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President Lungu orders a stop to the Black Mountain Court Case after meeting Jerabos


President Lungu poses for a photo with Jerabos after a meeting at State House on Friday.
President Lungu poses for a photo with Jerabos after a meeting at State House on Friday.

President Edgar Lungu has ordered that the ongoing court process between rival parties regarding the running of the Black Mountain in Kitwe be discontinued immediately.

President Lungu who met representatives of young people involved in illegal small scale mining known as Jerabos at State House on Friday said the parties involved resolved that all court actions must be terminated soonest by consent arrangements to allow for the proposed amicable settlement planned for next week to take effect. 

He revealed that the various youth groups will now form a unified cooperative company which Government will grant a large scale mining license under which the commercial interests of the groups will be executed. 

“I have directed Ministers and technical staff from relevant Ministries and State House to travel to the Copperbelt Province to meet with owners of Nkana Alloys Limited, the majority owners of Black Mountain to conclude the proposed settlement over the asset,” President Lungu announced on his Facebook page.

“Its with no doubt that empowerment of local communities through participation in the mining contracts and fair resource exploitation is a top priority for the PF Government,” he said.

President Lungu poses for a photo with Jerabos after a meeting at State House on Friday.
President Lungu poses for a photo with Jerabos after a meeting at State House on Friday.
President Lungu poses for a photo with Jerabos after a meeting at State House on Friday.
President Lungu poses for a photo with Jerabos after a meeting at State House on Friday.
President Lungu poses for a photo with Jerabos after a meeting at State House on Friday.
President Lungu poses for a photo with Jerabos after a meeting at State House on Friday.


    • One thing for sure I am happy that Jerrabos will have ownership of the black mountain. Like I have said before these people have made money and have spent the money in Zambia. Unlike ama chinese who send money to china. On the cooperative that is good as long as it is not govt run. These jerrabos have built houses and employed youths in copperbelt.

    • ”Parties involved resolved that all court actions must be terminated soonest by consent arrangements”.
      The president did not interfere with court proceeding, simple and straight forward.

    • Better a Jerabo investment than Chocholi. Next is we need to stop all foreign “investors” from selling broiler chickens and eggs at our markets!

    • And when humbly Dumbly next time tells u he doesn’t interfere in court processes some fo.ols here will be busy praising him and condemning those that insist that this person has his hands in judicial system

    • I don’t know what people would say if they heard that the Mexican president having a meeting with the sinaloa cartel.

      I believe this will only make every kid on the copperbelt to aspire to be a jerabo in future. This is the zambia we are building. In other countries such characters shouldn’t be seen even in public.

    • I understand jerabos operate outside the law, ba sakala nyongo. lungu is a well known criminal, a sakala nyongo. He is assisted in looting the coffers by hardened sakala nyongos like kaiser. So this is a meeting of ‘like minds’. Yesterday he was in “talks” with congolese sakala nyongo kabila. You see the pattern of things unfolding?

    • Meeting Jerabos? a group of theives and hooligans these people have caused havoc in kitwe to many innocent residents. stopping a court case not only shows lungu’s desperation but also his poor association and judgement forvthe sake of his political survival.
      This is like an American president meeting the mafia or the mob!
      A lawyer undermining the law!

    • Any sensible person will agree with me that the president hasn’t ordered the any court stop proceedings but has met parties from all sides who had put in court cases against each other and has asked THESE parties to drop their cases and resolve the matter through forming cooperatives and getting mining licences. Only diasporan knuckleheads above, confused with the substance they wipe off their white masters bottoms, want to twist the truth and make it look like the president is interfering with the judiciary…..

    • Zambian citizen, thank you for clarifying, I, like many others on this blog thought lungu had ordered to stop the cases, at least now I am not as dumb as most of these bloggers. But it still remains strange, why a cup of tea with them youths at statehouse?

    • Cup of tea at state house with jerabos (illegal miners)??? These youths are Zambians, why can’t they meet the president???

    • The heading should have read; President Lungu orders stop to black mountain court case after meeting with criminals engaged in illegal mining.

    • Well bad decision Lungu. You cannot encourage unorderly behaviours with illegal mining. The court should challenge Lungu’s position.




