books to be distributed to school-going children in Chongwe.

“As a Party for the poor Zambians, we will continue to share the burden of educating Children by way of contributing to the donation of exercise books. As schools reopen on 22nd January, 2018, we also understand that our people, the Zambian people, will be sending their Children to school. Some of our people may have a challenge to meet all the school requirements and as a pro-poor party that believes in education to be the equalizer, we are donating a total number of 37,440 exercise books to be distributed to school-going children in Chongwe. The Patriotic Front wants to share in the burden of families educating their children.”

Furthermore, the Secretary General directed the ruling party officials to get a copy of the party manifesto in order to seriously monitor how government ministries were implementing the party policies.

He implored the ruling party’s Committee on Agriculture to be more active in order to improve on the efficiency of the E-Voucher in the agriculture sector.

“I am directing all party officials to get a copy of the party manifesto so that we can monitor how ministries are implementing our policies. As an example, our chairperson for Agriculture Hon Given Lubinda’s Committee should become more active so that we improve on the efficiency of interventions such as the e-Voucher in the agriculture sector.

“We must make sure the ministry such as agriculture implements our party policies to the latter,” Mr Mwila said.

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  1. Guys its time to work and wasting money and missing GRZ resources for the party, its not campaign time , what kind of leadership do we have as a country who cannot think or have no direction . Using Smart Zambia principles you donot need to , this is a waste of resources .Shame shame

    • Ba SG do you realise that this works out to exactly 2 districts per week starting today! This is not only ambitious but a pipe dream considering that the President has to attend to equally a tight schedule for the State and GRZ. I reckon you meant the entire Central Committee and national Council, eh?

  2. Indeed the PF govt is a pro-poor one. Over 37000 ECL branded books and calenders have been given to chongwe district to lighten the burden to parents. Chongwe has been hit by a severe drought which shall be the worst of its kind this year. Our govt will certainly provide PF branded relief maize to every household every month until the drought is over. Secondly PF will provide branded water for both humans and animals as the only water source Chongwe river will dry out by May. VIVA PF

  3. The president is used to travelling. How can he attend to office work if he can go for picnic in 110 districts? I think its a way of runing away from the office because the office may be too big and no idea about what to do in there. Party mobilization should be left to cadres like Davies Mwaila who has nothing to do.

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