The Copperbelt University Catholic Community has condemned the recent protests by St. Charles Lwanga Parishioners in Lusaka’s Chilenje township.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Kasama, community chairperson Paul Chomba said the church should be respected as a place of worship and not of disputes.

Mr. Chomba described the protests at St. Charles Lwanga as sad adding that parishioners should have resolved the matter amicably through dialoguing with their leaders.

He has since urged Christians to follow proper channels of communication whenever aggrieved.

He added that as Catholics, St. Charles Lwanga parishioners should understand that priests are called to serve anywhere.

Meanwhile, the community has paid tribute to the outgoing Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu for being an exemplary leader in the church.

He has since congratulated the newly appointed Apostolic Administrator for the Archdiocese of Lusaka Alick Banda on his appointment.

Meanwhile, a staunch Catholic Samuel Chanda has described the reaction by the parishioners at St. Charles Lwanga as unchristian.

Mr. Chanda said the parishioners at St. Charles Lwanga politicised the transfer of the two priests.

Recently, congregants at St. Charles Lwanga Regiment Parish in Lusaka’s Chilenje township protested following news to transfer their parish priest and his assistant.

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    • There a lot of undercurrents which many people don’t see. The sooner these are dealt with the better for the Church.


    • Because those people could not manage to have audience with the bishop. In catholic if you are a parishioner the highest office you can reach is Parish Chairperson. Parish Chair is equally a patishioner who cannot challenge the bishop hence doing what they did.


  1. This is the reason priest mustn’t take political stands. When Telephore Mpundu gathered UPND members and issued that statement on HH’s detention, he abused his position. The person that has succeeded him clarified that Bishops never met to discuss what their leader had said. This could be the genesis of problems


  2. Catholics have channels of communication which gives parishioners access to higher authority if they feel unherdheard by their immediate pastors.
    The guts to enter the Church bellowing hooligan’s songs. They were oblivious of the honour of Eucharist, which is the ‘highest form of liturgy/prayer’ for the Church. , raises questions.
    1. Ring leader alimucibe
    2. Ba follower nabobene need to know ifya kukonkelesha.


  3. Religion is the opium of the primitive. People should find something better to do than hating and hurting each other over falsehoods.


  4. Parishoners do not make administrative decisions for the church. Priests can be transferred to any place where their services are needed.
    Its unfortunate that even in the entire group of protesters, no one could reason but used their hearts to do those disgutting acts.
    Parishoners have taken the church administrators for granted. Priests come and go.


  5. What they did was OK,do you honestly think those pipo would have been given an ear? Of course not!at times when pipo say NO,its NO. Don’t take us for granted. Power to the pipo



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