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Pilato skipped bail conditions, GBM risks being arrested for aiding him-Tutwa Ngulube

General News Pilato skipped bail conditions, GBM risks being arrested for aiding him-Tutwa Ngulube

GBM with Pilato in South Africa
GBM with Pilato in South Africa

UPND vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) has put his life in danger and risks being jailed for aiding fugitive Pilato to run away to South Africa, Kabwe-based lawyer Tutwa Ngulube has warned.

Mr Ngulube also warned that GBM risks being blacklisted and banned from contesting any elections in Zambia.

He said the current UPND leadership risked being convicted and jailed for aiding Pilato to abuse police bond by running away to South Africa, the Kabwe-based lawyer warned.

Mr Tutwa said once convicted, the UPND leaders risked being blacklisted such that they will not contest any elections in Zambia.

He told the Daily Nation in an interview that it was morally and legally wrong for political leaders like Mr Mwamba, who aspires to be the country’s republican vice president to actually pose on photos with a fugitive or a wanted person.

Mr Ngulube, who is Kabwe Central PF member of Parliament said political leaders aspiring to lead the nation should be the first ones to respect the law.

He said there was no way Mr Mwamba and his party (UPND) could deny allegations that they sponsored Pilato’s self-imposed exile which resulted him jumping bail, after GBM posed with the law breaker.

Mr Tutwa was referring to a photo that was posted on Mr Mwamba’s face book page with the Zambian musician Chama Fumba, popularly known as Pilato who is wanted in Zambia for having jumped police bond.

Mr Mwamba posted: “I took a pose with satirical artist commonly known as Pilato. Mr Fumba’s life has been threatened by PF thugs and this has led him to seek protection in a foreign country.”

Pilato fled the country when he was supposed to appear before a court of law in a case where he and others are charged with disobeying lawful orders when they staged an illegal protest against the government’s purchase of 42 fire tenders in September last year.

He jumped police bond which prompted Lusaka principal resident magistrate Mwaka Mikalile to issue a bench warrant against him.

He said Mr Mwamba and his fellow party leaders in the UPND risked imprisonment if convicted for having aided Pilato to jump police bond.

Mr Ngulube explained that posing on photo with a fugitive or a wanted person is like becoming a partner to a crime, adding that under the penal code section 20-24, if proved that one aided someone to commit a crime, he risked being jailed.

He explained that the penal code section 20-24 states that people who are assisting a criminal, can assist him either before a crime is committed or after a crime has been committed, hence they are culprits before the court of law.

“Looking at what the penal code said, he risk being locked up for actually aiding or abetting Pilato to jump bail, especially if it is proved that he was with Pilato. How can he dispute it if people are alleging that it is GBM and his party which initiated Pilato’s movement to South Africa for cheap political mileage?


  1. Photos don’t show time and date so it could have being way back. And you also commenting on a case that’s in court already. You breaking the law too. Can you please respect our courts of law I don’t thing you represent the courts. Please keep your opinion to yourself. Thank you.

    • Commenting on a matter which is in court, is it not what you legal Eagles call contept olo shani shani fimo fimo.?

      The way these pf cadres like calling for arrests of perceived enemies, but once in court they fail to produce tangible evidence.

    • Bupuba Bweka-bweka, praise singing for the oppressors because you manged to make them pay you for the dirty work you did for them? Its better to keep quite than showing foolishness.

    • GBM should sue Tutwa, and demand $1million.
      Pilato should demand $500,000 for labeling him fugitive, when intact is just exile

  2. Even HH’s life has been threatened but has he run away? So many others have been threatened but they still hang around. Pilato should not allow himself to used as a political pawn. It’s a dangerous game.

    • Haven’t you heard, he has said he is ten times stronger, he is a black belt karateka, was once ku zns chilailai and spent 127 days in the black hole and came out unscathed. Need i say more?

    • Phiri it’s not who’s not using your brain. Pilato was not going to be harmed by anyone. It’s just a matter of time and you’ll all turn against Pilato when he “cracks” and tells it all. Remember even Tutwa was your hero for that time he sung the song you love to hear.

  3. Mr. Ngulube, is it true that knowing and helping criminal offence of corruption to be committed may result in criminal conviction and debarring of legal practitioner?

  4. While in the UK HH said that Zambians are running away from the country,this Pilato thing is a upnd creation to confirm what he said then, try to find out who is is paying for pilato s stay in SA,who is looking after his family here at home, I suspect he has been given a job at one their company,.

  5. In the first place, can we all agreed that one should not be charged, let alone arrested for protesting against corruption – USD42million fire tenders fiasco. I m saying, this cannot happen in a normal democratic country. But then again, is Zambia still a democratic country that we used to be proud of??

