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Chipata Police arrest two brothers for stealing an ambulance belonging to Chipata Central Hospital

General News Chipata Police arrest two brothers for stealing an ambulance belonging to Chipata...

Ambulance Belonging to the Ministry of Health
Ambulance Belonging to the Ministry of Health

Police in Chipata are holding two men of Nabvutika Compound, for stealing an ambulance valued at 670,000 kwacha, property of government.

Eastern Province Police Deputy Commissioner Sharon Zulu has confirmed this to Breeze News on Thursday.

Ms. Zulu identified the two suspects as Nathan Phiri aged 29 years old and Jackson Phiri aged 24 years old, brothers residing in Nabvutika compound.

Ms. Zulu says the incident happened on Monday this week around 18:30 hours at Chipata Central Hospital.

She says that on the material day, the driver, Gideon Sakala aged 32 years, went to pick up a patient from Mwasemphangwe area.

Ms. Zulu says upon arrival at Chipata Central Hospital, the driver quickly left the motor vehicle’s engine running, and rushed the patient into the elevator, to be taken to the ward.

She says the driver discovered that the ambulance was missing when he went outside, to check on the vehicle.

She added that the driver was later informed by some people that the ambulance was driven out of the hospital premises heading into town.

The Deputy Police commissioner says the ambulance was spotted along the Great East Road before Referendum area, where the two suspects were apprehended.

Ms. Zulu says Nathan Phiri who stole the vehicle revealed that after stealing the vehicle, he went to pick up his young brother Jackson Phiri in Nabvutika compound and proceeded going to Lusaka.

She says the ambulance had a bicorn on it, and that it was difficult to stop it, stating that nobody can stop an ambulance because people think there is a critical patient inside.


    • It depends which school you at, if you both coming from navutika nanjala basic school, you think you the best until you meet a boy or girl from a technical school.

      I presume every boy and girl in navutika compound was just showing police the trails of an ambulance. Bwana:imwe simunaoneko ambulance? Kids:bwana yaenda kwa navutika.

    • The boys are not as dump as may think. I don’t think they made as obvious as the writer of the story has done. Probably the ambulance was destined for nearby Mozambique through Katete or Petatuke not Lusaka where it wouldn’t be traced or retrieved once sold.

  1. They anticipate a replacement with a $288,000 one, the one they stole was cheap and its presence could deny the rat eaters the new expensive one. Kikikiki! ifi bena Chipata kwena mafi yeka yeka.

  2. These names awe mwandini! You remember Lingo Phiri? What’s the problem with Ngonis sure ukwiba ambulance kikikikikikikiki

  3. Some names must be discarded “Nabvutika” this means all the people in that village will just be suffering hence reaching an extent of stealing an ambulance. In kafue,there is a place that was called “kabuchende” but people have rennounced the name hence it is called “Kalundu View”. Some names are attached to a curse.

  4. Ambulance baiba zoona? These are end times, Chipata people are not normal am sure they were taking them selves to chainama mental hospital..Ba muchime you will never cease to amaze me.

  5. The name is no longer Navutika. It is now NADALISIKA, meaning ” I have been blessed” Hope all the Bembas will keep quiet now.

  6. Surely anbulance and this confirms that Chipata people of the nineteen eighties were trustworthy and worth making friends. These days an Easterner can sell me to any bider. Do we have such records as stealing an ambulance?

  7. Your relatives almost died after drinking an overdose of Mvubwe they ended up at a cholera centre then you elect to steal an ambulance? No wonder Chainama is on Great East road

  8. In BOTSWANA, stealing from government cases do not go for long periods without getting concluded. Two weeks is more than enough for people who steal from the State.

  9. This is A syndicate pamodzi na driver for ambulance , how does one leave engine running? a driver is not responsible to carry a patient , him is just to drive drop patient not kunyamula mpaka mu ward VERY STRANGE

  10. Iwe Ka Nyirenda, tulelanda pakwiba and not soccer kikikikiki and ka Panda, yes there may be too monkey fools as you put it, better than imbeba shikabolala, sure sure imwe mwe Ba Ngoni stealing an ambulance mwapangwa shani kanshi? Kikikikikikiki.

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