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HH vows to reverse sale of NRDC, ZNBC and other state assets sold by PF when he becomes President

Headlines HH vows to reverse sale of NRDC, ZNBC and other state assets...

HH at the media briefing flanked by Mike Mulongoti and Charles Milupi
HH at the media briefing flanked by Mike Mulongoti and Charles Milupi

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has vowed that the UPND will revisit the sale of state assets such as NRDC and ZNBC once in government.

In a statement, Mr Hichilema reiterated that as UPND in government, they shall revisit and fully investigate all these agreements.

He has also warned all those doing shoddy deals shrouded in corruption that these will be corrected for the benefit of the Zambian people, especially youths and women.

“While the nation slept, PF signed an MOU with AVIC International for the “development” of the Natural Resources Development College (NRDC) land. An MOU whose details their own Permanent Secretary, Julius Shawa, could not explain to the public in a concise manner other than giving generalities about its content,” he stated.

Mr Hichilema added, “and this has been the case with all other shoddy deals shrouded in corruption such as the ZNBC and Topstar, road construction projects and infrastructure contracts in the country. We maintain that the PF leadership has mortgaged this country and if the citizens of Zambia are not alert to stop the rot, in a few years’ time Zambia will be annexed to another foreign country. ”

He said NRDC is a government-owned institution like many others, that has suffered years of neglect.

“Instead of finding a partner that could rehabilitate and modernise this institution which is critical to our agricultural development, they decide to sell it to a foreign firm linked to road construction projects in the country as well as alleged links to construction of personal properties for very senior serving PF government officials,” Mr Hichilema said.

“In a normal government that cares, NRDC Great East Road campus needed to be modernised and expanded to be the bedrock of the much parroted economic diversification programme. Under UPND, we shall find an agriculture related strategic partner who will transform the institution into an agricultural diversification and value addition training centre dotted in many parts of the country,” he said.

“We will ensure NRDC is reconfigured to ensure that its clients are not only school leavers but the host of neglected Zambian farmers who are hungry for knowledge to graduate from mere producers to manufacturers. For example, farmers who do not only want to produce groundnuts, but making peanut butter, not just producing raw cotton but produce yarn, not only produce sunflower but make sunflower oil.”

The UPND leader said sadly PF will never have the brain to implement this around this kind of business model to take advantage of NRDC’s strategic location to make it semi-autonomous and self-sustaining.

“Such a pivot in thinking would have benefited NRDC two fold vis-a-vis; value-added products being supplied to the many retail chains in Zambia, while training those interested in agribusiness,” he said.

“At this rate, while we sleep, PF would have sold the University of Zambia, Copperbelt University, Evelyn Hone College and other strategic institutions in the country and turn them into shopping malls selling foreign products,” Mr Hichilema said.

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  1. Fantasy. Reversing whatever won’t put Bread on our tables. Please address the real issues. At independence Unip changed all colonial names to local ones but this didn’t improve our lot. The colonialist of which you collaborate with are still enjoying as before or even better. What about the parks? Have you realized you told a lie?

    • He is naive and believes in dictatorship if he thinks he can reverse legally purchased items just like that

      He is NOT fit for purpose

      Watch morons below think this is a good isea



    • Not bad, what a nice way of covering up one’s past wrongs of privatization scams. That’s exactly what PF did with Zamtel and we still don’t seem to learn a lesson. Can one really blame Trump for saying what he says about African Leadership?

    • If hungry Hyena manages to reverse all the this that government have privatized, he will be as broke has sh!t because this will include even the house that he currently live in.

    • 1).Livingstone based Sun Hotels will be reversed to the State as Livingstone Hotels.
      2). Lima bank reversed to the state,
      3). Roan Antelope reversed from the Binani/Hichilema cartel to ZCCM.
      4). Zambia Daily Produce Board, its stolen cattle and vast lands reversed from Amanita/ZamBeef to the State.
      Other than remorse and apologies, there can never be any better reparation to the thousands of the savagely robbed miners and their family who have died in droves without their dues only to be amassed by one criminal Glutton hallucinating to be rewarded with the Presidency.
      Thank God, sectarian wishes are not horses for the evil ones to ride.

