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There is need for good road network in economic development-President Lungu

Headlines There is need for good road network in economic development-President Lungu

President  Edgar Lungu receive flowers from a 6 years old Jessy band on his arrival at Kakoma Place in Chibomba district of Central Province during his two days working Visit y
President Edgar Lungu receive flowers from a 6 years old Jessy band on his arrival at Kakoma Place in Chibomba district of Central Province during his two days working Visit y

President Edgar Lungu has reiterated the need for a good road network in economic development.

President Lungu notes that good roads are vital for various economic activities such as farming including evangelism as it makes it easy for the clergy to reach to the people as they promote peace in the nation.

The President who toured the 14 kilometers T2 Mungule road, that is under construction leading to Chieftainess Mungule, upon arrival in Chibombo district in Central Province this morning further stated that the road will also open up trade of different businesses in the area.

He also added that with good roads in the district, it will be easy to attract the private sector to work together with government in various developmental projects and also bring about viable investment in the area.

The Head of State indicated that it is his desire to see that all parts of the country are provided with a good road network that is supported with a good drainage system as the case with the Mungule road which is earmarked for completion in November this year.

Meanwhile, President Lungu who later paid a courtesy call on Chieftainess Mungule before leaving for Chisamba called on Traditional leaders to help in ensuring that the opposition work with government to foster development in all parts of the country.

He regretted that most Members of Parliament who are in the strongholds of the opposition are refrained by their party leaders to approach government with challenges people face in their areas in order to have them addressed.

President Lungu noted that the challenges that people face across the country are beyond politics hence the need for government and Members of Parliament from the opposition to work together.

And Chieftainess Mungule expressed gratitude to the Head of State for constructing a road in the area.

She noted that the road will help open up the area to various economic activities that will foster development and eventually uplift the living standards of the people.

The Chieftainess also commended the Head of State for his commitment to ensuring that the cholera epidemic is contained.

President Lungu is in Central Province for a two days working visit.

He is accompanied by Tourism Minister Charles Banda, Local Government Minister Vincent Mwale, the Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila, other senior government and party

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  1. Kazungula / Sesheke and Kafue/Monze Roads need very urgent attention. These two Roads are very important to the Nation’s development!

    • Over-priced Road contracts is a conduit for ba KOSWE to LOOT/Steal/get Chinese bribes whilst suffocating the country with debt.

      Within 3 years all those roads will be pot-holed & washed away whilst the $23-Billion debt will remain on top of our heads & those of our children, grand-children, great-grand-children. Meanwhile ba KOSWE will have their blocks of flats & Jeep Cherokees while poor Zambians get taxed heavily to pay off the $23-Billion debt.

    • That’s how Koswes survive anyway. I was told by my mother that if I did not wash my hands after dinner a Koswe would smell the aroma of then come and eat my fingers while calming them down by blowing on them. Chagwa seems to be doing it well in the same Koswe style. Kaiba elyo kaputilila. akamuntu aka! takakaleke ukwiba mwebantu.


  3. 14 kilometers in 11 months? These PF, will they ever complete anything? Kwa Mungule is flat flat, and all trees are already stumped out by charcoal burners.

  4. There is also need to have a president that understands basic economics and the need to widen the revenue base through diversification and not over-taxing the already poor Zambians. You are not that president.

    • @ EB HIBALWA

      At what expense? At a price of $23-Billion debt? This represents a massive 95% of GDP. Is it really worth it?

      Now every year for the next 50 years, $1-Billion from national budget will be diverted to debt servicing instead of paying farmers for their produce. Health budget allocation is ONLY $500-million.

      In 3 years all those roads will be pot-holed.

  5. Some chaps were born by default in opposition due to their tribe .
    We can’t do anything about it.
    They will perpetually be in opposition.

  6. The 30th AU Summit resolved to combat Corruption in Africa in 2018. What is Lungu doing to eradicate corruption in Road Construction in Zambia? In Zimbabwe a dual carriageway road from Beit Bridge to Chirundu (989km) is costing $900million or about $1million per km. A dual carriageway road from Lusaka to Ndola (320km) is costing $1.2 billion or $3.75million per km. Why? There is too much corruption in Road Construction in Zambia. We expect Lungu to say something on Rampant Corruption in his govt following the recent AU Resolution on fighting Corruption in Africa.

  7. The cost of roads in zambia shouldnt be compared with other nations, road construction has so many factors that influence the price, in zambia we USE different water (Mineral water) from SADC guys to water the road for compaction, we also use imported bitumen, we also use expatriate staff, construction equipment is all imported from China(very far), road workers minimum wage is US$500 PER two weeks , then contractor needs to buy expensive vehicles for the client ..the list is endless hence US$3.2/KM is justified

  8. Anyoko do you mean to tell me a Chinese should overprice us why underpricing a next door neighbor while the neighbor is building a road that runs into your own country with different conditions for less, you need you head examined anyoko

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