The Commonwealth Lawyers Association has announced that the Law Association of Zambia has won the bid to host the 21st Commonwealth Law Conference.

The Commonwealth Law Conference is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association and is held every two years, usually in a member state of the Commonwealth.

The conference brings together 1,000+ international lawyers and judiciary with specialisations ranging from Corporate to Human Rights in a programme running over four days.

The well-known international conference provides an opportunity for lawyers from around the globe to meet and discuss topics of mutual interest and hear from expert speakers on a variety of legal topics.

CLA President Mr R. Santhanakrishnan said “CLA are delighted to be bringing the conference to Zambia in conjunction with the Law Association of Zambia and I am confident this will be an extremely popular destination for our membership. I look forward to welcoming you all to the conference in April 2019.”

The Law Association of Zambia is one of the CLA’s oldest institutional members.

The Law Association of Zambia was involved in the transformation of the Commonwealth Legal Bureau to the Commonwealth Lawyers Association in 1986.

In 1990 Dr Rodger Chongwe SC became the first Zambian President of the CLA.

The LAZ President Linda Kasonde said “The Law Association of Zambia is delighted to have been selected for the opportunity to host this prestigious conference. Delegates to the conference can expect warm Zambian hospitality, a magnificent setting and a truly world class conference!”

The conference will be held in Livingstone, Zambia, on the doorstep of the magnificent Victoria Falls, from 14-18 April, 2019.

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  1. Let the conference be held in Vic Falls Town or Mfuwe as the delegates risk being infected with cholera by UPNDee in their stronghold to embarrass and sabotage the hard working government of ECL.


  2. Good work Linda Kasonde. Its not about where the conference will be held but the content. Outcomes and Outputs. Please ensure the agenda addresses some of the prevalent African legal issues and include achievement of any goals you set. There is a good host/hostess and a bad host/hostess so please make sure you deliver. Kudo’s to you. We will be watching this space.


  3. Good day,

    Gold Gates event coordinating is expressing interest in coordinating the event, on transport and activities.



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