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Street vending permanently banned in Kapiri Mposhi

General News Street vending permanently banned in Kapiri Mposhi

Kapiri Mposhi Town Council has maintained that it will not rescind its decision to permanently remove street venders in the area.

Council Public Relations Officer, Chris Mulaliki said the local authority has created sufficient and safe trading places to ensure that people sell their merchandise in designated and healthy environments.

Mr. Mulaliki was responding to appeals by some people who have been removed from trading in the streets in the wake of the cholera outbreak in Kapiri Mposhi to allow them go back on the streets following the apparent containing of the cholera situation in the area.

But Mr. Mulaliki said the local authority will not rescind its decision of removing people from trading on the streets.

In a statement to ZANIS today, Mr. Mulaliki stressed that the local authority will not entertain street vending but will only allow traders to conduct their businesses in designated trading places.

“We want to put it on record that we will not allow any street vending in our district but what we have done is to create sufficient trading spaces near some designated trading spaces such as Tambalale market where people can trade from,” Mr. Mulaliki said.

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  1. My analysis is that going to trade away from the market gives one a lot of advantage to the vendor compared to those remaining at the market. Let everyone operate from the market for the sake of health.

    • Splendid! No more street vending, please; ANYWHERE in Zambia. Let’s bring sanity to our beautiful country. Away with cheap politics!!! Bravo KMDC.

    • One nuisance dealt with, next is the small minibuses and the relocation of Kuloma tower bus station. We just can’t be having uncouth thugs causing untold havoc on the streets of Lusaka.

  2. Time kitwe city council dismantled the bus stop near the railway station. I suppose they can move buses like Power Tools and Mazhyandu to land between MTN and Eleventh Street.

  3. Comment:
    As a matter if street-vending should never be allowed to rear it’s ugly head everywhere in Zambia again, such filth!

  4. Comment:
    As a matter of fact street- vending should never be allowed to rear it’s ugly head anywhere in Zambia again, such filth!

  5. Who encouraged street vending? We all know him. May his soul continue being troubled for many years to come.

  6. City imatket and intercity bus terminus in Lusaka are a stem of street in vending in Lusaka, they are just waiting for soldiers to go. Can someone ensure that even those in city market be moved to soweto so that city market can just be for minibuses and salaula.

  7. lets define street veninding properly ..IF IAM MOBILE AND SELLING VITUMBUWA WHEN PEOPLE IN TRANSIT STOP for fueling or short calls ..is it street vending and will i be banned?

  8. this is the message we should have been hearing from the sleeping mayor in Lusaka; but he is by dreaming of charging mobile users for garbage; imagine tourists who are already heavily taxed at the airports and in hotels being charged for for the use of a Zed sim card for Lusaka resident’s garbage; what a country;

  9. Yes! Why are you trying to complicate a straight forward issue. In fact vitumbuwa are a great source of cholerae if not properly cared for covered. How lazy are to walk to a nearby market if you feel like satisfying your vitumbuwa craving!

    • The law on vending specifically says to be selling while mobile one must have a hawkers license. Even to buy from a wholesale you must be in possession of trading license. These laws have deliberately forgotten hence the confusion we have all round.

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