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President Edgar Lungu challenges Senior Lawyers to contribute to the development of the justice system in Zambia


President Lungu at State House during the swearing in ceremony
President Lungu at State House during the swearing in ceremony

President Edgar Lungu has challenged Senior Lawyers to contribute to the development of the justice system in Zambia by writing more legal books.

President Lungu explains that Government as outlined in the Seventh National Development Plan is focusing on strengthening the capacity of institutions within the legal and justice sector.

The Head of State says the appeal to contribute to the development of the justice system is not only for legal practitioners but also other citizens with vast experience to share their knowledge in books for the benefit of the future generations.

President Lungu was speaking last evening when He officially launched a book ‘Zambian Civil Procedure Commentary and Cases’ authored by Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini.

The President further commended Dr. Matibini for authoring a book which will contribute massively to the development of the country’s legal system.

He says he is convinced that the book will go a long way in providing rich and valuable information for Law Students and Legal practitioners.

And Dr. Matibini said he drew inspiration to write the book from the jurisdiction in the commonwealth.

Dr. Matibini said he is hopeful the 26-chapter book will be useful to students studying Law and the Zambian legal community.

He thanked his wife Ethel and children for supporting him through the time he has been writing the book.

Those in attendance at the book launch included retired Chief Justice Enerst Sakala and Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima among others.


  1. How can a debarred lawyer be challenging Senior Lawyers…really insulting…that like an Army deserter preaching about discipline and hard work to decorated officers!!

    • @Jay Jay, I could have said any better. Just t remind the readers, Lungu was debarred y LAZ for stealing money from a widow while practicing at his now defunct law firm

    • I really want to go out. I do not want these thieving Zambian politicians keeping me here responding to them. Lungu go away!

    • When Lungu is no travelling he’s making silly statements. You destroyed the legal system and now you are asking them to fix it? What king of person are you. Just start travelling then. I really would rather not listen to you. Go!

    • Analyser but you are here commenting. Dullness should have a limit seriously. Btw Lungu has a Practicing Certificate. Anonymous read 1 Corinthians 9 v 13. Btw the context was that if you steal law should visit you. And whilst you are at look at the definition of theft.

    • Zambian lawyers are practitioner not scholars. We need legal scholars and practitioners; let them write papers. When did Patrick last publish a peer-reviewed paper?

      Books are not subjected to the same rigor as scholarly papers. As matter of fact anyone can wake up one day and decide to write a book, nothing would stop them. Muliokela can too. But a paper published in a respected journal separates ma gon’ga from genuine articles.

    • As JJ above says, that’s like a army deserter preaching bravery to other army offices …….lungu was black listed by LAZ for stealing a client’s money…

  2. The greed for worldly possessions has clouded law development. Young advocates have amassed so much wealth in a short time than what veterans will ever make in their lifetime. Senior advocates that lead a humble life Patrick Mvunga, Ludwig Sondashi, Julius Sakala, Josias Solo, Bonaventure Mutale, late Mundia Sikatana, Justice Sampa Mumba, etc. Some lawyers don’t deserve the decorum

  3. Sikota: “Now that Mazokela, has passed away, I will be the new president of UPND, naturally, as a Vice President of the party!” Party Steward, “No! You can’t!” Sikota, “Why not?” Official, “You are not Tonga! UPND is for Tongas!” True story! GBM is warming up a seat that will not make him go up!!!

  4. Sharon you are a menace to zambia and yourself. If you analyze your constant harangues you are actually inciting division in zambia based on tribe/race.
    Recently CK was warned and cautjoned for making a statement about chinese. Your comments and exhortations are in fact no different to those of CK yet the proper offficials do not censure you. Charity Katongo where are you
    JJ must be right that the true you is a government minister

  5. We have had abd continue to get ernomous contributions from our senior and professiinal legal experts. Professor Muna Ndulo ,Hansungule and many others have done what they could. Constitutional Lawyer John Sangwa gave valueable advice when Lungu appointed his illegal Constipation Court ( Court) as regards qualifications of the persons to be appointed. Obstinate as he is , he went ahead and did the illegal thing. He appointed only 5 members most whom did not have the qualifications and exprience required. The number on Concourt must be fourteen. What legal system is he aiming to improve with his cadre lawyers. We know how he handled Mutembo Nchito ‘s dismissal. Totally against the law. So Changwa stop waffling. There are people in tbis county who will clean up the messy you have created…

    • You people are insulting Lungu for advising lawyers to write books. He didn’t say he would write or direct them on what to write. But here you are asking Lungu to get counsel from somebody who was saved by a nolle when he was put on his defence for forgery. How hypocritical!

  6. I don’t remember Hansungule and Ndulo practising law in Zambia. Their opinions were very partisan and they have all indicated that they’re UPND sympathizers

    • And you have evidence stored in your brain. You are worse than him. If I had that information I would be pursuing ACC day and night. Give it to me so that I make good use of it.

  7. I miss ba Sata how i wish he is still alive, maybe this country would have being much better than it is today. One incident after the other, people disrespecting each other like hell one zambia one nation while others are calling it one Zambia two nations. Where are we going and what are we teaching ku imiti ikuka empanga our generation.

  8. The majority of Zambian Lawyers are a disgrace. I have observed overwhelming and glaring unprofessionalism in them from the time I returned home from my UN assignment. I hope Dr. matibini’s book will help them work out towards professionalize ng the legal system. I am dragging LAZ and ZIALE to court, for them to account for the mobbing and pillaging me, by 12 of its lawyers through their relatives in the judiciary. What is this Senior Zambian Lawyers. Why do you look on whilst your junior lawyers entice themselves with a female UN Diplomat’s livelihood. There is no short cut and being a lawyer does not entitle them to steal and enjoy discounts or livelihoods they are not entitled to. It is I who was at the UN, and I will not give impunity to anyone, who enticed themselves with my hard…

  9. Further, Zambian Lawyers and the justice system must all know the the right to legL representation is the modern jurisprudence in the 21st century. Zambia is Practising inhuman and deplorable litigations. You don’t deprive someone of legal representation and then steal her belongings. Even senior lawyers joined in salivating my things and shamefully coordinated the banditry. What a shameful legal framework to the entire universe. Lawyers and the judiciary must not allow vexatious suits, like in the case of AKM Legal practitioners who go yo court with false documents and then abuse the court process by steAling documents from the court file and inducing court marshals to mishandle the court files and hearing notifications and to be given Orders they are nit entitled to. What is this…

  10. Honestly there is no grate genius without touch the madness.
    That has been the game play for every Zambia who happens to have so much privileges and access to the Authority.

    Therefore we pointing figures will never help but the time will come when other people will keep on crying searching for no more privileges because of there selfishness desires.

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