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University of Zambia and the Copperbelt University will remain closed due to poor sanitary conditions

General News University of Zambia and the Copperbelt University will remain closed due to...

Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo
Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo
Minister of Higher Education, Nkandu Luo says the University of Zambia and the Copperbelt University will remain closed due to poor sanitary conditions until they are certified safe to open by qualified public health officers.

Prof. Luo said government wants to ensure that the two institutions are safe for the students before they can be opened.

She however said government is taking the opening of the two institutions as an urgent matter because further delay in opening is denying the institutions from catching up with their academic calendar.

Speaking after touring sanitation facilities at the Copperbelt University today, Prof. Luo said a lot of work still needs to be done at the institution despite some of the facilities being ready.

And commending on demands by Copperbelt University Students Union leaders that the institution should open immediately, Prof. Luo said COBUSU has no qualification in Public Health to declare CBU safe to open.

She stated that it was important for people to realize that life is important and to stop looking at things at a personal but national level.

“It just takes one student to bring Cholera and the disease would affect the thousands of students at the institution,” she said.

Prof. Luo reiterated that she will allow squatting at the two public universities but the two institutions will instead work on modalities to increase the bed spaces for students.

She pointed out that squatting is illegal and that it was overloading the existing sanitation facilities that that are meant for only a few students.

And Prof Luo disclosed that students will be given the Cholera vaccine as they open so that they will be protected from the disease.

The University of Zambia and the Copperbelt University have not be been allowed to open as schools open on Monday next week due to poor sanitary conditions.

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  1. Patriotic Front cholera ,its a shame we don’t have the excuse of war like Yemen. Lakini ni hawa mabemba wavivu wameleta cholera.

    • 7 years in power and Mr.Nkandu Luo is not taking responsibility of her appalling record. The poor sanitation at learning institutions squarely lies on Edgar Lungu and his corrupt ansd inept PF govt

    • Why even give this woman or MAN credit she does not deserve to called a minister when she should not be. This Man Nkandu Luo is a fake minister like Jonathan who is also a fake President. These are the people bringing cholera because they are occupying position they shouldn’t. The woman/man Mwanakatwe and Lungu should bow out and not cling on.

    • Sometimes it is just good to admit you don’t have adequate finances this is non.sensical reasoning madam Luo just how many lies will PF…..the sanitary conditions in most schools, colleges and Universities have always been poor stop being s.illy madam…..

  2. With the way people live in Chipata,Matero or Chibolya ,believe me when I say the deplorable state at CBU might be a step up for many hence their indifference.

  3. What about Robert Makasa University? It’s a new school and there was no cholera, why did you close it and will it also remain closed? There should be clarity in your statements. Or has it been affected by the stand off between Naison Ngoma and lecturers?

  4. Please don’t open CBU now, students and lecturers are a nuisance and have become UPNDee cadres. Teach them a lesson Prof iron lady Luo and Prof Ngoma. They should mess up with boma. CBU shouldn’t be a political battle ground.

    • Iwe Kuwama, why should u see politics in everything people oppose. You don’t understand the situation at CBU so just keep quiet

    • Who are you Kuwama? Real Zambians dont care which party is ruling or which is in opposition. A real Zambian will fight for his own life either the hard way or the easy way. You should keep quiet if you dont have what to utter when national matters are being addressed. Try always to contribute to a solution.

  5. What is wrong with Luo ? She takes issues at CBU and UNZA personal.Has she been waiting for the cholera outbreak to adress sanitation issues at UNZA and CBU which are a result of poor government funding and bad managements at these institutions ? She does not tell us what she is doing about poor sanitation at these important national institutions but only insists that they remain closed,obviously more for political and personal reasons than sanitation.Minister, work on sanitation and open the institutions immediately!

  6. Correct measure professor. Most of the University students come from poor families. Most poor families live in the Cholera epicentres with Kanyama and John L having the highest number of students going to CBU and UNZA. They wont say the come from these compounds when they are at the institutions. They will get on a bus going to Kabulonga but disembark midway and walk to Kanyama and John L.

  7. All these under performing ministers in a reactive govt…why is this woman still being called a minister and still allowed to illegally use GRZ resources??

  8. Like I always say. Tribalists have nothing to offer but insults. From the first comment upto the one below just insults. Who can put such vulgar 1diots in state house.

  9. This is more political than cholera now maybe the government doesn’t have money for bursaries it’s more suspicious now!!!

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