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I will continue working as you continue talking-lungu

Headlines I will continue working as you continue talking-lungu

President Edgar Lungu buying vegetables at John Chinena during the tour of Chibombo District in Central Province
President Edgar Lungu buying vegetables at John Chinena during the tour of Chibombo District in Central Province

President Edgar Lungu says government will not be destructed from implementing developmental projects despite allegations by the opposition that the procurement process for projects is corrupt.

The President said the Patriotic Front government will continue executing its projects in line with the party manifesto and the mandate that were given to the party by the Zambian people.

He noted that the strategy of the opposition is to characterise every action of government as corruption as they have run out of ideas, agenda and policy alternatives hence they have developed a song of corruption with a long chorus in order to intimidate government into action so that when government does not perform then they say government is not performing.

The Head of State further indicated that procurement officers, controlling officers and Permanent Secretaries are strictly warned to adhere by laid down procedures adding that where there acts of corruption, due process of the law must take place.

President Lungu said this today when he conducted a tour of Keembe National Piggery Breeding Centre in Chibombo district of Central Province.

Earlier, President Lungu instructed the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries to get the correct data on the farmers that have lost their pigs due to the African swine fever to help with compensation process.

President Edgar Lungu intarects with marketers at John Chinena during the tour of Chibombo District in Central Province
President Edgar Lungu intarects with marketers at John Chinena during the tour of Chibombo District in Central Province

And Director for Livestock Development Trust Renford Gombwa indicated that the Keembe National Breeding Centre is currently supplying quality breeding stocks of pigs to small holder farmers.

Dr. Gombwa said the breeding Centre was not affected by the African swine fever that was experienced in some parts of the country.

President Edgar Lungu says it is his responsibility to provide leadership to all Zambians regardless of who voted for him.

President Edgar Lungu intarects with marketers at John Chinena during the tour of Chibombo District in Central Province
President Edgar Lungu intarects with marketers at John Chinena during the tour of Chibombo District in Central Province

Meanwhile, President Lungu added that it is high time people accepted that the Patriotic Front is in power regardless of their political affiliation.

He noted this when he addressed a gathering at jubilee market in Chibombo district this afternoon, that those that are hallucinating of becoming President are wasting their time as the Patriotic Front is already in charge and providing leadership to all.

The Head of State indicated that providing leadership and services to the people is beyond politics hence, the need for those representing the people to work with government regardless of the party they belong to.

He noted that now is the time to work for the people unlike talking about elections that passed in 2016.

The President who thanked the people that voted for him in Chibombo also advised the gathering not to vote on tribal lines during the 2021 elections but to vote for people that will be able to deliver.

Earlier, Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Mwila advised the people of Chibombo to work with government to foster development in the area.

President Edgar Lungu intarects with marketers at John Chinena during the tour of Chibombo District in Central Province
President Edgar Lungu intarects with marketers at John Chinena during the tour of Chibombo District in Central Province

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  1. I pity this man. And if you think he’s not humble, you don’t know humbleness. He has the instruments of power but he’s been reduced to a mere Kapitawo or Supervisor of projects. And he has humbly accepted the job. YES, we do have a President in State House. He’s name is Kaizer Zulu. Kaizer Zulu is the President of Zambia.

    • Results of your work should show. Otherwise 2021 Kuya bebele. We are tired of laziness and unabated shoddy works by our leaders.

    • hehehe for real lately if anyone has an ounce of analytical ability should see that Edgar is not a leader and lacks Management skills. For things to work he always has to be there .. this should tell him he has serious problems already managing his team to deliver the either consider him too weak or they simply just dont take him seriously

    • Ooh yes fast to say sela tubombeko, but when going gets tough, ati iyo bane tiyeni tubombele pamo. Like what happened when cholera cases hit the roof.

    • Ninshi bakwao beve ndiye bamene siba vota along clan lines? So when people from his village voted for him it was not along tribal lines, what was it?

    • No Mr President its us who will continue working whilst you talk.
      We now know that all you do is just talk talk and talk.
      The only time you act is when someone wants to stand for president!
      Talk about shortsightedness !

    • Lombe (MA) – this man should never have been appointed to even Home Affairs Minister – a back bencher role was more appropriate for him. The lazy bum is completely out of his depth..he thinks he is a Deputy PS!!

    • The president was busy flying all over the world. People with grassroot contact advised Mr president chefyanyeni ukuseya he didn’t listen. It is a shame to hear him threaten non performing councils and his unperforming thieving Ministers. Where has been? Probably he found it easy to visit farms in Isarael instead of Zambian Markets, dirty markets charecterised with cholera outbreak. What is he working to challenge we the voters who pay him?

