Brenda Tembo after sentencing
Brenda Tembo after sentencing

The Zambia Civic Education Association has described the five year jail sentence slapped on Njoya Tee’s wife Brenda as landmark.

In an interview in Lusaka, Association President Judith Mulenga said the sentence will serve as a deterrent to other would be offenders.

Mrs Mulenga said cases of child abuse as a form of punishment are rampant in Zambia and that they often go unreported.

She said the Association is planning to use the judgement as an advocacy tool to sensitise the public on the dangers of abusing children.

Mrs Mulenga said there is need to prohibit corporal punishment at home which has already been prohibited in schools and in other public places.

“This is a lesson to all those taking care of children that these children also have rights and that the law protects them. This is a big land mark case and as you know this assault is in the guise of discipline or corporal punishment.

Since corporal punishment is not prohibited in the home, although prohibited at school and other places, so this judgement is a good precedent so that children are protected from .

“Some argue that it is acceptable to beat children as a form of punishment, the convict here even says i didn’t mean to harm the victim but i say, it is not up to you, it is up to the recipient, you can’t say i am not harming the child, it’s not you but the recipient and the harm done to the child cannot be under estimated.
Mrs Mulenga stated that most African homes can be described as real laboratories of violence against children.

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  1. If the picture i saw on one of the online news is the true picture of the victim, boy this woman should have been given more than five years, only isis and al kada can maim a fellow human being like that, eeeish woman thou art short fused.


    that what we want no corruption no negotiations. No one is above LAW.
    The Child’s rights must be observed.


  3. Her husband can sing a song of praise for the Great Leader and the wife shall get a pardon. Someone did a song for the Great leader after being convicted for defiling a lady and was released having served two years for 18 year sentence. Njoya T do it for your wife. This is Zambia for real….. arent you PF supporter?


  4. monks, singing for the leader asking for pardon is not a crime.what matters is how you sing….. this is not treason………….. this is not defaming the great Leader….


  5. Maybe that way she can recollect some instance of goodness. How it felt on the victim is more than how you gonna feel in jail for if you are willing can come out with a genuine degree in criminology and start an organization defending the rights of children. Think about it, and do not waste the good time you shall have since prisoners only work a few hours in 24 and the rest is for lazing around.


  6. Imweee those who who want children 2 be free from corporal punishment do u think think children can grow well with using flops? I don’t know if u understand the Bible Heli the priest in old testament was punished by God because when his children used to make mistakes he did not used stick 2 teach .Corporal punishment should be introduced in schools but with limitations


    • You didn’t get the point. Abuse is being disguised as discipline in the form of corporal punishment. How does burning someone correct the wrong they have done? That priest in the bible was punished for failing to correct his erring children not for not administering corporal punishment. They were grown men how was he going to ‘shambock’ them?


  7. I am disappointed with this case. 5 years for such a crime? She deserved at least 25 years with hard labour. That child is scarred for life …!!!



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