  6. this country has gone to the dogs with the likes of this young man Ngulube; Zambia is tired of these PF rats; i helped Pilato run away from PF death threats; arrest me if you want and leave GBM alone; arrest; Lungu has broken Zambian law many times; he stole widows money and this young man declared him a winner;

    • Go hand yourself to the Police and tell off the magistrate and you will happily be caged in Chibwakaila for a few months. say 6 = Mr good samaritan !Typical bantustan

  7. We need to rid our country of such people like Ngulube, as if PF and Lungu have respected any of our laws. besides GBM has money and lawyers to fight off your silly charges. Only a fool like Ndanje will believe that this government can convict anyone. All their cases end up in Nolle prosequi.


  9. Does it mean if u are pictured talking to somebody’s wife u have committed adultery? What evidence is there to suggest GBM committed a crime? This Political lawyer is daft. If u go and see a convicted relative in Prison does it mean u have committed a crime. Tutwa’s fishing expedition will fail.

    • Ba Chola naimwe dont pretend to be clever!. The best example is;:::: You pictured naked talking to a naked somebody’s wife will result in you losing your thing or your life.be careful! Not all pipo are fo.ols like u

      The poor filth boy, broke to the bone, skipped bail has a bench warrant on him. Check bragging on GBM’s facebook post and stop yapping out of ignorance.
      Out of 55million+ Xeno Africans plus a couple of million bakwelele, the bail jumper was able to meet GBM at one of the 1,0000s of malls in RSA by chance!
      1 in a million chance!

    • @ Kabimba QC

      You are same as your name sake, full of crap, short on intelligence!
      Are you by any chance PF supporter?

  10. I hope PF leaders and their minions read what people are saying about their mischiefs of corruptions and stealings while in office. Pilato and GBM are now their enemies because they speak up for the people .

  11. All UPND tactics fail to connect with the people, I don’t know how they come up with such useless but expensive schemes. The next election will deliver a more resounding defeat yet they can’t even see it coming. What kind of people are they?

  12. Some people are not sleeping over UPND and its office bearers for they are busy searching for anything that can help “annihilate” the party and all else associated with it! Its my guess some would jump out of their skin if one shouted ‘UPND’ behind their backs! Its just too boring to have HH and his party colleagues be what makes news on a daily basis! Then comes CK whose attacks are not being rebutted other than merely saying “provide proof.” What would it mean if the hippo were to tell other animals (terrestrial) that the crocodile is busy eating fish eggs thats why the fish population is being decimated and the crocodile only demands for proof?

  13. But what evidence do you have Mr. Ngulube? This is why our country is going to dogs. When supposedly learned individuals make no sense in their utterances, what more the common man.

    • They are just a bunch of boys who always cry woof. Take this case to court this same nkumba(ngulube) won’t stand in the witness dock but push innocent policemen to substantiate what they have no idea about, then look st upid.

    • Citizen….

      Where in the picture is GBM helping pilato ??

      And by the same token why did the police not arrest the former British high commissioner for posing with fred membe after the police had issued an arrest warrant ????

  14. Tutwa has no legs to stand on this. What evidence has he got. Photo picture alone will be thrown out in the courts of law. He is just trying to prof relevance to PF after he was almost hounded out. People like Tutwa have no backbone.

    • That’s the problem with you upnd failures, you think you can twist and apply the law to suit your egos. The 1.d.i.o.t here is GBM!!! He was aware Pilato was issued a bench warrant by the Courts, how can you be seen to be helping him in public????

    • @Zambian citizen, do not always see things through party lines(upnd vs pf). A lot of people here are just ordinary people who have the interest of Zambia at heart. I hope that your heart is in the right place. The good of all zambians and not just a few individuals. Try to be patriotic not patriotic front.

    • @Jorneyman: GBM is a leader in waiting. If he can’t respect the Judiciary, what kind of leader will he be if in government??? You call that patriotism and having the country’s interest at heart???

    • Citizen….

      Where in the picture is GBM helping pilato ??

      And by the same token why did the police not arrest the former British high commissioner for posing with fred membe after the police had issued an arrest warrant ????

  15. When people raised corruption allegations, lawyer Nguluble + co were quite. When Pilato complained his life was in danger from PF cadres, ngulube + co were quite. Now useless lawyer Ngulube wants to make himself relevant to PF for a few pieces of silver. What a shame

    • In most, if not all jurisdictions, aiding or abetting someone to jump bail is a CRIME. Don’t be bitter with Tutwa because he has spoken the truth, rather you should be angry with GBM for displaying such incompetence and s.t.u.p.!.d.i.ty. As a person aspiring to be Vice President of the country, he can’t be making such mistakes. Even the upnd and its leadership have displayed their political 1.d.i.o.cy again for allowing this to happen-NO WONDER ZAMBIANS CAN’T TRUST THESE BOZOS TO RUN THE COUNTRY!!!!

