PF Lusaka province chairman Kennedy Kamba captured on a mobile phone at C ity Library Polling centre in Lusaka
PF Lusaka province Youth chairman Kennedy
CIVIL activist Laura Miti is a UPND stooge who is hiding behind the veil of running a civil society organisation to propagate her funders’ ideals by demonising Government every day, says Lusaka Province PF youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba.

Mr. Kamba said he was not surprised that Ms Miti had continued making wild allegations against Government on any decisions it has made. He accused Ms Miti of turning a blind eye to all the social evils such as violence that the UPND had engaged in because she was HH’s sympathiser.

He said while there was nothing wrong with CSOs criticising Government and providing checks and balances, he had a problem with NGOs with political agendas such as Ms. Miti who was using her organisation to propagate her political ambitions.

“Have you ever heard Ms. Miti saying anything good about anything that Government has done? Have you ever heard her condemning UPND for anything? This is what makes her operations as a leader of the CSO questionable.

How possible is it that the PF can be doing everything wrong while the opposition is always correct?

“Ms. Miti must stop hiding behind the veil of running a CSO because people are able to read between the lines and realise that she is just a UPND stooge and all she is doing is to propagate its agenda by attacking the ruling party unnecessarily,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kamba said no matter how many CSOs gang up against the government, nothing will change because the people of Zambia were witnesses to the robust development Zambia had attained since the PF came into power.

“The same people who were demonising President Edgar Lungu over his international trips have now changed and are questioning why he has stopped attending international meetings, “What motivates them to change positions from time to time if it is not to facilitate for regime change?”

Mr Kamba said because President Lungu had chosen to concentrate on inspecting projects, they are now panicking because they know the projects if completed, would spell doom to their campaigns for the 2021 elections.

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  1. When people like Laura Mitti raise issues of corruption in the PF Govt, we expect those in government address those issues rather than labelling the voices that raise these issues as anti government. e.g. The country has so not heard how the Govt purchased 42 fire engines at 42 million Kwacha and why.


  2. Please there will never be another Lucy Sichone people like Laura worked under her. Mitti/ Banda as a trained school teacher with a degree in education ought to know better. It is good to raise concerns but be balanced. When your close ally Fleddie the wannabe night school lawyer and untrained editor was spewing insults in the name of journalism you were ndwii, even when he called our party a Bantustan you were ndwii when you other mate the fat desk lawyer and disgraced dpP was making a clown of himself drank with power you were ndwii …be consistent in your approach to issues….


  3. There is nothing wrong with Laura questioning government over the corruption going on. If you want her to keep quiet, answer her questions. Don’t start insulting her in the hope that she will stop questioning government. We need answers #42for42.


  4. Is that the **** who went into self imposed exile in south africa and came back empty handed? She found all the positions in NGOCC filled up, and now needing some pittance from h.h.
    Ok tell us how you make ends meet Madam Laura Miti, tensalafye iile landa nomba?

    On a friendly note, how is your husband?


  5. @3,,, But there is also something very wrong in questioning why the president has cut down on foreign trips because that is what we all wanted, to save the much needed cash for development. Just like I would be shocked to hear any sound minded Zambian criticize if the President would swing into action to against corrupt elements in his gvt. This is want we all press fearlessly for, but to say the opposite, in my view would only be identified with critically confused minds. Our fight should be to rectify the wrongs in any leadership at all cost, not to advocate for regime change for the one with our affiliation without good cause.


  6. Spy sometimes regime change is needed, we live in an era where time is of the essence. Our leaders in Africa so much seek to just stay in power rather than help make the lives of their people better and the longer they stay the more detrimental it becomes. Imagine in Zimbabwe how people had to live in fear for more than 30 years and nothing changed or got better. Nobody wants to waste 30 years of their lives hoping someone would change or make things better, which they never did.


  7. I have a serious problem with people who attack other people when they ask questions about government operations. So if Laura is a UPND sympathiser, all her questions must not be answered because of her being UPND? Is UPND an illegal entity in this country?

    Let’s s suppose Laura does not think properly for a minute but she remains a faithful tax payer in toll gates, VAT in shoping malls and even toll gates and by the way she has a TPIN number because she has a personal bank acvount. Is the government not obliged to explain to this citizen and poor tax payer how they are procuring expensive motor vehicles and road projects? Let’s be serious. Laura is just a humble citizen raising serious questions about how the rich in government are treating the poor. God bless my country.


  8. All PF members should know that any citizen of this country has a right to question anything the Govt is doing because we are all shareholders to this country called Zambia. The only difference between PF and the rest of us is that you have been given the mandate to look after the resources of this country. You are not the sole owners of this country and therefore you are not at liberty to do whatever you please. When the citizens raise any issues, I expect you to give answers and not calling us opposition stooges. We are not all political cadres but patriotic Zambians. I rest my case.



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