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Raila Odinga’s Self Imposed Presidency in Kenya an Eye Opener For Zambians

Columns Raila Odinga's Self Imposed Presidency in Kenya an Eye Opener For Zambians

Opposition leader Raila Odinga holds a bible aloft after swearing an oath during a mock “swearing-in” ceremony at Uhuru Park in downtown Nairobi, Kenya Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018. Odinga was sworn-in as “the people’s president” during a mock “inauguration”, in protest of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s new term following the divisive 2017 election, and despite the government’s warning that the event would be considered treason. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

By Prince Ndoyi

We want to thank the overwhelming support we have gotten from institutions and individuals that have welcomed our noble call to limit the number of times one appears on the presidential ballot. These include LAZ, NGOCC, YALI among other stakeholders.

We also appreciate the insights and actionable efforts by the Chifubu Member of Parliament Dr Frank Ngambi. Especially for the selfless initiative to commit in moving the said motion after our petition to Parliament in the next session of Parliament which opens on 20th February. We call upon more parliamentarians to support this milestone constitutional provision. Great thanks to those few isolated voices like Edwin Lifwekelo and those from parliament and some opposition figures. We must unite all these voices, organise them and move with everyone.

Would like to express disappointment in those that see this with their partisan blindfolds. UPND deputy SG Patrick Mucheleka has been on radio ignorantly speculating that this law targets Hakainde Hichilema, and vows to use their numbers in Parliament to shoot it down. Sadly he has opted for a very simplistic approach to analysing the current political imbroglio in Zambia’s democracy. This is laughable.

Mucheleka will tell a lie and repeat it so many times and so loudly and dramatically hoping that in time, it will resemble the truth. It is because of people like Mucheleka that we fail to unite behind national issues like this one.

Zambians who love peace and security must see the dangers of having perpetual losing presidential candidates over contesting elections as lessons are glaring to see in the Kenyan Saga through Raila Odinga who after losing too many times unconstitutionally swore himself as president. Do we honestly think Raila at his age and with his numerous election losses and political track record could just accept a loss and move on?

This superficial interpretation of the Zambian political narrative by the UPND is what has even led Kenya into this crisis. It is common knowledge that losing is very painful not only to the party, but more severely to the individual Presidential candidate. And it would be unfair for any party to continue subjecting its leader to this humiliation election after election, it is inhuman. That is why in Africa electoral losses by the opposition are characterised by claims of illegality and irregularity and dramatic episodes. Because our laws in a traditional fashion, have neglected the possibilities of a dishonourable abuse of democratic rights and privileges. As a sensible society in the interest of protecting democratic rights and liberties we must ensure to preserve peace because without which the same rights are not guaranteed their full enjoyment.

For us we saw it coming and the situation in Kenya has vindicated us. The onus is upon us Zambians. We have watched a handful of MPs running to the press and expressing their differing opinion and so have many people in isolation talked about it.

Kenya has lost a lot of lives due to political disputes and as a country we must learn to prevent any bloodshed of innocent people in our country either by limiting the number of times an individual can attempt the presidency not just for the Republican President. Instead we espouse for peace and prosperity.

We know politicians that when their personal interests are threatened and what they do to protect themselves from being brought to account – they rush to courts and sing the democratic hymn. But we want to make an honest appeal to the conscious of our Parliament to interrogate this proposal premised on the interests of peace and creating political space for youths and women within our political folds as opposed to a perpetual hold on to power by the same individuals in perpetuity.

We find leaders who don’t support this as being
simply selfish and more interested in only what is important to themselves. To feel in charge.To feel the honor of the names and references, the reverence associated with POWER.

Raila Odinga’s self-imposed presidency in Kenya should concern all of us that believe in global peace. There is no legality, justification or common sense for such conduct other than an attempt to fuel confusion and anarchy in Kenya because of his perpetual losses. And its for Zambians to draw lessons while there is still time to do so.

Finally, underestimating the need to regulate politicians in Zambia has far reaching consequences on the lives of many men, women and children who value peace over selfish leaders whose only interest is to fulfil their political ambitions at whatever cost. Zambia is indirectly creating anarchists, one election at a time.

Prince Ndoyi
MMD Youth

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  1. Foolish future-less schooled foolish boys and people , look kenya’s Government called for that as they did not want dialogue before the elections , but also look back at there political history and what has been going on between the two main tribes. But also when you Visionless leadership all they can think about is broking others .Look lets be that law is passed the law is not retrospective at all , it shall start from there . But also the term limits is for those in state President and not Political party President at all .

    Look at America some have been senators for 30years until final seat

  2. n in whose interest wil that b…such myopic laws r repressive..we know u r pf bamukukulu…u r the same pipo funning confusion around.that stupid law won’t go anywhere

    • The only people i would support are those who can push for a 4 year term, and after 2 terms as republican president they leave the stage just like in America. NOT THIS NONSENSE, if this nonsense was entertained by unip and mmd, pf’s sata would have not become president and pf would not have tasted power. The one we should worry about is the Republican 2 terms, 5 years, at republican level we need to try out a lot of different brains, if we are to get this nation forward.

