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PF cadres attack Kambwili’s supporters at Central Police as he was arrested

Headlines PF cadres attack Kambwili's supporters at Central Police as he was arrested

NDC Supporters escoting Kambwili to the Police station

Youths from the ruling Patriotic Front this morning attacked National Democratic Congress supporters who thronged Lusaka Central Police to offer solidarity to Chishimba Kambwili who is appearing before the anti-fraud unit for questioning.

And Police have arrested and charged Mr. Kambwili with three counts of Forgery, uttering false documents and presenting a false document to a public officer.

Mr. Kambwili who is also Roan PF Member of Parliament and NDC Consultant arrived at 10:00 hours in the the company of his Secretary General Mwenya Musenge and they were quickly ushered into the interrogation room.

NDC cadres remained outside the station chanting anti-PF slogans, with one of the cadres carrying a mattress for Mr. Kambwili in anticipation that Mr Kambwili will be arrested and detained.

Police had to fire teargas canisters to disperse the NDC supporters.

About 30 minutes later, however, some machete-carrying PF cadres arrived on the scene and attacked their opponents, injuring about four NDC cadres in the process; one of whom was badly hurt on the forehead and had to be rushed to the hospital by an emergency vehicle from Levy Mall.

A security guard at Levy Mall was also caught up in the attack and has been injured

By time of publishing, Mr. Kambwili has been detained but his lawyers are currently organizing bond.

And in a brief interview at the police station, Mr Kambwili said he is not scared of President Edgar Lungu ‘s arbitrary arrests of opposition leaders.

Mr. Kambwili described President Lungu as a brutal coward who was using police to intimidate innocent souls.

Earlier police refused Mr. Kambwili to carry with him a mattress to the police cells.

NDC Supporters escoting Kambwili to the Police station
NDC Supporters escoting Kambwili to the Police station


    • Tayali reported this buffoon and he is busy vesting his anger on an innocent person. Don’t politicise what you brought about yourself. Kiki. Hippo tears.

    • @Nostradamus
      Am going to Switzerland to pick your cousin Johnson bwalya, I hear he is homeless , I will call you. Please keep an eye on what is happening to kambwili. Bye let me rush,

    • Doesn’t he know that there is lice, bed bugs and other vermin in those unclean cells. Those blankets and mattresses will just take these insects to his house. As for those youths, it’s unnecessary to behave the way they did.

    • @Jay Jay. Bully the bullies – they don’t like it and in most cases it stops them and they chicken out.

    • When you cry corruption in our country, you get arrested.

      Well, we may perhaps ignore that because the thinking around is that if you seek justice, come with clean hands. If you were involved in some impropriety yourself, don’t point fingers at others.
      Or to put it biblically, those that have not sinned, let them throw the first stones, or let the sinner free but he should sin no more. Yes no more; but do we have that assurance?

      That aside, the concern here is that the ruling party cadre have the audacity to walk in a police station carrying dangerous weapons to commit a crime of hacking another citizen without fear of arrest or second thought and no arrests or comments from the Home Ministry. This is worrying.

      Lawlessness should not be condoned regardless of who is involved;…

    • Next it will be Koswe mumpoto Lungu to arrested and charged with constitional breaches and theft by a public servant.

    • Sometimes i think we should not complain against PF cadres.Even if we complain nobody listens.Look at it differently with the hunger and frustrations looming let us just encourage them to continue and sit back and watch them dessimate their party.In this hunger who wants this type of politics?

  1. What goes around comes around indeed. See what you were doing to HH is now happening to you. Next is Lungu and Ka tayali don’t say we did not warn you.

  2. PAIPA PANO….KEKEKEKEKEKE!! dance pelete Kambwili!!soon you shall know that African politics are dirt!!the same PF cadres who used to praise you on daily basis are today your enemies-cheers!!!
    You commited an offence by creating a fake firm and gave yourself huge contracts.so corruption you sing about is now catching up with you!!

    • More trouble for Zimbabwe’s former Police Commissioner-General
      WOES continue to mount on retired Police Commissioner-General, Augustine Chihuri, who now faces a possible criminal case of abuse of office and corruption.
      Former police officer Tafadzwa Gambiza, fired from the force after refusing to cast his ballot in front of his commanders, has opened a case of corruption against Chihuri, demanding that he be brought before the courts.
      The case, reported at Kwekwe Central Police Station and captured under RRB number 3284257, was made before Chihuri was fired.
      Gambiza accuses Chihuri of illegally printing fake spot fine books which were not prescribed at law and converting the money to his own use, paying his top officers and abusing his position for self-enrichment.
      “The accused…

