I am not leaving but just moving next door – Felix Mutati

Felix Mutati bidding at a farewell event organised for him at the Ministry of Finance
Felix Mutati bidding at a farewell event organised for him at the Ministry of Finance

MINISTER OF WORKS AND SUPPLY FELIX MUTATI says he is happy to serve in his new portfolio and in whichever capacity he will be asked to serve by the President. Mr. Mutati, who is the immediate past Minister of Finance said as Minister of Works and Supply, he will still be sitting in Cabinet and making contributions to policy and legal reforms which the Government will be formulating and implementing in order to better the well-being of the nation.

“In my new Ministry, we will pump in the performance oxygen so that together with other Ministries, the works and supply portfolio could effectively contribute to expenditure rationalization by reducing the cost of running the government motor vehicle fleet and cost-effectively maintaining government properties,” said the Minister, adding that, “I go to works and supply as a happy man, I am not leaving, but just moving next door where our vision will be to help shift public sector expenditure from consumption to development and poverty reduction programmes.”

Mr. Mutati, who on Wednesday was replaced by former Minister of Commerce and Trade Minister MARGARET MWANAKATWE, said this during a farewell meeting with all senior management officials in his former Ministry.

He said the reshuffle made by the President should be taken as a performance enhancement booster and it should enable the public service to focus on pulling together, promoting collective responsibility, and augmenting the passion needed to effectively government programmes.

“All Ministries are integral parts of the government delivery system, so the issue of Ministry of Works and Supply being smaller than Finance does not arise as we all have different but important mandates required in unison to facilitate collective contribution to the Vision 2030 and the Seventh National Development Plan,” said Mr. Mutati.

The former Minister of Finance encouraged the management and staff in the Ministry to unreservedly support the new Minister of Finance by developing an implementation plan that will contribute to the promotion of ethical conduct, integrity, and accountability in the public service in line with the measures announced by PRESIDENT EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU during a recent workshop on prudent financial management practices held for Ministers and Controlling Officers at the Mulungushi International Conference Center in Lusaka.

Meanwhile newly appointed PERMANENT SECRETARY FOR BUDGET AND ECONOMIC AFFAIRS Dr. EMMANUEL MULENGA PAMU, who was introduced to the management and staff in the Ministry of Finance by SECRETARY TO THE TREASURY FREDSON YAMBA, says he is aware of the turbulences facing the economy, having worked closely with the Ministry of Finance during the time he served as Director of Financial Markets at the Bank of Zambia.

“With the support of all of you, I will put in my best to contribute to the performance improvement of the economy through improved interface between the fiscal and monetary aspects of the budget,” said Dr. Pamu.

And out-going Permanent Secretary for Budget and Economic Affairs Pamela Kabamba says the economic reform momentum that has been injected by President Lungu should continue. Mrs. Kabamba has been redeployed to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Mr. MUTATI AND Mrs. KABAMBA both called on management and staff in the Ministry of Finance to give Mrs. Mwanakatwe and Dr. Pamu full support in their new portfolios. Mr. Mutati is this afternoon scheduled to have a meeting with Mrs. Mwanakatwe at the Ministry of Finance for hand over and for simultaneous introduction of all top management officials to the New Minister.


    • “I am not leaving but just moving next door – Felix Mutati.” How about that for humor! What a difference that makes from being the steward of the Treasury! It’s like moving from the position of goal keeper to playing in mid-field. You have lost a bit of stature. They call it “demotion.” And that, whenever it happens, does hurt.

    • He sounds like goalkeeper Mweene at Sundowns. Given first choice to Onyango… Warming bench.
      Ba MMD-president going to push concrete wheelbarrows. And his members just watching their president being abused.

    • If Mutati had a spine, he would have resigned from govt immediately the PF cadres started protesting against him…..but then this is an overrated guy who at best is average

    • Very patriot farewell speech there, Felix …

      God speed at works and supply!! Very powerful ministry I must add.

      It was my grand pa’s last posting before UNIP was dislodged by MMD.

      Boy … I hated MMD with a passion but since you are a patriot, you and that kid, Mwale I can tolerate.

      Dora, I don’t know … no comments there. Let’s roll!!

    • Principal is very important …how do u explain being a minister of works and supply while being an opposition leader ? Finance makes sense because it incorporates interactions with key international players and the fin min gets nearly the attention the president gets. So Mutati is just a self serving rhetorical chap…period !

    • Ani vensa Chifundo mudala Mutati.

      His entire tenure can be summed up as “IMF BIG begging bowl”.

      What an incompetent failure of a man. He should have been demoted to Ministry of Gender or just fired. Zambians deserve better.

    • He is a coward, bootlicker who just want to eat, have ethics bwana Mutati, leave. Come on. How many Zambians can serve as well? Your time has come to Go… You failed the Zambian Economy. no proper financial and economic growth policies.

  1. I never anticipated Mutati would sink this low. Baba you are not fit to ever run this country. You have no dignity or integrity. Niwe kandila umubi sana. Argh! Chi colour chobe

  2. Lungu naonaula Party and you will pay. Don’t think even for a moment that you will go Scot free. So Party ya a nyoko/wish.

