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Zambia’s Economy is bouncing back, Wina tells Zambians in Ethiopia

General News Zambia's Economy is bouncing back, Wina tells Zambians in Ethiopia

Vice President Inonge Wina at AU Summit
Vice President Inonge Wina at AU Summit

Vice President Inonge Wina has told Zambians living in Ethiopia that the country’s economy is bouncing back from the recession it experienced during the last economic performance of 2016/2017.

ZANIS reports from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia that Mrs Wina said this when Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Susan Sikaneta hosted a dinner in her honour.

Mrs Wina assured the Zambian community that Government remains committed in ensuring the provision and delivery of socio-economic services to its citizenry.

She further added that government has put up various measures that will help in boosting and sustaining the country’s economic performance.

The Vice President cited the Seventh National Development Plan as one economic measure that Government is implementing in order to rescue the country from its economic and social challenges.

“Government has a mammoth task to meet the obligation of the 7th National Development Plan which is anchored on many pillars of development”, she stated.

Mrs Wina observed that Zambia’s setbacks experienced include, among others, the reduction of copper prices which affected Government’s revenue collection thereby resulting in poor provision and delivery of socio-economic services.

The invasion of army worms which may affect the agriculture production performance is another setback.

She, however, informed the gathering that Government is doing everything possible to ensure no Zambian starves to death.

According to Mrs Wina, Government may consider diverting funds from other sectors for purposes of ensuring that there is sufficient food for everyone.

The Vice President further said the outbreak of cholera saw the country lose more than 70 lives.

She indicated that Government worked so hard to stabilize the situation.

And Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Susan Sikaneta thanked the Vice President for Government’s decision to construct a block of flats for the Zambian diplomatic staff working in Ethiopia.

Mrs Sikaneta observed that the project will help government cut down on costs.

She observed that apart from the project accommodating the Zambian diplomatic staff, it will also rent out to the diplomatic community, a situation that will result in increased revenue collection.

And chairperson for Zambians resident in Ethiopia Jacob Zulu thanked Government for being proactive over the diaspora policy.

The Vice President was accompanied by Ministers of Foreign Affairs Joseph Malanji, Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo, and Mines and Minerals Christopher Yaluma.

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  1. You should’ve kept it up at 6% where Rupiah Banda left it.We’re still not out of doldrums yet with your lukewarm 4% growth so praises for coming back from the dead are immature.

    • She rarely moves out the country for such tours, am sure after getting allowances from her tour, a preserve for balya injikwite. She can’t believe how her economy has suddenly bounced back.

    • Its worrying to see old ladies lying for PF and Koswe mumpoto Lungu chakolwa.

      People salaries are being cut while Shameless wina goes on to lie.

    • Zambia’s economy has always been dependent on the price of copper. It does not depend on the leader and party in government starting from 1973 with KK. I can only agree if the price of copper was low when RB was ruling and the economy was at 6 per cent. All leaders talk of diversifying the economy but it has been all talk.

  2. We had to ask for donations for cholera cleanup yet here we now have funds to build a block of flats for ours and other diplomats. Where is this reflected in the budget. FRA still not paid farmers, e system not working despite farmers paying there 400k inputs not supplied and we are building a block of flats in another country. What is the cost,when was this approved, is it singke sourced. Many questions how many answers

  3. The reality on the ground shows that the Zambian economy is in bad shape! Unemployment is still very high, many companies are struggling, salaries for civil servants are still paid late, etc. Arè we dealing with reliable GDP figures or massaged figures? Something is not adding up!

  4. bouncing back but civil servants have not had their pay while Wina and others have more money in their pockets;

  5. Are there Zambians living in Ethiopia apart from relatives of politicians who work as diplomats there? just asking. Zambia is the only country where foreigners and especially light skinned ones are worshiped. I am wondering if a Zambian can get a job in Ethiopia other than being a diplomat because that should be close to impossible But look at how the Indians and Chinese have invaded our country. They come here especially Indians and bring with them their racist behavior against Zambians in our own country. Are we going to accept being treated as second class humans in our own country by Indians? In India, black Africans are being beaten and killed just because of the color of their skin. By the way I have nothing against any non racist person.

  6. So surprised that Ambassador Sikaneta is still in ETHIOPIA , because of cheating and being business oriented, she was recalled once upon a time by the late MICHAEL SATA (MHSRIP).She treats fellow members of Staff as if they are her farm workers and not diplomats, once she differs with any one member of staff, that one remains an enemy for life.With a lot of sweet talk to authority each time they are in ETHIOPIA looking as if she is hard working and yet just buying FOREIGN SERVICE time but very business minded and wanting to lobby for DIPLOMATIC permanence. No real work performance at all.Shame.k


  8. The numbers are doctored. As the most indebited country in the region and wanting to borrow more, any perceived growth will go towards servicing of the expensive loans. Yaluma and Kampyongo have mentioned in corrupt activities (fire tenders and FIC report, respectively) and this conference was on curbing corruption, the composition of the delegation leaves much to be desired. A slap in the face to the good people of this country!!

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