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State House ‘ canes’ Kambwili for proposing violence against Chinese nationals

Headlines State House ‘ canes’ Kambwili for proposing violence against Chinese nationals

Mr Amos Chanda

State house says the remarks by Roan Constituency member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili that he will incite residents in Luanshya to stone Chinese nationals in Luanshya is an embarrassment to government.

Special assistant to the President for press and public relations Amos Chanda said that the Chinese embassy has taken note of the remarks by Mr. kabwili.

Mr. Chanda said government feels embarrassed about the remarks by Mr. Kambwili in a 12 mintues audio recording where the embattled law maker was urging some former miners to start stoning Chinese nationals so that they can leave the country.

The President’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations said this in Kitwe at a press briefing.

He said in the audio Mr. Kambwili is indirectly proposing xenophobic attacks against Chinese nationals by urging the National Union of Mine Workers ( NUMW ) to start stoning Chinese owners of Luanshya mine.

He said President Edgar Lungu will not tolerate such utterances but will remain committed to protecting the sovereignty of the nation.


  1. Arrest anyone who incites violence especially this Kambwili hypocrite cretin. He was the one tasked with improving things as MP for Roan but what did he do? Instead he gave himself contracts. He is playing to the grievances the people of Luanshya are feeling because of the low level of investment these Chinese have brought to that town. These LCM people have neglected the town entirely, no corporate social responsibility at all. Luanshya used to have one of the best sports complexes during the Unip days, I recall the days of ZCCM sports festival- what a sad state of affairs it is today to see such a run down infrastructure which the Chinese have not bothered to revive. These are the feelings the people have and this is why they are angry. We see the same thing with Mulungushi textiles in…

    • Ctn… We see the same thing with Mulungushi textiles in Kabwe where the factory is just a ghost structure! Chinese investment can be a blessing and a curse depending on the checks and balances. Such companies such as the LCM are tarnishing the image of China.

      As for us- there is no going back we are for Green Party!

      Green Party for a better tommorrow with Peter Sinkamba a leader that cares for all Zambians!

    • State house is not ashamed to side with those chines firing their own people. Amos Chanda state house vuvuzila can even find audacity to speak for the chines companies at the expense of Zambians. Chanda and state house you are a shame! You are paid to protect the interest of Zambians first we do not pay you to protect your own interest. We make sure you are eating and drinking everyday but those poor miners you are failing to protect are going hungry. Do your job Chanda the issue of protecting Zambians is non negotiable and its the reason why you and your boss are there.

    • The Chinese just had to find something against Kambwili after the numerous corruption deals he’s exposed against them. This is definitely not the PF I voted for, one that quickly speaks and stands for the rich and drags it’s feet where the poor are concerned. I am embarassed that State House issued this statement.

    • Our own Zambian son Pilato is in exile….we have never heard anything from State House, immediately BUFFOON CK talks about their Chine paymasters they are already issuing statements. No wonder you wanted to make them Police Reservists.

    • Moral leadership is not for every Tom Dick and Harry. You will always be remembered for abusing your offices eg “Natuka chita ka cikala…kalemona kwati ni ka President nako. In fact Ba (kakoma) Kankanja is very weak if I didn’t direct him upto now that ka cikala would still be enjoying the comfort of his house,” Kaiser Zulu was heard bragging before Kampyongo interjected,
      “Awe kachepa sana. We are in charge …we are serious operatives. In fact kulefwayika fye kafwile mu jele. Ni mweba Amos you are too soft this should have been done immediately we came from Mongu,” said Kampyongo.
      However Chanda who was seemingly concerned about the media backlash said he had already instructed the public media to stop any form of coverage.
      “We need to manage what comes out of the media…otherwise abantu…

  2. Amos Chanda is just a blubbering idler always trying to look important and useful.True power is silent ,its weakness that’s always loud.

