Women Drinking Beer

The High Court siting in Mansa has sentenced a man of Sumbu Village of Mansa district to 6 years imprisonment for Manslaughter.

Before High Court Judge Mary Mulanda was Given Chungu 27, who pleaded guilty to one count of Manslaughter contrary to section 199 of the penal code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Facts before the courts were that on 30 July, 2017 in Mansa district around 20:00 hours Given Chungu was at home in Sumbu Village, in Chief Kalasalukangaba when his wife Maines Banda aged 22 years returned home from a drinking spree.

It was then that his wife Maines Banda asked her husband Given Chungu for some money which the husband replied that he did not have money as it was used for a funeral.

It was at that point when his wife told the husband that it was better for her to get married to someone else, the utterances which annoyed the husband.

A quarrel then ensured and in the process of the quarrel the husband slapped and kicked the wife which resulted in injuries and death after two days.

In mitigation Chungu pleaded for the court to be lenient as he is a first offender and that he is remorseful for the act.

And in passing judgement, Judge Mulanda said she had heard all that Chungu had pleaded in mitigation but said that Chungu had no right to cause the death of his wife even if he was provoked.

Judge Mulanda sentenced Chungu to 6 years imprisonment.

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    • This was Manslaughter (Accidental death) and not premeditated murder so according to the law its 6 years


    • @1.1 It’s better to divorce her than to end up in prison. Women especially those who take beer are very provocative. As soon as you see unbecoming behavior, call elders to discuss the issue. If it fails then part from her in peace and intact.


    • Mr Given Chungu needs to be recruited as Zambia Police trainer after serving his time. He has super slaps and kicks!


  1. @Flyer,

    Spot on, even the crate is far from our very own. Lsk times, please put up pictures related to the story.



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