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Open Letter to Hon Dora Siliya: The E-Voucher system has not been a huge success in 2018

Economy Open Letter to Hon Dora Siliya: The E-Voucher system has not been...

MINISTER of Agriculture, Hon. Dora Siliya
MINISTER of Agriculture, Hon. Dora Siliya

In the first place, I am not one who flourishes in pointing out ones weaknesses or shortcomings. I am more a forward looking, solution seeking type. But if I think it’s important to learn from the current failure, then I am forced to bend back and elicit lessons from such.

When I heard His Excellency Edgar Lungu acknowledging that the E-voucher, like any new system, challenges here and there are expected, I felt a sigh of relief that at least this is was an opportunity to pacify the negative narratives and salvos that were emanating from all sort of angles – others genuinely complaining but others capitalizing on the moment for political expediency.

What has necessitated me to write this open letter is after hearing Honourable Dora Siliya – the Minister responsible for Agriculture stating that the E-Voucher is a huge success. Surely could this be true? How can it be a success when most farmers are now only accessing their seeds and fertilizers in January? Hon Dora Siliya must not confuse the erratic rainfall being experienced in the nation with late activation of the E-Voucher cards. For her record, let me state that I grew up as a young boy on a farm and I still do grow some crops and animal farming on a small scale.

During UNIP days, seed and fertilizer would be distributed starting August by Namboard. We all know that by October every year, any farmer who relies on rains to grow crops has to have their land prepared and start planting by November or so. My question to the Honourable Minister is how do you claim activating an E-Voucher card in January a success? From your own statement you indicated that we actually still have some cards not activated. Now my question is when do you think the owners of these cards will start planting?

Yes I agree that the agriculture sector must move away from mono cropping syndrome of Maize but this cannot happen in a vacuum. We need to ensure there is more investments in this regard otherwise most farmers will still opt for Maize growing. In any case, even if they opt for other crops, most of those crops still need rains to flourish.

Honourable Minister we must learn from this debacle and ensure that going forward we activate the E-voucher cards by October each year. Then I will be the first one to defend you and the ministry for the job well done. In fact, the amount of silence will be loud enough to know you have done a good job.

Small scale farmer
Mubiana Muyangwa.


  1. Dora Siliya is not serious, she thinks she can cure all ills by merely sweet talking. It doesn’t work like that. Agriculture is serious business, it’s not as easy as charming President Mulyokela into proposing marriage. Far from it! It’s not about weaves and makeup

    • Dora shut up and go back to MMD where you came from. You do not represent anyone in PF but yourself and you son. Fuseki.

    • Farmers are not paid for maize sold to FRA in 2017.Lupososhi Constituency in Chibaye area is example where farmers have not been paid. Be serious, inside of harassing poor DACOs and blaming the banks for e-voucher failure.

    • Ba Dora you are not serious about farming stop jocking farmers are crying in Mpika rains started in middle November most farmers received fertilizer starting middle Jan, and you call that success and about 30% of applicants received inputs,some received in Feb.Shame.

  2. The old system was very porous. I know of a DACO who minted big time from the FISP by creating fictitious cooperatives and getting hundreds and hundreds of fertilizer. Even the Chairpersons of established Cooperatives would actually have a few ghost farmers on their lists and the fertilizer will end up on the black market. It reminds of Mealie Meal Coupons in Kaunda’s time.

  3. The word failed she has completely failed total score results 0.1% This is worst mp in this ministry Zambia will never develop with this kind of people

  4. the voucher issue was spoiled by Agriculture people especially here in Solwezi, if we had wanted would have reported these officers wat they were doing to poor farmers, thank God we are good people its only the almighty to reward, other wise it was terrible. we rest this case. poor farmer

  5. The FISP was misused in Solwezi they was a Mr. Sondashi at Agriculture department with hundreds of pseudo farmers, the fertilizers were sold in DRC through kipushi. We should support the government of the day.

  6. Dora Siliya has no agro qualitz. Perhaps Tourism. On the other side, Dora does not put money in the accounts for farmers ok . All she can do is to see to it that things happen on time. Bcoz if she goes to the ministry of finance and she is told there is no money. Coz I don’t think she is sitting idle. What I’m saying is let’s not jst blame Siliya only but all. The old system yes it was porous but gov’t was so quick to bring e-vouchers which luks porous as well. For sure senior civil servants were involved even politicians. Even this e-voucher still the same some farmers are even exchange for cash. Instead of giving me fertiliser give me cash. I go and do some other business.

  7. How can a blind see any success? It is too soon to tell! You can take a donki or a horse to a stream but it will never drink any water! Dora is one of the most intelligent ministers and has excelled! Keeping rocking madam! Beautiful inside out!

  8. Hon minister Dora Siliya, you are an amazing,highly intelligent woman and leader with vision. Zambia is very fortunate to have you serve the nation dilligently. Please keep it up and dont be dissuaded by these illiterate imbecilles whose only purpose is to be vile and exposing their irrelevance. Your visionary leadership is evident in your body of work.Never give up and along the way groom young female leaders of the future to learn how identify, thesisize propagate solutions and articulate themselves with confidence.

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