    • @Zambian citizen it’s an assumption you are making that there is a case of aiding and abetting. No evidence.
      And there is no need for all the unsavoury language(idiocy, bozos, stup!duty etc). Do not use the cloak of anonymity to spread hatred, bitterness and division. The day that you see this country go up in flames, you will cry. Do not take our peace for granted. It is this kind of attitude that leads to genocides. The wise man once wrote ‘it is the little foxes that ruin the vineyard’. Your insults may seem trivial to you, but you are further alienating those of opposing views. In you speech, show grace. In you attitude show tolerance. Just some free advice

    • @Journeyman: Opposing views should be based on TRUTH not nonsense!!! No one wanted to kill Pilato. Anyone who wants to play his song does so freely. He ran away from his own shadow. No one even cares whether he is around or not. Laura Miti and others are appearing before the courts, what makes Pilato special???? Why should our country go up in flames when we have a Constitution in place, a President and Executive in place, a Judiciary that is working to more independence as provided by the Amended Constitution 2016 in place, a legitimate Legislature which was given its mandate by the Zambian people themselves in place????? Just because a few disgruntled, unpatriotic and vile politicians don’t like the president??? Keep your advice because I don’t need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Zambian citizen. Very well. But also bear in mind.
      1. Pilato received death threats. Even Emmanuel Mwamba acknowledged that, even though he dismissed it as ‘banter’.
      2. Laura did not release a controversial song that riled up the PF rank and file.
      3. Do not underestimate the damage that can be done by divisive language. You may feel that you are right, but how you express that matters
      4. If we have learnt anything from African history, it’s that conflict can start inspite ‘laws’, judiciary etc.
      5. Politics is about trying to win your opponents and neutrals to your point of view. Not to insult them and alienate the neutrals.
      6. Truth is absolute, but sometimes it is perceived depending on the angle you view it from. In the mind of others, your views are false.
      7. Aim for…

    • @Journeyman:
      1. Some overzealous PF cadres did call to threaten to beat up Pilato, but they were disciplined by the party leaders. Did you hear any senior party leader talk about Pilato’s song??? They told the membership to ignore Pilato and let him exercise his rights to freedom.
      2. Laura, together with Pilato and others were arrested for disturbing the peace at the opening of parliament and have been given the right to defend themselves in a Court of Law. By not appearing while others appeared, like evry other citizen in Zambia, you are issued with a bench warrant. There is nothing special about Pilato.
      The rest is just the cow dung you have filled your head with, the lies you want to believe…..

    • @Zambian citizen am happy to continue this chat over a drink sometime. But do yourself and favour and be open minded and less vulgar.

    • @Journeyman: It’s not being vulgar, It’s just the lies and rubbish is quite irritating and frustrating. And to have educated people believe it….aaaaaahhhhh…..

  16. Tutwa is not the court. Tutwa dont drag the court into this. Join the prosecutor’s team if you want. You are not the only lawyer in Zambia and are not in the conduct of the case. we know law too………………………
    we know aiding, abetting under Penal Code………………. this matters are decided in court….
    Probably you want to show the PRESIDENT that you still belong to PF. Be man enough

  17. When we let everything loose we shall end up losing it all. Therefor there ought to be rules in everything we do. If for example one is using a toilet within a house must flash after depositing in it. In the event that UPND came into power I wonder if they could allow for any one at any time to do what ever they liked in the name of democracy. The country would be ungovernable. I can assure you that someone can build a house in the center of the Kafue roundabout. So if pilato needed to Do his thing together with the Police he should have just done that. Why run away if your mind is clear you did the right thing. Those protecting you could have rendered the same protection while here in Zambia rather than cause you to separate with your family.

  18. Kindly remember that tutwa is making up for his rantings a few months and weeks ago and we were plainly told by the college max that he tutwa was childish and wanting a position which if it had been give to him, he would have been an embarrassment. We were told that he is not material for cabinet or lead, let alone that he is no popular in kabwe or the party. So what good can come from such a person rejected by his own party. And he knows that his days in pf and parliament are numbered. So it is time not to waste your brains over his article which does not even make any legal sense.

  19. Tutwa you are a disappointment just keep quiet! I though we had a voice for the people in Kabwe but you have proved to be a boot licker too! Shame on you!

  20. Congrats GBM. You are the man of the picture. Everything growing uniformly, not just one part of your body. Well done!!

  21. Let your hearts not be troubled bcozs Jes
    u is coming soon.Be like dangote in Nigeria, read for daily preparation.Thanks.

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