Shibuyunji Acting District Commissioner,Joseph Kamana confers with Assistant Director Information and Communication,Coreen Mvula(M) during the tour of Shibuyunji District to check on Improved infrastructure
District Commissioner,Joseph Kamana
Kafue District Commissioner Joseph Kamana has refuted media reports suggesting that he has banned churches from congregating at Shikoswe combined school.

Mr. Kamana said churches congregating at the said school have only been asked to observe cholera preventive measures and not banned from assembling there.

He said the church plays an important role in society hence there was no reason to stop congregants from carrying out their worship services.

He has since urged the church to continue supporting government’s efforts towards enhancing development in the country.

Mr. Kamana was reacting to reports in some sections of the media that he has stopped churches from congregating at the school,

And Shikoswe Combined School Headmaster Kolase Mvula said about 15 different churches congregate at the said institution on Sunday.

Mrs. Mvula has meanwhile confirmed that no church grouping has been banned from congregating at the school.

She said churches have only been asked to maintain high standards of hygiene while conducting their services at the school because of the outbreak of cholera.

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    • You don’t need to refute because most of the schools are very dirty and the churches contribute towards this dirtiness.In fact, they are supposed to have their own premises not depending on the schools.So bwana DC, don’t apologise to such churches.


  1. Misinformation is now normal. However if the premises are not clean, then it’s just right to stop using them until they’ve been cleaned.



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