    All the hard work the membership did for years wise ubavite wanyanya, it won’t end well

  3. Felix Mutati is showing us that he is more than just an incompetent accountant. He is just as much a comedian as he is an accountant. Exchanging that number 1 jersey for a number 7 is painful. You will no longer be wearing a special color jersey. You will be just one among many. That should hurt. It does. It is a demotion, not a promotion.

  4. In American football lingo we would say, you are no longer the QB – the Quarterback, neither the Receiver. You have been reduced to just being one of the pushers on the line of scrimmage.

  5. Just go, good riddance, Zambia + blablabla fake economic theories, no wonder the IMF saw your incompetence and refused to give you US1.3 billion. You have been used and damped at the ministry of works and supply for an opposition president ? That is a slap on your face and it is clearly showing on your face.Just get out of this band wagon of thieves and go and wipe RB’s backside. As for the drunkard that has come in, we are in for rude shock and things will now go from bad to worse. She failed to repay the CEEC loan, what do you think she will do there?

  6. Honourable mutati as he moves next door can exercise fiscal discipline even more in his spending role in Infrastructure works and supply (procurement) as margarita in finance exploits the Financing (monetary) in a two double sword

    Its not a question of title (minister of Finance) but both revenue and spending side to achieve sustainability In his new role as expenditure he still has a lot of influence and contribution to make

  7. Mutati’s demotion is as good as being fired but i think being fired leaves you with some dignity. What has just happened to Mutati is disgraceful. From Finance Minister Mr. MMD President to procurement officer and maintenance awe Mudala its much loss. The sad thing for Zambia, is that Mutati has left without putting in place an economic programme, now we have an even more clueless Finance Minister getting ready to formulate an economic plan for Zambia. God help us. It definitely painful for Mutati that he has been replaced with a clueless counterpart. NEVERTHELESS, President Lungu should investigate Mutati’s activities at IDC where he has been raising funds for MMD revival.

  8. Procurement is as much an important role as Financing The two ministers are very good in the current scenario of the economy presented He can control the budgetary aspect and control the spending

    The two margarita and Felix are a class of their own and the two are complementary Its not a demotion

  9. Everything happens for a reason, remaining humble is the only way to go. I wish you well in your new position. God bless you

  10. Mutati, just accept that you are the one who made Zambia lose one year development man, you completely stopped releasing finances to critical economic projects that could have now been in operations.
    Well many could not have seen your hidden agenda but to some of who love President Lungu and PF it was a strange strategy which only was meant to weaken PF.
    Ba Mwanakatwe please don’t sit in that office go round the country, reconcile the stalled projects and finance them immediately. Why do you want to give room to vultures in 2021?

  11. why should he resign and for what remember he was apointed the same he has been removed to another position big or same what is your problem

  12. A party president serving in a government he is supposed to be opposing even enjoying being demoted in a reshuffle. Laughable. It can only happen in Zambia

  13. Felix,don’t fool yourself coz even a toddler of two years would laugh at you yet you have the audacity of eyeing the office of the presidency

  14. I can sentence you to death for the mess you have caused on the Zambians, you are more than a devil who csn put up a smile on the million Zambians. Who can vote for you, none. Ad forget it to be a politician, at now you’re on the lifeline of the one is keeping you in those ministry position. If l had a punch of Mike Tyson, nga nali kuponona.

    • It’s ok, we’re all Zambians, let him serve the Nation.

      Some people think opposition means enemity. Such people would oppose Mmusi Maumane’s reconciliatory speech after the swearing in of Cyril Ramaphosa as weak.

      Please, let us remember that being an opposition leader doesn’t mean never agreeing with the ruling party.

      Opposition is part of the Governance of theCountry, and opposition must support the party in power where necessary to foster peace and Unity. That is why the opposition in RSA did not field a Candidate against Ramaphosa.

      So please, give Mutati a break. If you think you can do better, Step Up…!

  15. Mutati lied at IMF negotiations about Zambia’s economic outlook.
    He’s lucky to still have job. His actions were treasonous!!!

  16. Mutati is just being nice and pleasant about a humiliating demotion.This was ECL second best option to firing him. There is nothing at Works and Supply after the creation of Billionare Chitotela,s Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing and Mutati should reflect seriously on his continued stay in the PF Cabinet which has now for him become clearly selfish and opportunistic.

  17. Surely most low life zambias are deeply jealous of mutati. Obviously mutati must be a great guy coz only great men attract so much attention just like Trump has done

  18. Malinso, where will the new finance minister get the money to pay for the financing of e stalled projects.
    Universities arent opened, public service complaining of delayed wages, znbc having problems paying wages and the governments own parastatals owinfvthe ZRA and pension fund millions.retirees still not ayed entitlementd.
    Govt is trying to give impression of progress yet it is still woth historical debt and future debt.
    Settle your debt then address the projects

  19. Same mistake as ECL himself.

    You put somebody who is a drunkard with a history of stealing clients’ money as President to lead the nation – what do you expect!

    And now you put a drunkard with a history of failing to repay GRZ loans as Minister of Finance to manage the country’s money – Waah, it’s indeed a very awesome combination.

    Two drunkards with histories of financial indescipline at the echelon of power – very awesome combination indeed.

    Zambia is indeed a messed up nation.

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