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The University of Zambia (UNZA) Management says it has intensified its search for partners in constructing student’s hostels.

UNZA Registrar Sitali Wamundila said there is need to increase accommodation capacity due to the high demand of education in Zambia.

Mr. Wamundila said UNZA has taken a proactive role in expanding programs of its infrastructure hence, the need to engage in Public-Private Partnerships.

Speaking in a statement released to ZANIS today, Mr. Wamundila said private-public partnerships are cardinal for the university and that it will embark on expanding programs to all provincial centers across the country.

He said the university intends to construct world class accommodation for its students in a bid to improve the quality of education.

And Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, Emmanuel Mwamba said universities in Zambia should not wait on government to build hostels but should engage the private sector, so as to ensure that hostels are constructed in a short period of time.

He has urged the private sector to take advantage of student hostels construction initiatives as the idea is sustainable.

This is according to a press statement issued to ZANIS today, by First Secretary Press and Public Relations at the Zambia High Commission in South Africa Naomi Nyawali.

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  1. 42 million could have gone towards that development. All the money PF ministers including the president loot can go to this infrastructure but because thieves don’t seem to think is the reason we will remain backwards. They are busy buying Benz and building mansions with money for these projects and resort to begging for donations. Africans are cursed it seems because its the same thing with these people. When are we going to have a sensible government? When are we going to have sensible people in government? All crooks and when people criticize them, they get very upset because they have been exposed. A president who cries he will fire people yet so scared like a baby. When you hand a poor man a big role, they will first steal and steal then think of development last!


  2. Could UNZA explain how the hostels project initiated under the Levy Mwanawasa administration ostensibly for the All Africa Games stalled, and was subsequently abandoned, and how UNZA came to initiate a totally new project now under construction by Chinese contractors? Isn’t the issue of liquidated damages on the stalled project hurting the institution financially?


  3. Why do Zambian exegerate things ? “Build world class hostels?” What is world class hostels ? Hostels with Ensuite ? Just build them dormitories with bunker beds, stop wasting our time by telling us unrealist tales about world class hostels.



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