Teaching Service Commission (TSC) chairperson Stanley
M’hango (second right) with Basic Education Teachers Union of Zambia
(BETUZ) senior trustee Jairos Banda join Kyawama High school music
teacher Cliff Nyimba ( r ) in dancing to the song entitled “Do not
kill” locally known in Kaonde as Kwipaya ne during the World Teachers
Day celebrations held at Solwezi Trades

Two teacher unions in Northern Province have welcomed plans by the Teaching Service Commission of Zambia to introduce breathalysers in schools.

The two unions said the move is a step in the right direction as it will enhance discipline among the teaching staff in the country.

Speaking in separate interviews with ZANIS in Kasama today, Basic Education Teachers Union of Zambia (BETUZ) regional financial director, Obby Chisala said the move will help make teachers become more responsible in the execution of their duties.

Mr. Chisala said teaching under the influence of alcohol is a serious abrogation of the teaching service conditions hence the need to stop the vice.

He added that this will also promote discipline among members of staff in the teaching fraternity.

He expressed confidence that the programme will further clear the names of some teachers who are usually accused of being drunkards in different schools.

And Secondary School Teachers Union of Zambia (SESTUZ) regional deputy director for administration and organisation, Mushikanyimbo Musonda observed that the decision will bring sanity and enable teachers receive the respect they deserve from the community.

Mr. Musonda stated that the programme also has potential to enable teachers restore their lost image in society.

He further called for professionalism in undertaking the inspection exercise by whoever will be given such responsibilities.

Yesterday, Teaching Service Commission of Zambia chairperson Stanley Mhango announced that the commission will soon start conducting inspections of alcoholism in schools in order to know teachers who were in a habit of reporting for work in a drunken state.

Mr. Mhango said the inspection will done using gadgets called breathalyser.

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  1. This should also be extended to Members of Parliament. The level of debating and reasoning in Zambian Parliament leaves much be desired.


  2. The mines maintain a zero tolerance policy on alcohol. Whatever levels is found in an employee will lead to instant dismissal and any appeal there after lodged by the affected employee will just be a mere fulfilment of the disciplinary procedure. This should apply to professions if we’re to bring sanity to the nation.


    • All the Miners, Suppliers and Contractors included, know that if you are found to be working under the influence of alcohol or you are trying to access their premises when drunk, then you are gone!


  3. How will this be done? Cause I feel if you are saying they should never drink outside, I feel that wont be appropriate cause thats personal. I suggest testing them before times they need to execute duties.



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