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Speeding CBU Lecturer kills 3 children in Mpongwe

General News Speeding CBU Lecturer kills 3 children in Mpongwe

Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga
Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga

Three pupils died on the spot yesterday after being hit by a motor vehicle along the Mpongwe-Luanshya road in the Copperbelt province.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga disclosed that the accident occurred yesterday around 17:20 hours at Chintala area along the Mpongwe-Luanshya road.

Ms. Katanga said the driver Andrew Chikonde 28, a lecturer at the Copperbelt University lost control of the Toyota Chaser registration number ALH 3209, and consequently hit the three children, killing all of them on the spot.

She said Chikonde lost control of the vehicle due to excessive speed.

The three deceased children have been identified as Dainess Kawanga 11, Francis Chintala and Cecilia Chintala, who were twins aged 9.

She explained that Dainess sustained head injuries which Francis and Cecilia sustained general body injuries.

Ms. Katanga said a mob later descended on the motor vehicle burning it to ashes.

She said no arrest has been made in connection with the incident.

She noted that due to security concerns, the driver of the motor vehicle, who sustained a cut on the head, has been relocated to a Kitwe health facility along with his two passengers who also sustained minor injuries.

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    • The main problem we have is not licenses and fitness of vehicles. Once again OVERSPEEDING kills! More people die in road accidents directly as a result of OVERSPEEDING than any other cause.

      And Ratsa need to share statistics on which vehicles seem to be more suspect, we all know that Corrollas, Noahs, Hilux, Landcruisers, Canters, Audi, BMW are the usual suspects.

    • Kumawa, Please this matter is a serious one and the loss of twins plus another is not synomous with “stupid polits” of PF and UPND!

      Please……please sober up!

    • This thing of mob justice should end. Police should do their job and arrest all those involved and use them as an example. Sometimes these accidents are not caused by negligence by the driver, but by the bad roads we have in Zambia. The potholes are too many and enormous. I’ve lost countless tires thanks to lack of road works by the great govt of our humble leader of the great nation. Twapapata work on these roads. It is unfair that on a highway there are potholes that take out tires for trucks and we have toll gates and paying other road user related fees. You are not utilizing our taxes well PF govt. We need to enact laws in which we can sue the govt once investigations show that an accident was caused due to potholes that caused a tire or tires to burst

    • That boy will never enjoy driving again. I have hit a dog in the past and the trauma has never really left me out completely until after about 5 years…Now what more a person, and 3 of them, innocent kids from school….Ukose mwaiche!!

  1. Which arrests do you want, you already have the offender in that health facility…? What I expected to hear is he will be charged wen he has recovered…!!!

  2. CBU lecturers are lawless. Just a few weeks ago they physically locked the office of their Vice Chancellor, behaved just like cardres.

  3. Why speed in areas with children or in residential areas? Who taught this f00l how to drive? Beer and speed don’t work. Lock this f00l for 25.

    • Unfortunately causing death by careless driving is not a crime that amount to serving a jail sentence but a fine and probably revocation of the driving licence. It is sad but usually traffic accidents do carry a jail sentence. May the little ones’ souls rest in eternal peace!

  4. Comment:If he was drunk, the law should work on him,Mrs Tembo Njoya got good 5 years for ironing the poor girl,what about killing?10 years per head.

  5. Unfortunately you cannot be jailed for causing death by dangerous driving in Zambia. This UPNDee cow will get away with a fine only. Its one of the archaic laws that needs to be reviewed or updated in Zmabi.

  6. Is he a lecturer at 28 yrs has he got a masters or Phd , i think he is just a driver at CBU, the mob should have DONE instant justice on the UPND cadre by sqeezing his mapolo until death. VERY SORRY TO THE AGRIEVED FAMILIES MTSRIP

  7. That road has human settlements the whole stretch, you can’t cruise like Satwant Singh. The excitement of driving a large capacity vehicle has caused this tragedy. Although most traffic offenses are punishable by a fine, a custodial sentence would in this case. The anguish of losing twins at a go is unbearable. Very unfortunate

  8. I wonder why RTSA have not installed speed traps at key suspect speed areas to fine and punish drivers like above…are you waiting for PF crooks to come to you like the Findlays?

  9. The problem is not only the drivers,its the road design. When you construct a road you are supposed to put in place infrastructure to separate pedestrains from vehicles.There has to be a demarcation.A place for pedestrians to walk safely and cross safely so that even if an ***** is speeding they are safe. I cringe every time I see new highways in Zambia that are so close to houses and people.The govt should take responsibility.Don’t just accept the rubbish “investors” throws your way.

  10. @Lindiwe I hope you have seen the Luanshya Mpongwe road. It’s big enough to accommodate 3 cars traveling side by side. It’s nice road with all the markings, but there’s a lot of criss-crossing going on by farmers, pupils and other villagers. One must drive with caution.

    • Does this nice road have a pedestrian walkway or a foot bridge where pedestrians can cross or at least road signs cautioning drivers to watch out for playing children? If not its a terrible road and any deaths due to poor design is the contractor and governments fault.

  11. Sad story. Very touching and confusing.
    I understand over speeding is a crime. But remember to provide proper mental counselling for the parents to the kids and not forgetting the Driver himself.

    I understand he has messed up with the law but it was an accident not planned killing.

    • But he knew at high speed anything can happen,who knows he might have planned the accident,may the souls of those young children rest in peace,meanwhile his will never be at peace,killing twins at a go,this must be very hard for the parents,may Gods comfort be with them,I still maintain this could have been avoided.

  12. #1.4 Celebrity, you must be an upn.dee cadre with proper dna always looking for something or someone to blame except themselves, that road has NOT a single pothole and it has numerous speedhumps, he must be a satan to complete the description.
    I am very angry at the loss of such young lives you satanists, 2021 you will be buried alive.

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