    • “The accused designed his private national deposit fine schedules illegally usurping the mandate of the Ministry of Justice, instead of issuing motorists with Z69J tickets as prescribed. He used police printers to print own tickets, which was both illegal and corrupt,” wrote Gambiza in his statement to the police.
      Chihuri is accused of pushing the police to fundraise for money which he allegedly used to build homes in leafy suburbs.
      “The offence of not having red rear reflectors, for instance, is covered by Chapter 13:11 section 37(1) of the Road Traffic Act and was $5 fine, but Chihuri gave an illegal instruction to have his officers charge $20,” he wrote.
      “Further, Chihuri, through his fake ticket books, violated the law by remitting all spot fines to the director of finance at…

    • Continued;
      “Further, Chihuri, through his fake ticket books, violated the law by remitting all spot fines to the director of finance at Police General Headquarters, when this issue of admission of guilt is provided in Chapter 9:07 section 356 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act and the Zimbabwe Republic Police standing orders volume 1,” Gambiza said.
      The Act specifies that Z69J tickets for spot fines have the original white copy and be remitted to the clerk of court together with deposit fines.
      Gambiza said he was aware that the matter had Cabinet approval and was debated in Parliament, but this did not make it law and Chihuri, as a law enforcer, was supposed to be competent enough not to implement illegal decisions.


  4. Kambwili was in opposition and knows how to be arrested therefore he can’t be intimidated.Banda Rupiah tried this and it failed.Lungu will be jailed in 2021 also.Why can’t he arrest pipo like abena kampyongo?He is eating with them.Does the police arrest pipo in govt?Kaizer Zulu can beat anyone but police has never arrested him.who can trust use–l–es-s police?We know that these champs like education nowonder they are told want to do.Fikopo fi kapokolathey are used like ifyakufwala.Can be soldiers used like ba police nooooooooooo bcoz even lungu is scared of the army.police will never have respect in zambia due to corruption period.leave kambwili alone imwe ba koswe mupoto.chilufya Tayali will be beaten –mwaice– ukutupa

  5. The charges mean that Police have sufficient evidence and witnesses. Tayali will drive the last nail on the coffin.

    • No,the charges are just to intimidate him. When the case comes to court there will be no evidence and another NOLLE!

      This is just another political persecution to stop evidence of LUNGUs corruption coming out!

  6. MOSCOW.

  7. Whatever is happening to CK i wouldn’t careless personally but the behaviour of PF cadres here, come on.. If people can be attacked at a police station, what more outside the presence of police! In broad daylight cadres moving with machetes really PF? Wheres the humble kateka to tame his followers clearly that SG is utterly incompetent. How many of the machete carrying cadres have been arrested?? 2021 is just too long to continue under childish/immature leaders failing to provide direction to the nation



  9. It was expected, since he talk about how they single sourced the digital migration contract for an exorbitant $270,000,000

    • Liar. This case has been dragging on for months. Some of us even forgot about it. Everyone who has stolen will not hide in politics. EVERYONE ruling or opposing.

  10. What baffles me is the passion their supporters have for these guys?!? Machetes, running around and they look pretty hungry. And the guys they support? Grown fat on fresh air!

  11. Ba LT you’re showing a picture of NDC supporters escorting their consultant, but no pictures of the fracas or of the injured cadres. Or maybe you want to manufacture these pictures.

  12. This is where lungu is a disgrace…..how can PF caders be allowed to wield pangas at a police station and attack others ???

    Lungu completely accepts and encourages this PF lawlessness through kapoyongo ……this will be the next battlefields , PF and the police against NDC after brutallising UNPD Even at funerals while police watched..

    • You want Lungu to be on site to control cadres? Cadres a breed of their own. We had them in KK, FTJ, Rupiah, Sata etc. Levy wanted to get rid of them and fired people like Mutisa as DC only to realize that such are the people that bring votes. He brought him back and caderism was back.

    • It seems it has become a norm for PF supporters to carry pangas and use them violently without any recrimination from their leaders. And even for the ordinary Zambian it seems we have accepted this form of barbarism. I have been a defender of human rights, rule of law and true democracy where the people have a voice. But as long as we have this kind of leadership in our nation, I am losing hope for a bright future for our children and their children.. Really sad.

  13. Hahaha…..Ichilema must forget ever stepping foot in State House. Two hungry and injured bafoons will be fighting each other come 2021. Kambwili does not believe anyone can lead him neither Ichilema, the results its up to you to deduce! So who will come in second place between NDC and UPND? Wapya mune!

  14. @vuyo
    we know that you’re belong to that tribe party and u don’t like chishimba kamwbwili.We PF members know that if it was not for Kambwili lungu would have lost elections.Lungu can’t express himself well.he was lucky to have abena kalaba and kambwili.come 2021 u’ll see Cb,luapula,northern,muchinga,parts of central and lusaka won’t vote for Lungu.Lungu will follow Rb’s path.Don’t play with fire.We are very disappointed with Lungu .Akepushe RB.Why should he stand in 2021?he should leave the seat for others period.PF would not have been detroyed if lungu couldn’t show interest for 2021 elections.He is so selfish pretending to be humble.The man is too corrupt.Ni koswe mupoto mukwai.Ifwe nomba NDC

    • hehehehehe

      OP when we were telling you lungu is corrupt you called us bitter ? What has changed , are you following a bemba grouping to NDC ??