    • HH, now you are talking…..keep up the momentum. Get your MPs also to start working. You have been dormant for a long time.

    • Yaba Oh yaba … kuti waseka bane!!! Ati we shall reverse them … this is a guy who has failed to grow even the privatization consulting fee he received. By 2006, the chap was liquid to the tune of $300,000,000. Forbes Magazine even wrote an article on him as a future billionaire to watch for.

      By 2018 his liquidity is just $75,000,000 … instead of going forward, he has actually lost much of his own wealth. I would not give the coffers of the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise to someone who has actually diminishing returns instead of growth.

      If this subreddit magium has failed to grow his ill gotten wealth, how is he going to superintend the whole enterprise? This another FTJ in waiting, just like FTJ … Womanizer In Chief, the chap is.

    • Further still … how do you aspire to be president when you have no clue that every government in the developed world uses eminent domain rules to enhance development?

      There is not corrupt about government coming up with the “best use” policy on land. Land is one commodity you will never recreate. Once taken, you can either improve it or demolish what currently sits on it.

      The “best use” policy allows authorities to see what is the biggest bang for the dollar and go for it. So, even you Mr. Ayatollah, we expect you to do the same when in GRZ otherwise, you ain’t worth your salt.

      Stop these lactogen tantrums … having lost 5 times, you should realized by now that they don’t work well for you … good luck, badala!!

    • As usual PF id1ots dont understand a thing at all.

      How do you sell a national broadcaster to foreigners?

      Sata and Chiluba decided to privatise the state assets .It a not HH s decision. At the time mines were being sold they were running at a loss because they were Unipised. All PF supporters are school dropouts who think supporting PF is the only way to survive.

      I m not surprised ZNBC is running at a loss because its PFised.

      I wholly support HH on this one. Its illogical to sell ZNBC to the Chinese.

      PF have sold ZNBC to chinese so Koswe mumpoto can chew all the licence money.

      Next PF will sell all our schools and hospitals including all government hospitals. But for what? Failed to run them ?

  2. That’s what happened with zamtel the government is now paying a lot of money to lap green. We need to find a better of dealing with issues like this to avoid paying money to investors. Remember that the Chinese will take take the government to court and l can assure you the government will lose and pay these Chinese a lot of money. Grow up hh and learn from the past.

    • Desperate situations require desperate actions. Many Zambians don’t even know what this NRDC is but that’s not to say it’s not an important institution. The government has explained it’s plans on the issue so what’s the problem? How come he didn’t advise the government against the sale of mines and yet the mines have more impact on the population many times than the college in question.

    • Mr. Ndanje, the sale of mines is odd, just learn to get off it.
      Do you know what was the government requirement when they were looking for a consultant to advise them on the privatization? The question was how well to privatize and it was not whether to or not to, that is the difference.Only a mad consultant would have advised contrary.

    • @ Kanene, maybe you don’t know that a group of Zambians had formed a consortium called Kafue and applied to buy Zccm as a whole but your socalled consultant thought otherwise and came up with terminologies such unbundling and sold it’s units piece meal.

    • @Ndanje, which is cheaper Wholesale or Retail? Of course from profit maximization perspective, it was beneficial for the government to sell unbundled. BTW unbundling is not a wild terminology, it is generally used in all types of acquisition or deposing. A good consultant will lay on the table both pros and cons with his own recommendation, its always up to the decision makers to decide on the recommendation. Unless you tell me you had buffoons in the governments that were incapable of making decisions. So if Hakainde was making those decisions, then he was really smart than the i.di.ots you had as ministers and President. Even the President was DOCILE, a cigar in one hand and a glass of wine in another, and let Hakainde make decisions for Zambia, right?

