(FDD) vice president Chifumu Banda(FDD) vice president Chifumu Banda
(FDD) vice president Chifumu Banda

The opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) says it is not aware that spokesperson and Deputy National Secretary Antonio Mwanza joined the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

FDD Vice President Chifumu Banda said in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today that Mr. Mwanza is still their member.

Mr. Banda said his party has not been officially communicated to about Mr. Mwanza‘s defection to the ruling PF.

“When did Mr. Mwanza join PF? As FDD, we’re not aware of his move as he is still our member,” the FDD Veep said.

Mr. Banda stated that he only heard of Mr. Mwanza’s defection in the press.

The FDD Veep noted that his party led by President Edith Nawakwi is an attractive political party that is growing, receiving and embracing new members from other political parties on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza said the ruling PF is the only capable political party that serves the interests of the Zambian people and not the opposition.

Mr. Mwanza who last week defected from FDD said the party is finished and appealed to them to stop living in denial.

He charged that more people will join the ruling party because of its visionary leader.

And Mr. Mwanza who last evening featured on the Sunday Interview programme stated that he wanted to work with progressive people.

“My conscience is clear to join PF and I can assure you that more members will defect from FDD to the ruling PF,” Mr. Mwanza said.

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  1. Just wish him well, don’t look desperate. Like your President said, you can easily find someone to replace him.


  2. Circus!! The President, Nawakwi acknowledged and condemed the defection but her Vice claims ignorance. How can one entrust such people with running national affairs?


    • Lawyers need documentary evidence of resignation. PF should be careful, maybe the guy is an undercover canyon.


  3. Chifumu Banda you make my day sir! Antonio Mwanza is in fact now officially the deputy mmedia for PF. Anyway we understand the confusion surrounding the opposition, some are accusing President Lungu of having privatised our assets in fact it’s written in black and white white it’s them who mismanaged and looted before Zambians woke up.
    Is Chifumu Banad aware of Nawakwi’s complaints that everyone in FDD look to her for funding? Woke up bakalamba and get on the boat!


  4. He accompanied lungu on his tour of Muchinga province. He had so unkind words for your sort, where have you been???


    • I suspect the guy is sick. Very few survive with their full faculties after resigning from Catholic vows.


  5. Bambo aBanda, It doesn’t matter if you are not, but we are aware
    of his current political home as an interested electorate.


  6. Comment: Be up to date Mr Banda or comment appropriately after consultations with your media personnel else people will think Antonio has a point.


  7. If you want to know the whereabouts of Frank ask the man with the BRILLIANT plan. His informers should have briefed him.



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