  15. Lungu should know that NDC is not a party of cowards.Most NDC members were PF members.let him ask abana kopala.We fight battles.Chacha we fought?history will tell.NDC has come n will form govt in 2021.Nacipwa boi.nauvudula northern part of Zambia lungu.U have insulted Sata too much n u gonna c come 2021.RB thought he was in control but he cried n u gonna cry also.

    • If he committed an offense he must answer. As for NDC it’s not involved in the case and in case Kambwili is still PF technically.

  16. This is a case which was reported by a citizen,We nave to wait for the outcome from the court not to bring in the president .you where alone when commenting the said forgery

    • @ Lisa
      Kambwili doesn’t originate from Northern or Luapula Province, He is from Central African Republic (CAR). Do your research.

  17. Whoever gathered those people must be made to answer for disobeying the SI on cholera. Small minds still think political muscle is in taking hordes of goons to public places such as police and courts, and some retards register their presence with machetes. Grow up and get a life, Mwamona Engineering made money when they uprooted railway lines and sold as scrap.

  18. This fat bas turd was part of the hooligan ministers who were grooming violent youths and now they are a monster we can’t contain

  19. Kambwili should be the last person to complain about his arrest. He took sadistic delight in seeing opposition leaders in trouble when he was a government minister. He held a press conference yesterday in anticipation of what was going to happen to him, thinking that people would sympathise with him when he was arrested. From the comments above, it is clear that very few sympathise with him because of what he did when he was a minister. Let the law take its course. No one is above the law. As someone has stated elsewhere, Kambwili’s greatest enemy is his mouth.

  20. The fact that a person may have been ‘eating’ with the people he left, is not justification for using the state apparatus for personal vendettas or pursuits. This Tayali case appears weak and something that can initially be pursued through a civil procedure – deal with the companies registry and its procedures first. It is good to report corrupt practices (though with an impotent and corrupt ACC, no big fish cases of those serving, are taken up) but it is also legitimate in this case to question Tayali’s interest. There is a saying that, “If a little bird continues to dance in the middle of the path in front of you, then you must know that its drummers are in the nearby bush”.

  21. I have told you that PF is a violent party; This is the reason I don’t like PF; Does Lungu want the UN to tell him to bring in soldiers to stop PF cadres thuggery or what; Zambians should unite and remove Lungu in 2021 because the man has failed to lead Zambia because he has become a captive to the people around him; he has failed to fire Kaizer, Mwila and kanganja etc;

  22. You can do all the politics that you want in this country with civility and no-one will touch you. Reduce yourself to an insulter and the whole weight and wrath of the country will be on you. Remember both parties have civil rights.I don’t support violence but provoke me and insulted me you will see what my clan will do to you.
    Look at Tayali, he thinks you are a fraudster did he assault You? No he went to law enforcement agencies?

  23. Zambians come on,see why these politicians take us for a ride,why politicise everything,CK according to police and Tayali forged documents,let the law take it up,soon you will hear an opposition leader will be caught in adultery just because he is in opposition you guys you will defend and say he is being victimized. Let law breakers face the law, let’s not encourage these chaps to still from us cause of politics, let them pay let them not hide in the name of politics,law is law.

  24. If he is clean he will come out clean,Post was closed because of nkongole,we all have nkongole but we struggle to pay,who are they not to pay, you guys have been sympathetic to M’membe but the guy has not denied ever owing us that money but because of politics you say he is being victimized cause he is a strong critic to government,by not denying it to me it shows he owes us money let him pay, this I’ll mentality of shielding criminals will cost us one day. Let them learn a lesson that a crime is a crime no politics to crime, shielding criminals will encourage them to steal and break the law knowing well that you will sympathize with them.

  25. It is very strange how this case has unfolded. How does Tayali know so much about Kambwili’s dealings and registration of the said company when he does not work for any of the firms charged to dealing with such businesses. Tayali was simply given this information to report to the police by govt agents. It would be a different issue if Pacra officers reported the issue. Kambwili is therefore right to claim this issue is politically instigated. But I hope the cadres could be barred from showing up at the police stations or face arrest. We cannot have cadres disturbing peace and hacking others with machetes!

  26. Law is very clear: He is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Law enforcers should learn from HH’s case. He was arrested first then the police started fishing for evidence. This, we all later came to know, came to nothing but just embarrassment to the prosecutors in court when Mweemba took them on. History has a way of repeating itself. Watch this space.

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