    • Well articulated Prince, I think the term limit should extend to MPs as well. We have ancient and medieval individuals for MPs who keep on being recycled as cabinet ministers even as they hop from one party to another. They add no value at all to the block chain and really, their’s is nothing more than telling stories of the olden times and drawing parallels between times. God help mother Zambia.

    • This Ndoyi, why not join Tayali party, who is his MMD President who will declare himself; Never Mumbu or Mutati?

    • Go on finish the Kenya story kaili! ……….. also a warning to all that always thrive on rigging elections the constitutional court will be waiting.
      Ati Dr Frank Ngambi fimo kuti waseka sana only on zambia where you get people who know nothing ati dokota.

    • Its a stupid suggestion arising out of fear for the opposition. Political parties are like social clubs and does not matter how many times a club chairman is re-elected so long the term limit has been adhered to. I’m in support of a law that would reduce the term for both the president and members of parliament limited to serving only two terms. Once one has served president for a term or two they should never again consider to re-contest its game over for them while for parliamentarians there should be a two term furlough before trying a comeback! Why should one who has not been tested being in plot one being curtailed from trying? This is retrogressive thinking and should not be entertained! Probably of interest could be to consider too a limit to the upper age for presidency…

    • contd….. contestants i.e. 60 years lest we end up with a danger of electing someone at the onset of senile dementia!

    • @ 1.7 FuManchu – Great thinking. Am up for the law and happy to read such progressive thinking.

      Am sure the MPs will strike a balance and only hope such a suggestion can be stricken as one of middle ground.

      This idea can bring fresh minds with new ideas. To be honest, and it’s my opinion, HH and his people around him can have the country go up in flames.

      We are just too many who do not like him because of his past and not only him, it is also the crocodiles and tribslists of cows around him.

      Certainly not for me but if the rest of Zambia wants him, who am I but to watch?


  3. ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND says Sejani. Prince ndoyi you are spot and I can see you carry Zambian interests at heart. This motion should be supported by all well meaning Zambians so that it becomes law to prevent some politicians from cultivating anarchy the Kenyan way, prevention is better than cure.Peace for all Zambians must be above an individual interests. When HH loses in 2021 ( WHICH IS MOST LIKELY AGAIN) what can stop him from behaving like odinga and bring anarchy in the country? ALREADY he is a bitter man for losing twice in a space of one year to a new comer, ECL. I do foresee HH plunging this country into chaos when he loses again. Therefore, this motion is welcome to prevent selfish leaders whose only agenda is to cause confusion as long as they are not in the state house.

    • Stalled brain, copy paste, copy paste…. Is this what they only trained you to do at the pf social media workshop?

  4. Young man Ndoyi, the difference between Kenya and Zambia is that the two contestants have a long history of winning or losing. Raila’s father lost a few times to Uhuru’s father. Here someone will not

  5. Stupid ideas of discrimination and interfering with intra party issues. The issue of a candidate at party level is purely a party issue. Even Dr can be so stupid to think so low.

  6. i totaly agree with ndoyi.the desparetion that am seing in the upnd.if they loose again wich is posible.believe you me zambia will civil war.Hh is so desparete to go to state .house.please l suport the limit one has to stand as a presidential candident.

  7. This would be a VERY BAD law. Why bar someone from contesting whatever number of times one liked? The reason why Odinga has declared has declared himself president is NOT because he has contested several times. It is because of rigging. He won the election and yet the incumbent stole that election through rigging. This is what is the problem with African governments. We need to level the playing field so that people participate freely and without any intimidation from the government in power. Dont enact laws targeted at Hakainde; the same law will turn against you one day.

    • Their supreme court said no rigging took place and the incumbent was found to be innocent.So where did you get that false garbage from?

  8. u5 will never rule Zambia because all he wants is revange and plunder govt resources and promote tribalism

  9. Odinga is a dangerous demagogue who wants to show he can defy supreme court rulings and electoral bodies decisions on who has won elections.No person should have that much power to do whatever they want and rent crowds to dare the state machinery to confront them.Its unconstitutional and this is how civil wars are started.

  10. ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND says Sejani. PF you have more numbers in the parliament to pass this motion and eventually make it law. The votes against this motion from the opposition will not be enough to nullify it . We, therefore, urge all PF MPS (independent MPs included) to support this motion. We don’t want this political nonsense that is coming from UPND in their desperation to usher their first ever TONGA president. HH can be the worst president as far as tribalism and white color theft are concerned hence the need to stop him.I personally cant wait to see this motion signed into law by the president to put an end to HH’s threat to national peace and security. ONE ZAMBIA, ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION.

