Zambia assured of India’s support in fighting Cholera

Minister of Health, Hon Dr Chitalu Chilufya
Minister of Health, Hon Dr Chitalu Chilufya

Minister of Health, Hon Dr Chitalu Chilufya
Minister of Health, Hon Dr Chitalu Chilufya

India has pledged continued support to Zambia in the fight against the cholera epidemic.

India’s High Commissioner to Zambia Ngulkham Gangte said this in Lusaka today when he paid a courtesy call on Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya.

Mr. Gangte said his government is willing to partner with the Zambian government in order to completely eradicate the vise.

He said the Indian government is impressed with the zeal the ministry expressed when the country was faced with the cholera crisis.

Mr. Gangte said he is happy with the efficiency and the many interventions that were put up in its quest to fight the deadly cholera outbreak.

He said India is ready to join in the solidarity fight, because their interest is in the well-being of the people and to ensure that the nation progresses.

Meanwhile, Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya said the major drivers of the cholera outbreak was contaminated food and water

Dr. Chilufya said the mismanagement of solid waste and shallow well’s which are a prominent feature in the unplanned settlements also worsened the situation.

Dr. Chilufya said the issue of cholera is an historical issue which calls for a multi-sectorial approach in addressing it.

He said some of the interventions that the ministry has put in place is to provide fresh water using water bowser and burying of shallow wells.

Dr. Chilufya said the banning of street vending and the control of public gatherings are some of the successful interventions in the fight against cholera.

He said cholera cases have since drastically reduced as they are on the right track with the fight.

Dr. Chilufya said Lusaka district alone recorded a total of 3,823 cases while country-wide the cases reached slightly above 4,000.

He said since the cholera broke out on October 6th 2017, a total 75 deaths were recorded.

Dr. Chilufya further stated that over 3,000 cases were successfully treated and discharged from various cholera centers.

He has since called on the Indian government in the short term, to provide household chlorine and bio-enzymes used to biodegrade faecal matter.

Dr. Chilufya added that the ministry will be happy to vaccinate more people, especially those in the cholera prone effects.

He said there is also need to help Zambia invest in the provision of cleaner and safer water through setting up of industrial boreholes.

Dr. Chilufya stated that in the medium and long term, there is need to help strengthen the human resource in the public health and transport systems in human waste management.


  1. Begging again, what happens to donor funds… does the 10% management fee stated in kitwe by HE ECL apply to all projects run by pf government

  2. India needs those resources for itself. India cannot start helping Zambia when it’s sanitation problems are far worse than what Zambia has. Let India clean its house first then it can start helping Zambia. Zambia is hosting a lot of economic refugees from India who could not afford a single meal in a day in India. So let India give whatever it has to its citizens so that they can stop coming to our country to look for employment. Us Zambians are very docile, we keep watching foreigners coming to work here as if Zambians don’t need jobs. And the sad part is that they will come and mistreat you right here in Zambia and get away with it. It looks like CK is the answer to this nonsense. We need a patriot in state house. We need a man who puts Zambians first.

    • You were on the right track until you brought in ‘CK’ as the saviour. How? The man is no patriot but just like all politicians is self-serving. He will not do anything more different than he was able to do while he was in government and parliament except further enrich himself.

  3. Ki kuswabisa, naha mukatumbi i yambalakanwa ki ncwa ya Masina! Just look at this Chilufya, he just looks plain dirty!

  4. Now we have hit rock bottom. Asking for help from a country that is the ancestral home of cholera. How low can be sink?

  5. As much as we need all the help we can get regarding eradicating cholera, it is better to seek help from those that have managed to completely get rid of it. India is the least country to help as they have more issues regarding sanitation and probably they too need help. That said, we the people need to adjust our life styles and improve the standards. We need to start educating our people in the communities on how to improve the sanitation and keep our communities clean. We should instead mobilise ourselves and not wait upon govt.

  6. Only a f0000 rejects assistance even if India is a proper sh1thole bigger than any in Africa and on that one we all know that’s true! They are advanced in science and medicine so there is a lot we can learn from them.

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