Northern Province Police Commissioner Richard Mweene has condemned the vice of spouse killing which he said has become rampant in the region.

Mr. Mweene said it was unfortunate that spouses have resorted to killing each other because of marital disputes instead of resolving such differences amicably.

He said the trend is worrying because it is leaving many children orphaned.

Mr. Mweene has since appealed to couples to engage marriage counsellors in settling their marital problems rather than resorting to killing each other.

Mr Richard Mweene Commissioner of Police Northern Province
Mr Richard Mweene Commissioner of Police Northern Province

He noted that if couples fail to co-exist, it was better to separate stating that no one has a right to take the life of another person.

He was commenting on two recent cases where a Mpulungu woman killed her husband whilst another man of Chilubi district killed his wife.

Mr. Mweene added that the case where a Kasama businessman last week shot his wife before turning the gun on himself following a marital problem was also worrying.

And Mr. Mweene said the media has a critical role to play in fighting the scourge of gender based violence and spouse killing.

He said this was because the media plays an active role in informing and educating the public on various issues.

Mr. Mweene noted that a holistic measure is required in order to enforce the fight against the scourge that is depriving children of their parents and leaving them languishing.

He has since called on the church and various stakeholder to equally come on board and help fight the vice.

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  1. It is only worrying when couples are killing each other and not when PF cadres are attacking the opposition with machetes in full view of the police?. There is too much lawlessness among PF cadres which you (The police) ought to condem strongly, but you have opted to remain quiet.
    Come out strongly and condem political parties especially PF cadres against violence and please go further don’t just condem but make arrest.


    • I think your comment is misplaced here and out of line. The article is talking about a social problem of spouse killings which involves everyone


    • @ Avocado, what do you expect from UPND sycophants always attacking the Government thinking their Supreme leader HH will win votes but little do they realise that the more they insult the more the majority of Zambians hate their Supreme leader…


    • With such mentality you wonder if the opposition members are normal. Why’s it that you see everything in terms of politics? Give comment relevant to the subject. Imwe no munani ngawasasa ni PF ya causiga.


  2. Today’s marriages are not based on deep rooted trust. We see people having lavish weddings so that people can see them but without preparing for the aftermath.


  3. It’s sad that people are not being realistically to issues let’s forget about politics when it comes to real life that affects everyone Zambia is not for upnd or pf these are political parties that come and go gender based violence is criminal justice should prevail abash you useless cadars we want a Zambia of all zambians



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