A teacher at Kaoma high school was found dead last Thursday evening at his girl Friend’s house in unclear circumstances.

ZANIS reports that police sources and Kaoma hospital authorities confirmed the incident in separate interviews and named the deceased as Masauso Isiteketo,35 of teacher’s compound who allegedly collapsed at his girlfriend ‘s house in prison compound in the early hours of Thursday.

The sources said Mr. Isiteketo who is also a police reserve at Kaoma Central earlier went for a drinking spree and had supper together at her residence where he met his fate.

It is further alleged that upon their arrival at the woman’s house, the deceased demanded for sex but after his girlfriend told him she was having her monthly period , the deceased collapsed and was later rushed to hospital where he was pronounced as brought in dead.

Kaoma hospital authorities revealed that the deceased whose body is laying in the facility’s mortuary had allegedly taken some sex booster which may have led to his death.

And police who have since recorded a statement from the girlfriend said they did not suspect any foul play

A postmortem is being awaited to ascertain the cause of death.

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  1. I guess there were no cows nearby, otherwise he would have relieved himself in one. no wonder ba dundumwezi are busssssy supporting sex toys. ask Lola miti to advocate for sex toys. Congo dust teinobe


  2. How does the police use hearsay to declare the cause of death? Shouldn’t the police have waited for postmortem?

    Also, do we have defibrillators in our country? The common language you hear is BID. Declaration is made after feeling for the pulse. Defilbrilators save lives.


  3. We have defibrillators but not every Jim and Jack can use them. You connect a cardiac monitor to determine whether it’s a shockable or non shockable cardiac arrest.


  4. Lack of planning. How can you boil water without checking if you have mealie meal? The guy should have checked first if the woman was okay for the night.



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