    • @Kanene the buyers who are Zambian had the capacity to pay for it. Let me tell you how the mines used to operate as one entity, if one mine had challenges, the employees were deployed to the other mines while their division was being repaired. That way there minimal job losses. Today since the mines are owned singly the only solution is to lay off workers should the mine come into problems. It’s happening.

    • Ndanje, that still doesn’t explain why you people blame Hakainde for that, and not FTJ or his living former Ministers.

    • @Kanene, are you HH’s lawyer? Besides l have never said that HH stole or didn’t steal so I don’t the relevance of your question.

    • KIKIKIKIKIKI !mbecile calling others “Scum bag”?
      You are piece of dog crap. Calling you “Scum bag” will be compliment to your fatherless upbringing

  3. Tales of Fantasy indeed. Why not start by reversing your personal offshore account to bring real investment back home instead of dodging national tax artfully?

    • This is a good one.Is he also to reverse the sale of mines he fatly beneficially facilitated.By the way, I can’t our GBM here, where was/ is he?I agree with some one who wrote here that upAndOWN will spend 75% of his time reversing certain decision apf has made, hopefully, the creation of some districts and the transfering of Chirundu to Lusaka Province!!AWe mwandi, kuloleshafye.Mwebantu cibi-eni, alikwi, elyo nafasa fulanci,ala lisakamiko ili!!!

  4. Sata’s copy cat has yapped again. HH needs to face the fact that he is not MCS and he will never be. He needs to build his own identity other than emulating Sata and hoping history will one day repeat itself.

  5. He is just day dreaming because he will never be president.So that will only happen in his dreams and not in reality.

  6. I’am sure that a legal and regulatory framework regarding disposal of public assets exists. Therefore, if any attendant laws and/or regulations are being flaunted, one would expect any well-meaning Zambian, especially opposition politicians like HH, to take matters to court.
    Furthermore, if there are concerns about such laws/regulations being too weak to pre-empt manipulation by corrupt individuals in positions of influence, then the priority should be to seek to appropriately strengthen them.
    Matters of public interest should not be personalised! We can’t all (HH included) wait and hope to act only when we enter state house; suppose that does not come to pass? What then???

  7. NRDC, & ZNBC were sold for a bottle of Whiskey, & a Cocktail suit by one lawyer who’s renown for stealing from his clients.

  8. HH deliberately does not state that a new modern college will be built in Sibunyunji. He convinently does not say the plans for the current college site. He ignores to think of the temporal and permanent jobs to be created in the two sites. IF the law has been broken the opposition leader came register this in the court of law. Even if he does not win the case. The citizens will always remember this happened.Waiting till he is president maybe too late.

  9. ONLY A TONGA CAN LEAD UPND says sejani. This man is a joker, he is trying to imitate the KING COBRA(MHSRIP) I’m sorry you cant match him, you will forever be an under five and you will rot in opposition . It simply tells that you are not a politician but a crooked businessman by theft. HH we are sorry we Zambians in 6.5 province cant vote for a tribalist and a white color thief (privatization). Don’t pretend to be carrying Zambians interest at heart when you have caused so much misery and suffering to the Zambians through your selfishness, you don’t carry clean hands, your hands are full of blood of the people that died because of your selfish and unscrupulous dealings during privatization regime of dishonesty chiluba.

  10. Amagenge – Agreed on your analysis but we have no courts in Zambia to run to any more especially if you are dealing with ECL and Team.

    • Just give Lungu and his PF a bribe and foreigners can buy anything they want in Zambia. Even these UNQUALIFIED Judges in the Concourt that Lungu gave a job and a brown envelope let him buy the PRESIDENCY!

  11. HH is a joke, reverse the sale then sale to your preferred buyers and steal the same money that is returned, come on, how is it gonna help us. We’ve seen it before, this is not how you fight corruption.

  12. The mere fact of its central location means NRDC can be self sustaining as HH says , but this does not involve borrowing so is beyond the PF kaponya rats even on LT…..they don’t understand

  13. But why are all state institutions are being sold to chinese?and at one point they were recruited as Police reserves only to rescind the shoddy decision in the middle of the night.Zedians wake up from your slumper

  14. I don’t get it. Those supporting the sale of NRDC have not given any justification for such an action.

    Secondly, what does AVIC intend to use NRDC for?

