Government has withdrawn 33 girls from their respective marriages and taken them back to school in Mkushi District in Central Province.

Mkushi District Commissioner (DC), Luka Mwamba says among the girls of Kanjili Primary School in Chief Chita include a 13-year-old mother of one.

ZANIS reports that Mr Mwamba said in an interview in Kabwe the girls were withdrawn from their marriages following his office’s interventions and meetings held with parents and the school’s authorities.

“ Government will not condone early marriages in the district, we are warning the perpetrators of stern action , “ he said.

The DC warned parents in the habit of marrying off girls of school going age and their prospective husbands that will be met with the long arm of the law.

Mr Mwamba said he is working closely with the Social Welfare Department and the traditional leaders in the area to stop the vice.

The DC said the working relationship with all the traditional leaders in the area to curb early marriages is encouraging and praised the Social Welfare Department for helping the victims.

Mr Mwamba explained that the Social Welfare Department has made it possible that the victims go back to school through the provision of requisites.

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  1. If they are at a school going age, then it was statutory rape coz these girls are under age and the men should be charged!


  2. A girl who got married at that age has very little chances of performing well academically. The best the government can do is to work on prevention of such marriages. Those girls now have experienced a lot of sex and independence for them to concentrate on school and live with guardians or parents. They will be obsessing about their lives as married people. I hope the government has a good plan for the girl that have been taken out of their marriages. My advice would be that the government takes them into boarding schools, takes over school sponsorship and finds them a proper home because it would be pointless to take people back to school who cannot afford to pay for school and college. Other than that, this will prove to be a waste of time.



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