ZESCO Spokesperson Henry Kapata checking the building in New Kasama that has encroached in the ZESCO pole line

Zambia Electricity Cooperation Limited (ZESCO) says it has distributed over 3.2 million energy saving bulbs across the Country.

Company Public Relations Officer Henry Kapata said the power utility company has managed to save 145 Megawatts of power due to the distribution of the Energy Saving Bulbs.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS today, Mr. Kapata disclosed that ZESCO, started distributing energy saving bulbs to kabwe last week and will soon move to Kapiri Mposhi district.

He also mentioned that the power utility company has procured 30 thousand energy savers to be distributed across the country.

Mr. Kapata also stated that ZESCO is procuring 12 million energy saving bulbs of which 4 million have already been received.

Meanwhile Mr. Kapata has attributed the interruption of power supply in areas like kamwala south and libala to ongoing maintenance work.

He said that ZESCO is replacing old cables in kamwala and libala that might allow water to pass through.

Mr. Kapata urged all ZESCO customers to subscribe to ZESCO SMS Service in order for the company to communicate through mobile phones in case of any inconvenience.

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  1. When did they distribute these bulbs and in which areas. Lets not lie.
    We hope someone did not supply to bamwenye for reselling and get corrupt cash. Why do we still have outages in Libala South.
    Disaster Kapata!


  2. Who got the tenders to supply, Ministers and permanent secretaries and at abnormally inflated prices



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