  3. This statement is in itself embarrassing to the Zambian People. Pilato was threatened several times by the Pf cardres , but state house did not take note or issue states that they were embarrassed. Those were not even indirect threats on Pilato, but state house was mute. Now the so called indirect inciting has caught the attention of the Head of State? Let’s be patriotic. State House has not even talked about the plight of the miners which Kambwili had raised. It looks like the Prized entity is more concerned with Chinese nationals than the Zambian electorates. Who will protect the Zambians if not their elected officials, we think Kambwili took it upon himself to do so for the miners because they President was quiet about it. Protecting the President should not be through statements but…

  4. It looks like the (CORRECTION) PRESIDENT is more concerned with Chinese nationals than the Zambian electorates. Who will protect the Zambians if not their elected officials, we think Kambwili took it upon himself to do so for the miners because they President was quiet about it. Protecting the President should not be through issuing statements but by providing him with sound and timely advice. Please say something about the miners also and that should have been the first statement. It looks like Chinese embassy complained and all the GRZ could do is tell the police to summon him without instigating the issues.

    • The president did not note that people from chines mines were fired but he has taken note the complaint that Kambwili demanded that they do the right things. He even sends Amos Chanda to make it clear that he cares more for those who fund their campaign. This is the message Kambwili should take to those poor miners that your president has taken note of those who fired you because he does not want us to speak dor you in the same way Amos Chanda is speaking for them.

  5. Ba Chanda,
    what do you expect from school leavers like Kambwili and Musenge when they are allowed to form political parties to earn livelihood? The fellows have little or no exposure.
    Ati ba Musenge, niba minister wa province! Why? Is it because he shouted the loudest at the rally?

  6. @People

    From your English & from the way u are articulating your points, one can easily tell that muli ba Gde 12.

    OUR PRESIDENT calls born cadres like Kambwili and Musenge “IFIWELEWELE”.

    When CHIEF CHIKANTA of the Tonga people in Kalomo met the COMMISSION of Inquiry into Voting Patterns and Electoral Violence cautioned politicians about the use of hate speech as a tool to propagate their party manifestos during campaigns.

    • @ Luapula Premier. We generally do not engage people who don’t either agree or disagree with our points of view like you who choose to depart from our views and try to attack what they believe is an individual. Kindly say what is wrong with our point of view Mr Intellectual. Then we shall respond to you and engage you in meaningful discourse not political cadre politics. If you can’t say what’s wrong with our views then keep quiet.

  7. This is not the first time a PF member is threatening the Chinese. Anyone remember one MCS before elections? The Chinese had even packed at their Embassy in fear of PF coming to power.

  8. We told you……lungu and PF are an entity programmed to work with borrowed money only…..they can not create wealth for Zambia…..now there is no money to borrow and steal , they are like headless chickens……by attacking CK they are protecting their last sources of bribes and kickbacks in the chinese…….because of pf corruption we are at a juncture where the Chinese hold the country at ransom…

    Look at the mukula tree looting , instead of arresting and jailing the people who are buying and encouraging the vice , the chinese , lungu and pf want to blame poor unemployed charcole burners alone….

    • Do you know why they will not arrest the buyers of mukula ?? Because lungu and his gang of theives are also selling mukula to the same buyers…

  9. When we tell you Pa Maf1 – (P.F) is a [email protected] Stone age Mposa- Mabwe fraternity, we know what we are talking about.
    All Chi Kambwili is doing is using the same P.F tactics he employed against the opposition, prior to being kicked out for challenging Khoswe 1.
    CHICKENS COMING HOME TO ROOST, now the tactics are being aimed @ P.F paymasters, the Chinese.

  10. I suspect Kambwili is smoking something worse than shisha, especially that he lives alone. His wife changes diapers for aged mzungu in UK. It’s not good for a man to be alone for longer periods. He may be mentally unstable. He’s in self destruction mode. Shall we pray for Kambwili and Silvia Masebo

  11. Ba LT, isuleni ama Comments on “Bar owners trading at Wrong Hrs & causing Noise Pollution to appear in Court”. They left out those who allow ” Underage” Revellers. In fact this Underage Limit should be revised Upwards. Action against these Noise & Mindset Polluters is long Overdue. It is also a Source of Psychological Violence. You can neither Sleep nor Relax in your own home. Your Children cannot Study either. Fine them heavily & Retain their Licences until they make their premises Sound Proof. This also applies to the Pharisees. They can still make their money without immersing everyone else in Chibuku. Personally, i don’t care if they want to drink their Heads Off. They simply shouldnt be allowed to disturb others with impunity.