    • As long as Dora, Mutati, Kampyongo and Kaizer and a long list of non performing PS’s. Ministers and other top govt officers that are there just to pose in luxury SUVs, fly on first class to foreign seminars and workshops, receive huge salaries and allowances for not even being forund in their offices during working hours then nothing positive can come out of the current crop of govt.

      Better to fire these chaps without benefits and gratuity- they have robbed the nation and sold Zambians a lie of half baked projects!

    • The leader of the Zambian people is a deadly disease called cholera. That is what our so called leaders listen to, not common sense, not anything that will make them unpopular.

      This is the sad truth and the blood of our brothers and sisters who died from a preventable disease and circumstances will not be silenced until justice is done.

    • The title should have read; ‘I will continue stealing whilst you continue complaining’.

      God bless Zambia

    • If you pretend to be leading, we shall also pretend to be following you.

      I would be ashamed if I was a president and my people where trading under grass thatched structures like it was the middle ages. Sh1thole country…

  2. Just look at the roofing of that market and he claims to be working for the people ???

    Pathetic….that market looks like one built qwickly by war refuges from Congo…that is how he left chawama drinking contaminated dirty water up to to day no change…..

    • The VP is already on top of that. Govt is already in the process to buy over 500ha surrounding that area to develop a modern market and farm plots for the locals to concentrate on vegetable farming. They intend to make Chibombo a large vegetable hub that will supply fresh vegatables to Lusaka and C/belt and empower Chibombo.

    • @3 Spaka.. while I share you observation, I believe some of these tasks like building market stalls should be undertaken by respective councils. Central government should only come in to offer support but initiatives should start at local level! Those structures at John Chinena have been like that for a long time, various councilors and MPs from UNIP, MMD,UPND and may PF have come and gone leaving the structures in that same state! Where is the local initiative that can be supported??One of the reasons we have cholera is that at individual, house hold and local community levels, we have relegated hygiene or living in a clean environment to the Central Government when this should be every individuals preoccupation!

    • Zambian citizen they been supplying vegetables to lusaka for a long time, some of the vegies you get in some of your supermarkets are actually from that area. Where do you think that bondwe you buy from shoplift come from iwe.

    • @Divide: My point is that upgrade will enhance the area’s productivity while improving the locals’ working environment.

  3. ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND says Sejani. Mr. President I agree with you, ba opposition tebakukonkelela UPND in particular, for sure they have not only run out of ideas but they also have nothing to offer the Zambian people. Let them waste time with their endless press conferences while you work to produce the desired results to the satisfaction of the people. While people in the tribal grouping don’t appreciate your developmental projects, we, people who voted for you, value the works that you keep on churning out. What you have achieved in this short stay in power as PF is more than what MMD achieved in their 20 year reign. 2021 NI PF NAFUTI NAFUTI, those in the tribal grouping will be sent into political oblivion. ONE ZAMBIA ONE PEOPLE.

    • President EC Lungu EASTERNER,
      Former President (Chief Strategist) RB EASTERNER,

  4. Lungu

    One positive about you is that u listen to people. From the time people criticized about moving up and down outside the country, u have listened and u no longer go out. It seems it was Kalaba who was busy arranging fun trips. Continue working

  5. Very good managers moves out of the office to verify what his juniors are claiming they have done. That is good management than to spend time reading reports in the boardroom. Lungu is refining his political game. We saw these kind of politics with Thabo Mbeki and Paul Kagame. Mr President, do not be cheated – once in a while go out and check what is happening? Do not be cheated like RB. Or KK

    • Yes what the president is doing is fine but the problem is that it took him too long to realise that he was the president to look after the affairs of the Zambian people and not globe trotting. If he had started a long time ago, today it could have been a different story.The president should also learn not to answer back everything he hears.He should learn something from Levy Patrick Mwanawasa. There is a lot of wisdom in silence.

  6. Lungu’s act of buying from these shacks sends the wrong message.Thats GRZ approves of risky fire friendly material for markets,building codes don’t matter ,orderliness and clean sanitation for food handlers doesn’t matter.I doubt these food vendors have clean toilets with running water nearby.

  7. Correct, your Excellency!!! These timewasters have nothing to offer except vile slander which is fizzling out. Just continue working because 2021, ni Chagwa nafuti nafuti!!!

