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Sudan reveal how they beat Zambia

Sports Sudan reveal how they beat Zambia

Sudan coach Zdravko Logarusic has disclosed that his side managed to beat Zambia after he noticed that Chipolopolo would eventually lose momentum after playing three tough games.

Sudan ended Zambia’s2018 CHAN hopes after beating a lethargic Chipolopolo 1-0 in a quarterfinal match in Marrakech on Saturday evening.

Zambia came into their last eight contest after grinding out results in Group B after beating Uganda 3-1 and Cote d’Ivoire 2-0 before labouring to a 1-1 draw with Namibia who also made a quarterfinal exit.

“I had a small feeling that after Zambia had played three good games and they keep upping the tempo, fatigue may have hit them but we got one chance and scored,”Logarusic said.

“Against Morocco we did not have a lot of possession but against Zambia we played football on the floor. “
Maki Saifeldin punished John Mwengani for some poor defending in the 32nd minute to score the game’s lone goal.

“We knew they were a bit slow at the back and we waited for that luck punch and it came. That is we did with long balls and kept looking,” Logarusic said.

“If they had scored a goal, they could have won or it could have been a draw for 120 minutes.”


  1. I have always told people that spending on international football in Zambia is a waste of resources but people are adamant, can you eat football results? Channel the money from football to sensible projects such as improving the face of schools, health centres and improving course delivery in colleges through purchase of state of the art equipment. Build more colleges and improve existing ones. There is no profit in football its just a loss. Anyway only a few people think straight and I know government will continue pouring money on a bottomless pit of international football. May be this is what constitutes of the DNA of African countries, reverse thinking hence the acceleration in degeneration.

    • Even Spain had to wait for more than 50 years before they won any trophy there was no point at which they stopped spending on their National team.

  2. Water under the bridge. Lusaka is under siege of cholera. Let them just come back and help the soldiers clean up the capital city.

  3. The thing is you are all angry and burning with wrath please calm down folks the loss is painful but it is not the end of the road. For me I would state frankly that Wada is not bad all he needs is support from both Fans and FAZ. Whilst I agree that there were very talented players like Fwayo, CCC etc who were left behind, the thing is some players lack consistence and discipline. Our National Team need to be built around players with strong personalities, morals and skills, players who can follow the Coach’s instructions this is what made the U20 successful.
    In as much as we might think the omitted players like CCC are pivotal to our success they also are very detrimental in a long run as their behaviours cleaves as a cancer to the young players so the time to change the mentality is…

  4. …… now its better to mourn now whilst breading a myriad of mentors than celebrate with a bunch of disciplined rascals.
    Our Players mindsets towards winning and patriotism as a whole should change! what am I saying; if a player becomes an icon He/She ceases to be their own their glory is public and shared for example if AKM scored a brace and Chipolopolo won yesterday the Glory was going to be for Zambians the same if He was signed by an European big Club his prowess would be shared by Zambians and the whole Africa. This principal, Kalaba, does not understand! I may say that maybe only Chris Katongo understood it. Wada I feel understands this principal also, it takes time to enshrine this principal into Players and I am happy to state that P Daka understands fully this principal as…

  5. …… you could hear it from his statement when He won the award of the Young African Player of the Year, the boy is wise no wonder He survived the insults from the “fire cracker” bloggers on this site.

  6. Really laughable ..this Croatian has truly exposed Chipolopolo….FAZ best thing to do is give him a call and ask him how much he is worth per month give him the job.
    Please also get a kit sponsor …stop pretending to make knock off jerseys!!

  7. What do you expect when you prepare by playing clubs instead of national teams? It’s very simple, if the team fails to qualify for AFCON, the coach should be fired & the FAZ executive should step down. For those critical of Kalu & Renard, you look foolish now.

  8. What do you expect when you prepare by playing clubs instead of national teams? It’s very simple, if the team fails to qualify for AFCON, the coach should be fired & the FAZ executive should step down. For those critical of Kalu & Renard, what can you say now?

  9. Let us not celebrate mediocre football. To win, you need a combination of skill, team work, strategy and mental strength. We had none, but chipante-pante!

    • 1. Wada did not rest some important players as this team had the capability of beating even morocco as the Moroccan coach did not want to play Zambia in the quarter finals.
      2. Most of our players are too old as soccer now is a combination of pace and skill.
      3. There is one thing that is up sent in most of our Chipos team aggression and hunger for victory like what Bafana Bafana has! The Chipos must be given a vaccine for this third point believe you me they will qualify for the world cup with ease. Our Boys give up so easily you can even see it in their body language I wish all the U20 Boys were promoted to the senior team, those boys had it!

  10. I predicted a win for Sudan albeit 2/1. Zambia’s exist was written on the wall. No plan B when long balls don’t work. Thank you Wada. You did your best but unfortunately you don’t have it in you to take Zambian football beyond this.

  11. They knew we had no midfield. Pur strength in the three previous games wsd via the wings and all they did was to shut us on the wings.

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