  12. Kashimba Chimbwili’s xenophobia knows no limits. And yet his own wife and children are economic refugees in the UK, maybe I should call Nigel Farage to urge UKIP to stone Kambwili’s family. It’s sad though how these Bembas can be so bigoted even when they are so young. Remember the things he has said about North-Westerners and Tongas before, despeakable vile faeces! People like him can easily spart civil strife in the country if left to their own devices. It’s by no coincidence that in Congo where they hail from, civil chaos is the order of the day. These animals are evil, its tragic that we have to share a country with such uncivilized thieving creatures. And for Kambwili, its all because the president is Nyanja and he is excluded. Had he not been fired, he would be the most loyal…

  13. Kolwe among bakoswe mumphoto. Maybe Lungu should just organise to have someone put Kambwili out of his own misery by shooting him in his head to pump sense in that gurumutu of his.

  14. Imagine this is a chap who once accompanied Veep Guy Scott to Australia to represent Zambia at the Commonwealth Summit then been Foreign Affairs Minister. Apparently he farted a sticky scrap copper smelter one , sending her majesty into a near heart seizure! When Sata the London Tube Station Sweeper heard dy, he removed Kambwili from Foreign Affairs to Labour. With Lungu, he fired the chap because he was caught in his office grabbing “kasato”, having a blow job from one of the cleaners at Labour while leaking the pu.ssy of Mumbi Phiri smulteneously. The chap is a dog I tell you.

    • Iwe Nganjawhatever continue at this rate haying Bemba’s and rest assured that HH will be decampaigned big time and the rest is …….he will die in opposition. If you hate us we can like you and will make it difficult for you, we mbwa we.If we truly have such Tonga’s then I agree why we should not support them

  15. Without referring to what Kambwili, I would like those insulting Amos to tell us honestly if the owners of the mines are wrong to advertise for jobs. I listened to Radio Icengelo how the people of Luanshya have opposed the advert saying that these jobs are for Luanshya people only. What about the people of North Western Province where Kalumbila, Lumwana and Kansanshi mines have employed people from all over Zambia including Luanshya. I don’t know why because of politics people would overlook this kind of thinking. So even the mines mentioned above should only employ people from the province.

    • They are being misled by an opportunistic retard. They are all engaging in tunnel vision. Zambia is for all Zambians.

    • It defeats logic…how can one wishing to be president of Zambia, encourage people in one town not to accept people coming from other towns of Zambia?

    • Indeed if Zambia is for all Zambians, then CK has it right, the Chinese must get out ASAP. Let them only be engaged by Zambians not the other way. Learn from South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Angola, Nigeria and now the USA + China itself. Fools are the only ones who give everything out and are left crying …… “umulembwe wa chipuba, upwila muli tumfwe” describes our situation today!!!!!!!!

  16. Good to cane anyone advocating violence on any human being; Chinese or national; cane and fire the boy Antonio Mwanza who has wished HH to die in prison; Lungu should fire Antonio

  17. Ndanje, the Chinese take jobs and opportunities from the locals, read the story on CNN about the Chinese bribing your so called weak minded leaders like ours and this Amos with favors to wipe out your local resources. Right now all the contracts are going to the Chinese who then ship the money out leaving the locals without any liquid cash. Do you see Trump emphasize that his first priority is his people while our so called leaders emphasize foreigners shameful indeed

    • I am up dated because I read all available news sources. The question here is not about Chinese getting our jobs. If you care to check properly. ..this is to do with the advertising of jobs in all local newspapers. Jobs from artisan to underground manager, accountants etc have been advertised for Zambians to apply. This what Kambwili is campaigning against that jobs are for people of Luanshya only. Please don’t close your eyes to the truth because of politics.

  18. The breather we require for our country to develop is for citizens to really be serious about developing Mother Zambia. Countries that were devastated by wars have developed, eg Japan. It took patriotic citizens to bring about development. Politics tend to distract the players from the goal of development as they need to sale themselves to the electorate from time to time in order to remain in power. We need another way to ensure the development of our beloved country, The Kavuluvulu concept! There is room for everyone in our beloved country to participate (15m Zambians!).

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