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NGOCC congratulates Hon. Margaret Mwanakatwe over her appoint as Finance Minister.

Economy NGOCC congratulates Hon. Margaret Mwanakatwe over her appoint as Finance Minister.

Finance Minister Margaret Mhango Mwanakatwe
Finance Minister Margaret Mhango Mwanakatwe

THE Non-Governmental Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) congratulates Hon. Margaret Mwanakatwe over her appoint as Finance Minister. This appointment provides an opportunity for women to showcase their unique leadership that should propel the country to greater heights.

NGOCC recognizes the challenging role that comes with this key portfolio in government especially at this point in time when the country’s economic fundamentals require magnanimity and foresight. This is also a time when the country’s cost of living remains too high and way above the reach of most households. It is our hope that Hon. Mwanakatwe will champion policies that will aim at mitigating this high cost of living and consequently reduce poverty levels which have continued to carry the female face in Zambia. We have no doubt in Hon. Mwanakatwe’s capacity to rise to the occasion and address the many economic challenges that beset the country.

NGOCC is also mindful of the country’s struggle with the unsustainable external debt stock which stands at US$7.9 billion according to the Ministry of Finance information. It is our expectation that Hon. Mwanakatwe will facilitate the long awaited implementation of the Debt Management Strategy so as to free more resources towards improving social service delivery.

As the focal point of the women’s movement, NGOCC remains deeply concerned with the high levels of public resource mismanagement as evidenced by the revelations in the Annual Auditor General’s Reports. We hope therefore that the new Finance Minister will continue with the Public Finance Management Reforms in order to stop the leakages of public resources.

In this regard we look forward to Hon. Mwanakatwe presenting the new Public Finance Management Bill in Parliament as a priority intervention towards safeguarding public funds. It is our hope that the Bill will provide stringent punitive measures against civil servants that abuse and blatantly steal public resources which would go a long way in addressing the drug shortages in hospitals, provision of quality education, especially for the girl child in rural areas who is ending up in early and child marriages.


Engwase B. Mwale


    • NGOCC should stop this nonsense of congratulating any woman who gets appointed to higher office just for the sake. Margaret is ill qualified, she is a drunk, borrowed money from CEEC when she did not qualify and defaulted. Her MP seat was nullified by High Court for fraud. Are there no qualified women economists in Zambia for that position?

  1. As can be evidenced from the posts only diasporians are blogging no sense. Peole who are well informed are the locals because they are not exposed to propaganda reports by zwd . Diasporians sound more of an hired gun just to spoil the atmosphere of interlect debates. We are all zambians and i see no reason why we should be taking pride in insulting

    • Uwanchita ifi mayo, ni maggie, ni maggie ye e ye e ye ni maggie, i can’t remember the guys who sang the maggie song.

    • And to women a hand bag is the most treasured chest of womanly stuff, am worried for our national treasury, hope it won’t be left at a night club.

  2. We have not been participating significantly to the good of our country as Zambians whether at home or in the diaspora. We know almost everything about every body, and where has it taken us as a country. Bare in mind that while we are at each others throat accusing and counter accusing, one thing is definitely happening, the birds are making nests on our heads! I suggest that its time to wake up and do something for ourselves to eradicate poverty and under development in our blessed country. Lets try the Kavuluvulu phenomenon.

  3. NGOCC, please deliver a copy of your statement to TIZ Chibamba and the ever hateful and hurting upndeez, to their doorsteps please!!

  4. It’s not so much about appointments. It’s everything to do with whether the Head of State has the right vision or not, and of course whether he has the necessary drive to accomplish the vision while carrying along all the Zambians in pursuing that vision. A good vision will naturally deter corruption and tribalism, the nonsense which not every Jim and Jack president can solve. Zambia needs extraordinary leadership not lassez Fe type.

  5. By the way of all the leading party politicians I don’t exactly see anyone of them with the extraordinary leadership qualities. All of them are too ordinary and cannot get this country anywhere. If Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda was politically active, I would probably have hope. But with the current crop of political calibre…. So much is left to be desired. God bless Zambia and its people!!

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