    Please, let’s be rational as we analyze issues of such importance.

  15. Sometimes dreams come true, however it may be a nightmare if you dream that privatization has been reversed including the benefits accrued therefrom.

  16. This is another type of corruption by lying to the people of imaginary things in order for the people to rise against the government. This is childish from a man who should be positioning himself as the next president. Learn to talk sence, talk of real politics than always crying and pointing fingers. I really question the normality of some of these politicians. Bring out economic strategies that will take Zambia forward not trivial and back biting talks. Disgusting and you call yourself a leader, then what is the point of changing government? Grow up and strategise.

  17. The situation is current, use your MPs to get to the bottom line of this. To wait for 2021 to reverse this is not only being selfish and self centeredness but a dreamer. You may never become President of Zambia. Zambia’s shouldn’t be about you being in State House.

  18. When Kambwili spoke about corruption he spoke with substance and we all followed. Not these jokes. The issues he raised brought him on the centre stage. But HH tries to copy with no real sence. UPND is a good political party with big brains who can make a difference and they would have formed government by now but the problem is HH. He thinks the party is his because its an inheritance. He can’t give chance to others through Democratic processes within the party. Now he has run of ideas. He has no ideas, not even bad ones.

  19. Foolish Zambians on this blog all of you can’t seem to use your brains, ndanje and your fellow cadres why should Lungu sell all our assets to China, Lungu is a destroyer of everything. He was not put in office to auction our country. What is going to be left for children

  20. Lungu has not built any school that magnitude and who gives him the audacity of selling our staff he found. The man thinks our country is his personal to holder. I’m glad someone is ready to hold him accountable

  21. Copy and paste politics by Kainde…kekekeke…PAIPA PANO!!
    HH you are tonga and not Michael Sata from the North!!!coping Mr Sata’s politics wont work for you!!you are now becoming crazy Kainde!!
    Govnt and Avic international will build a NEW NRDC-which is a splindid move UNLIKE THAT RUN DOWN NRDC.Topstar has really improved ZNBC and nobody as sold ZNBC but just in partnership with Topstar just like ZNBC has shares in DStv Zambia!!SO STOP MISLEADING PEOPLE KAINDE!!

  22. If UPND is to do better in 2021 then they have to replace HH because he does not make sense to many voters.
    HH is 100% finished politically!!Kambwili is making more sense sometimes than Kainde!!!UPND should know that all those who hate PF in 6.5 provinces and voted for HH in 2016 due to lack of any options shall now in 2021 vote for Kambwili and further reduce the votes got in 2016!!!plus recall,all registered voters in Southern,western and N/western are fewer than registered voters in Lusaka and Copperbelt only!!!leaving PF with votes from Eastern,Luapula,Northern and Muchinga to spare!!ALL PF NEED TO DO IS ACHIEVE A MORE THAN 60% VOTE TURNOUT IN ITS STRONGHOLDS TO HAND HH A RECORD 6TH DEFEAT IN 2021-MARK MY WIRDS!!

  23. How is HH still president of UPND? Zambians need to be serious, there is no way someone should be a leader of a political party for close to 20 years.

  24. UPND brand is damaged goods. Unsalable, unlikable and unelactable. Just seeing the image causes nausea and vomiting. Why? Illiteracy! Tribal goods being sold!

    • @Victor wake from your dream and face reality.

      If UPND under HH is nothing why is lungu Koswe mumpoto not sleeping when ever he hears HH s name mentioned anywhere?

  25. How such a man can even have a following is unthinkable! Only those from his area can even give him change. To many like he, he never makes sense. I can’t even waste my vote on him. He has a lot of years to grow up!

    • Even Koswe Mumpoto blocked his campaigns in 2016 he won the elections a fact which lungu knows very well.

      Ask koswe mumpoto Lungu if HH is not popular?.

      PF = cholera.