  11. Thats what he wanted to do in mongu.

    2021 thats what will happen in monze. kaili he is a tribal leader

  12. Ideally whatever qualifies you to participate in elections as a voter must equally qualify you to participate as a candidate, anything beyond that is discriminatory. The franchise we fought for, ie. the right to elect and be elected can’t be curtailed because Godfrey Miyanda has stood and lost countless times. Let the people decide not the Law

  13. That is very well come. We want straight issues. Right now we were not going to be arguing whether ECL will stand in 2021 or not if the constitution had stipulated that an individual has only 2 chances of contesting for presidency. Even the English in the constitution should be clear without ambiguities. We don’t need exparts to interpret our own constitution. Over doing something is a sin. I think HH has tried and should give chance to others as well. Losing 5 times is phenomenon and that is history on its own, and soon it will be appearing in social studies and civics. Having said that, 2 attempts will be enough. If HH loses a record 6 times, I won’t be surprised to hear that he has sworn in himself. He almost did that last year.

  14. It takes time for people in Zambia to trust a leader, if that law was in effect in 2011 corrupt nyama soya would have continued to rule to date.

  15. Imwe…focus on the economy rather than the Presidential seat. Zambians need to talk more about things that matter such food..Jobs…health… Education.
    Raila Odinga is an embarrassment to Africa!!!

  16. The chronic loser should go away! Very far away! Maybe to Panama. He can be voted for there. They are beneficiaries to our stolen money.

  17. That’s a very bad retrogressive law .Political parties are strictly “private member clubs” and should be allowed the freedom to set their own schedules and internal structures.

    What’s gonna make us any different from communist China where govt choses the candidate?

    • Private… it cannot be private. Last time I checked running for presidency is public, therefore, affects the public.

      Anything affecting the public need to be regulated. Have you seen us regulating panama money? No, cause that’s truly private.

      If you do not want us to regulate political parties… shut them down.

  18. It’ s now becoming clear that Zambia is abundantly blessed with a lot of dunderheads, empty tins, nincompoops and a lot more who are good at making noise and self praise than centering their attention on serious issues affecting the country and it’ s people. Honestly, what’ s the value/ purpose of this so called Ndoyi’ s article apart from seeking the attention to be heard by this thug government ? I would assume he is also a prominent thug and not anything else. I do not think this time to bring in stupid issues when there are serious issues that urgently need to be addressed that visibly affect every well meaning Zambian.

  19. Let’s think rationally about this idea ,party policies are not vested in an individual the way we seem to be looking at at this idea, rather individuals at the helm of political parties should be regulated as to how many times a person contests the position of President.
    A party can lose elections and still continue perfecting the ideas and policies not with the same individual at the helm but by changing from one individual to another, This is how our friends in Europe have perfected their policies and politics. With this few words I support the motion

  20. Dunderhead Prince. It is worth noting that individual political parties choose for themselves their own presidential candidate and that has nothing to do with us the voters and so a party has the right to present to the electorate whoever that want for presidency. That suggestion is retrogressive as it interferes with the affairs of political parties. What concerns the national constitution is the number of terms one can serve as a nation’s president and not party president. Are u also suggesting that when one fails at something a number of times they must be made to stop? That should not be the case. Life is about Never giving up if u have reached let others keep trying and reach as well period. Your artical is clearly political and does not represent the wish of Zambians. May you…

  21. Abraham Lincoln tried 7 times and is said to be one of the best USA presidents. In my opinion, if the political parties are comfortable with their presidential aspirant,let them flot him as many times as is feasible.

  22. The problems in Kenya arise from poorly run election with no transparency. This is the trend in Africa which is fueling tensions and instability. A transparent and truly free and fair election systems is what Africa desperately needs right now. Even a one time candidate whose supporters would feel cheated out of their victory can cause a lot of trouble. Let’s deal with real issues not sentimental ideas. Let the loser lose transparently and free from violence and intimidation.

  23. When people are able to verify the win or loss of their candidates with an election body which is transparent no one would complain about their loss other than acknowdge their loss. This is what happens in mature democracies. The perceived resistance by the electoral body to act fairly raises suspicions. This is what Mr Ndoyi should work hard to improve first. Less transparent systems breed all sorts of suspicions. Let’s clean our systems of Governance. We also need to cut presidential powers and also remove presidential immunity for things done in personal capacity. Properly define powers of the president and its limitations.

    • @ The People… I understand your point and am certain most of other descerning Zambians.

      However, one mistake in your illustration. Mature democracies have had 300 to 400 years in the making. We cannot achieve that overnight and only can try. That is number one!

      Number two… African can not be run on the model of other democracies. It would be lunacy to do so. You ask the Chinese, China runs on a different model fitting to them and still very successful.

      Democracy in Africa? Look at what happened to Patrice Lumumba… democratically elected and thought he was covered by the people who overwhelmingly elected him to power. The opposition worked with the CIA to kill a democratically elected president. Zambia would be no different, look at HH running all over the place soliciting…

    • Cont- international help… that being left unregulated would plunge us the Congolese way. Look at how they are now, had Lumumba carried on, Congo would be different today.

      Africa to develop, needs a mixture of tirany am afraid. That’s what an African understands.

    • You also go and ask Paul Kagame. See how development has exponentially sky rocketed in Rwanda?

      That is unfortunately what we need… we are a stubborn people yet sheepish.

      We are overgrown babies who need direction all the time. Left unchecked, there’s usually foreign interference and bloodshed. Most of our population is uneducated and immature and need consistent supervision like infants.

      That is the bitter truth.

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