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Kambwili sues Amos Chanda for defamation

Headlines Kambwili sues Amos Chanda for defamation

Chishimba Kambwili with Amos Chanda at Statehouse Press Briefing
FILE: Chishimba Kambwili with Amos Chanda at Statehouse Press Briefing

Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has sued State House Spokesman Amos Chanda for defamation

But Chanda has reacted to Mr. Kambwili’s legal challenge by stating that the Former Minister has no reputation worth protecting in the first place.

“I have received a Writ of Summons from the High Court of Zambia moved by Chishimba Kambwili, who is seeking my appearance before the Court within 14 days of service in a suit where he alleges that I have defamed” reads the letter written by Mr Chanda to his lawyers Messrs Eric Silwamba & Co.

Mr Chanda further explains that though the writ of summons are dated 8th December, 2017, and accompanied by a Certificate of Urgency, he was only served on 15th January, 2018 and that the matter comes up on 7th February, 2018.

“In his affidavit in support of Summons, Mr. Kambwili seeks among other things, an interlocutory Injunction to restrain me from defending myself, the president and the Government against his incessant, malicious and baseless falsehoods upon which he decided to build what already seems like an ill-fated bid for the Presidency given the extraordinary depths to which he has sank political discourse in a mistaken view that the public supports his rantings and foul language against others,” said Mr Chanda.

Mr Chanda has since instructed his legal representatives to enter the defence of justification and fair comment on matters of public interest so that he can aver before court, that Mr. Kambwili cannot come to equity with dirty hands and that his [Kambwili’s reputation] is soiled that it is not possible to lower it any further.

He has also directed his lawyers to show to court that Mr. Kambwili’s action is an abuse of the court process.

The lawyers have also been instructed to proceed to counter demand against Mr. Kambwili’s many falsehoods which has issued against Mr Chanda.

“He claims that his credit and reputation have been brought into scandal, odium and contempt in the eyes of right thinking members of society and therefore, I must be gagged so that I do not say anything abut him as he proceeds on an onslaught against me and others.”

“…His decision to run to court to seek garging orders against his victims who have decided to defend themselves is nothing but typical of his cowardly acts when he is called to account. His action is also an abuse of the court process to buy him time as he proceeds to willy nilly character assassinate others.”


    • Chanda, why spewing the rot here. Just face him in the court, no need to explain and express your anger in front of us.
      Kaili, you are both big mouth, so meet him. We are not going to feel with you, come 7th February, just go.

      But thank you for the update.

    • This boy Amos Chanda, does he sometimes think he will leave state house? I do not not like the behaviour of this young boy and he always looks dizzy does he drink all night?

  1. AMOS cannot be sued as he is presidential mouth piece, CK revisit your decision and concentrate on NDC also that ka little case of forgery, win the case make money and then go for AMOS CHANDA when he is fired by ECL

    • No wonder Amos has become the most powerful spokesman in the world, even instructing ministers. And that is because of people like you @ ANYOKO.

      Just imagine a mere secretary, leading executive board meetings and giving tasks to company directors.

    • He can be taken to court. However, we have a lot of people in prisons who have been waiting to appear in court for so long and they time doesn’t come becuase our courts are not enough. Please let’s give court time to work on serious issues and not politics. This should not be news at all.

    • Wrong, the one representing the President is the VP.
      Your Chanda is only supposed to inform on the president `s position or view on certain topics. The ministers represent the President in specific areas.
      You can not have Spokesperson be chairing meetings with ministers and giving them directives. That is wrong.

      BTW, where is the final report by those 5 Israelis Engineers that Chanda was driving from one ministry to another and taking credit for having engaged them?

  2. ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND says Sejani.CK please leave people to work you are just wasting their much needed time for development. My advise to you is speak less and act more then we shall take you seriously for now you are a political empty bin making the loudest noise.

  3. It’s laughable that Kambwili can sue somebody on claim of defamation, does he really understand what it means to be defamed? He’s the first lunatic to have hailed from Mporokoso, only wise men and women come from there

  4. To the intelligent one, this is just a trigger point. He will use the court to show PF corruption. Just wait and see how the event will unfold. Keith Mweemba the country needs your service. Please help this poor country to now the truth about the injustice we have been subjected to.

  5. Kambwili my advice to you is to look at your political career. When most move forward, you unfortunately have fallen from grace. This has mostly been because of that loud mouth piece you have called a mouth. You don’t think before speaking. You are a bully and you are not worthy of a place in politics. Just look at what comes from your mouth that is so foul even puke seems a better option. All you do is instigate violence and brew trouble. You will never change and that fake degree has not made you any smarter. Lusaka Times please, moving forward drop the title of Dr. Kambwili. It is an insult to real Zambian scholars who are deserving of this title. Zambian’s ask yourselves if Kambwili is any smarter after getting a bought title. He is still a dum6 a22!

    • Mushota will be better placed to answer your question. She`s got a PhD, has that made her smarter? Who is smarter between the two since they both have PH fimo…fimo…

  6. Someone who insult others day in and day out like Kambwili expects others not to respond in the same manner. When others respond with equal language he runs to court. All those you have insulted including the Tongas will never forget but the least they can do is forgive you because you are an empty big tin that makes the most noise.

    • @ Jay Jay
      Man, I am disappointed with your lack of basic legal knowledge.
      Do you know difference between civil and criminal matter? What DPP has to do with civil matter?

  7. Talking and listening is an art which most people fail to learn. people who talk too much in most cases talk rubbish cz they have little or no time to think and meditate .Sorry CK and Amosi.Atleast provide allowances for the already rich lawyers.Have you finished building those nice houses using clean money as Dr Kaunda hand kerchief .kikikiki.

  8. Yes kambwili we support any one who issues lies about you , sue.

    Now maybe those you call corrupt thieves can also try and sue if it is lies ?…

  9. Kambwili the best is to keep your mouth shut and build your distroyed reputation, you call every one who does not agree with you,a thief, you call tongas that they can vote for HH and reject Jesus, you have defamed every one, today you want to sue someone for what ever they called you. Am sure you deserve that.

  10. Its amezing zambians especially upnd let me highlight you no one a a press aid has been praised ever since chiluba because of kalijo pipo like you ,all you think unlees hh and you thats poor leadership and bad thinking amos like many past aids they work for there living and you mean he shoundnt develop or speak out fools


  12. Ba Small Leopard you don’t build political clout based on lies against others. pip through history and you will agree with me that integrity and consistence in what you say is what attracts people to join hands with you.
    your foul language and hell bent on destroying other people’s reputation will repel many and sundry from joining your party.
    by the way why are you urging people to join NDC when yourself you still have one leg in PF? Tha’s being selfish!

  13. If Kambwili has told lies about Amos and others let them sue him for defamation. This he has challenged them to take him to court. Why are they scared to take him to court? May be they are scared because it might be like the Chiluba case where he sued Nawakwi and The Post then for calling him a thief and alas, a lot of things including the zamdrop account were reviewed. Ndeloleshafye bakaamba ba CK.

  14. Kambwili is just trying to detract people from concentrating on his court cases while he earns political mileage for his NDC party by scandalising his perceived enemies. But all this is a miscalculation by Kambwili who purchased an honorary degree to boost his low self image status. It remains to be seen how long he will keep on clinging on as MP for PF but continue to disparage the party that he has continue to accuse of corruption after being fired for the same device.

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