  8. This fimo fimo ,he is president and yet he thinks ukupitana pitana and being welcomed by bribed up women clad mu fitenge ululating and dancing is working ! shame.
    He is driving the nation to a ditch.

  9. If u no u can’t work stop insulting the president l no men Zambian are to much lezi when it cames to talk there number one u can say but don’t insult

  10. @Bozo and all of you tonga cadres cannot appreciate anything done by president Edgar Lungu!!in fact,you are the ones he is telling that he will continue working hard while you talk rubbish about him.us people who voted for him and PF are very happy with his works-WAUMFWA?
    For UPND,working his having endless and useless press conferences in Chalala or Fairview area like what HH does!!kekekekeke…ECL is a very good president.he listens to people and mix with voters thats why he wins elections!!PF GOVNT HAS ACHIEVED A LOT SINCE 2011.IF MMD DID WHAT PF HAS DONE DURING THOSE WASTED 20YRS,ZAMBIA COULD HAVE BEEN A BETTER PLACE BY NOW!!even UPND followers know that PF has delivered development across Zambia and all upnd do now is merely politicking everyday!!KEEP IT UP MR PRESIDENT!!IGNORE EVIL…

    • Thats the problem with these staunch carders your thinking is always wrapped up ,tribe is all you see.
      Your thinking is no worse than apartheid where you only look at peoples surnames and you think you are superior.
      Njimbu kandi lyobe
      Shove that tribal nonse into yo ntwenu you cant debate without mentioning tribe

  11. “He noted that the strategy of the opposition is to characterise every action of the government as corruption as they have run out of ideas,”

    How can the head of state blame the opposition, when he wants to campaign who does he run to first, is people without grade 7 certificate, people who only source of news is state radio only a few percent of their community have access to the print news, and 99% of them are excluded in decision-making.

  12. PF are panicking thanks mainly to CK and Kalaba. Look at the meaningless tours now being undertaken all over !And you call wastage of public funds “working”. Going by the narrow results of the previous 2016 Presidential elections PF now know that 2021 will be their last election. The guilty are afraid.Stolen wealth is very difficult to hide.And the state of our police stations cells and prisons iyo kwena!

  13. The truth is that learn to appreciate what someone is doing don’t blame the president when it cames to market blame the local government minister and the council

  14. If you point out jamerson lungus misdeeds ati ulimutonga.
    He thought being president was a holiday, thats why in some countries Presidents hair turn grey.Aba bena babuka fye ati nikwe tuleya elelo! notutobo natunona kundalama shakwiba.
    Lilofwa number 1

  15. A National Leadership and Management Academy in Zambia would help in imparting Essential Leadership and Management Knowledge, Skills and Appropriate Attitudes.
    Functional and Transformational leadership Training programs and the bedrock of Effective and efficient leadership.

  16. Good job Mr. President! It is said that, Don’t talk to a f…, people might not notice the difference!” You are a wise leader!

    • Let me guess ..do you mean Hakainde? Really laughable, dull Sharon why do you ask him out as you think of him during the nite…I feel sorry for your kaponya boyfriend!!

  17. More “I will continue stealing while you talk”.

    This dude all of a sudden thinks he is workaholic just because he doing a few national tours while he has a break from his globetrotting escapades. In Jay Jay’s language ‘really laughable’.

    Look at the ‘market’ shelter, isn’t even embarrassed as a president to be photographed standing next to that disaster ready to fall off on those poor souls. No one gave you a mandate to plunder national resources… you stole the elections and you are stealing national resources right now.

    What a clown!

  18. I don’t understand how our President works. He was in Chinena to do what? Where is the Presidential release to highlight the message to the nation to emulate or change or improve or set a current trend?? Can someone educate me where the point he is making is!!???

  19. I really do not understand some Zambians. If the President stays in state house they say he’s just drinking in state house instead of going out there to check what’s happening. When he goes out there they start condemning him. Let him go out there to check on the works going on and a bit of interaction with the people. It is also good for his health. As you said your excellency continue working while they are talking and you will certainly ‘sontapo’ come 2021

    • When he starts hosting press briefs and making policy announcements instead of eating mangoes in the street..i will say he is working. Moreover his recent local trips have highlighted that he has no clue around him as either he has appointed wrong people to report to him or he is simply to lazy to read their reports.

  20. Sakala’Nyongo, very shaggy looking for a president on a week day.
    Inspecting tomatoes and dams is not your job you Sakalanyongo.
    Does he know he’s the Executive and not the civil servant?

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