  26. Unless we did not go to school. Iyi ngombe ilede imaivuta tyala. Ukupena kwaba apengi. Because of the tongas appointed afte multipartism, you namsker literally jumped from a nobody to suddenly a billionaire with no equitable wealth to substantiate this growth. That’s why the likes of Charles Milupi as a consulting engineer still clings to your wishful thinkng. HH you cannot tell me you are better than professor Muyunda Mwanalushi, Professor Bene, Dr JD Patterson, Dr Carson, Dr Masange. Be thankful Akepi ka Chiluba made a mistake for having most of his cabinet from South and western provinces. I know you became rich because Shamutete, Hachipuka, Milupi and others then. Not everyone from ZCCM Corporate Head Office or Operations are dead. You want to play with Brainwave Mumba senior who…

  27. HH is THE tribalist POLITICIAN.running a NATION is not like running corporate business.You can’t ADDRESS the NATION like you are the CEO of a particular entrepreneur,no baadala; You can’t SALE yourself to Zambians.stop being a political SHADOW figure. The ANGLO AMERICANS will SEE you dying but ( copper and other minerals) Copperbelt will REMAIN forever and ever.WHY DONT YOU become A PASTOR (man of God) I feel there you can make sense.BITTERNESS SHALL end you will become more relevant

  28. Sell NRDC and turn it into a Cholera centre and public toilets. It is surrounded by Mtednere, Kalikiliki, Avoddale, Chelstone. Kaundasquare. To me there is no better land for public toilets.

  29. Wow wow how do you make an analysis based on your party affiliation? The vanquished NAZI regime st Nuremberg fought their way out if their sins by alleging that they were personally not liable to those crimes because it was the state that gave them authority to do what they did. So they should be let off so that the state be held accountable to the crimes laid against them.This never saved them many were hanged some served in jail etc
    We now have a government machinery that willfully without consent without consultation whatsoever sells off public assets at will and hopes to get away with it?
    Is Government willing yo publish the details if these deals?
    Is Government willing in a way for transparency made open these discussions?
    How much has been paid? Were are these funds coming…

  30. This is purely ba kolwe ukusekana ifipato, nangula ciwa basekana nampapa! Yama imwe reputation yenu kale yapwa, ukuwina ama election mu zambia mupamba ninshi. Ngatwafilwana naba PF tukabikapo imbi party but NOT UPND.

  31. @ B R Mumba Sr. You are a big liar peddling toxic information. Tell Zambians if HH was once president of Zambia, appointee of Zambian government or contractor with Zambian government to have been that rich ($300 million). When Zambia was privatising the mines HH was an employee of PKMG a private accounting consulting firm, not even a partner. Late president Chiluba was head of state, Valentine Chitalu, Ronald Penza (Mbala Mafias) and Kaunda of ZCCM were at the core of privatisation including late president Sata then a minister in Chiluba MMD regime. Mumba, tell us other lies the source of HH wealth is well known – prudent fore- thought investment over a long time bears fruits. Stealing and plundering national resources as done by Chiluba, RB Banda, now Edgar Chagwa Lungu does not last and…

  32. The government need not hold consult on everything they want to do because already they REPRESENT US. Did they consult you when they removed the people who were making the city dirty? By the time they got responses from people like your leader, millions would have perished

  33. All comments are ok, in bemba they say “pa saka ta pabula fiwelewele”. The reader will accept or not, can’t force. Bt wht l can say to all Zambians, whether u’re a leader of any kind is this, lets go back frm where we started as Zambia. Wht we did, whr we want wrong or right, thn correct tht wrong. If we correct the wrong, add it up with the right ones. Zambia is our home we cant’ trust these “investors” with our resources, once there depleted, they will pack ad go to their land of orgin. Us we will b left with nothing, big open pits, deserts ad Zambia will b a waste land. Today, we can’t see tht bt our unborn children will hv nothing bcoz we’re mismanageing our God given resources. They are coming here to reap us, bt we can’t see tht becoz our mind are only focusing on the…

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