  1. EL is a smart guy. On this one he has scored both ways. Empowering local Zambians, that is correct. Secondly, the group of small scale miners and mining suppliers in the mining province of Copperbelt determine the political direction of the area. So EL, address the mining suppliers interest also and you will smiling all the way. Kaluza akalila futi!

    • It depends which school you belong to a kid at sunsha bokosi basic school might be your smartest, but at at technical school he might be a mere group 3.

    • @Wiyu: “…President Lungu said: …parties involved resolved that all court actions must be terminated soonest by consent arrangements…”
      Let’s not do another “Uubomba mwibala”. It’s these jerabos who had sued each other. By offering them mining licences and cooperatives, he has asked them to drop these court processes. HE HASN’T ORDERED ANY COURT TO STOP ITS PROCESSES.

  2. They insulted through WhatsApp and they have been given a ear and there voice has been head. Honestly is that the way we must use to be head. What are we showing our children?

  3. Huh!

    So its true that State House does twist the arm of the Judicature?

    Surely, the President should not empower these militias for the sake of retaining power.

  4. Court process stopped by president? That’s messing with judicial independence, disconnecting jurisprudential precedence & making court cases a “gentlemen’s agreement” instead of matters being settled by a panel of experts.

    Bwana Lungu let court cases flow as is,let ACC do its work unhindered by political considerations and let the judiciary execute its work with no threats.

  5. Forming a company means they will pay tax .This very interesting. About stopping legal procedures in court of law I think he has used a principle of legal over form or vice versa. Which ever is correct .it’s a bold decision .I welcome it.

  6. Next he should tackle the plight of miners especially at KCM who serve under slave conditions because their Unions have failed. Union leaders opt to receive bribes at the expense of workers. Jerabos need to be educated on how to spend their money, most get confused after receiving their dues. It’s good a settlement is in site

  7. Something just doesn’t sit right with me re this arrangement. Could it be because the same Jerabos are notorious for all sorts of vices in the Copperbelt? Are we going to turn a blind eye to that? That said, I have no concrete evidence and my ascertions are based on hereasay. But then, no smoke without fire!!

  8. as long as they also pay tax as a company or employees! its ok but i doubt they wud do that! which officer from ZRA would visit them? if he manage to order the court, how abt ZRA and others involved!!!

  9. It is not enough to be smart. Sometimes it is the loudest who get what they want. Well-done Jerabos! Is that Mulenga Sata? Politics tefintu.

  10. @ 15 KayWeather. In principle I agree with you but not in this particular case. Ba Jerabo have been mining from that dumpsite way before any of the so-called investors expressed interest. So they have some claim. It is not that I approve of everything they do. Sometimes it is about give and take-compromise. With the formation of a cooperative, it is easier for ZRA to tax them. Court case cannot help resolve the case.

  11. There is everything wrong in this, especially if the jerabos are a body of criminals , as we understand. Is the state now condoning criminality? He who comes to equity must come with clean hands.

    • This very act of reconciliation will turn them into law abiding citizens. A plus for the President. He’s a smart lawyer.

  12. So President Lungu has powers over the judiciary. Where is the separation of powers? Baba you keep raping the constitution which you swore to uphold with impunity. These and many more bad things will haunt you post retirement. Why not allow the courts to determine the case for the sake of fair justice.

  13. That pf symbol means power to the people. Empowerment is what you always preach so don’t complain. The so called jerabos are so intelligent than the mining engineers from unza. The engineers throw that product as rubbish not knowing that it has high value of minerals in it. Grade 7 drop outs who have never been to unza have discovered that the hip of rubbish has lots of mineral content. Stop looking down at these people because they are wiser than most of you arm chair critics who still believes that the president is the one to put food in your mouths.

    • @12 HH Oval .. Please STOP INSULTING ZAMBIAN ENGINEERS!! They knew what to do with “Black mountain”that a ling time ago! Even Businessmen like Kavindele had asked ZCCM a long time ago (in the 80s) if he could buy the “slag dumps” to extract some minerals from it. He was turned down. What has happened is that these days technology has improved a lot making it possible to extra minerals from these dumps even at a smaller scale. This is what has led to growth of the Jerabos as they sell their materials to the Chinese who then extract the minerals and make more money!! What we should be looking at is these Jerabos and indeed other Zambians investing in small scale mineral processing plants to extract minerals from these dumps themselves to make MORE MONEY FOR ZAMBIANS!!

  14. “….all court actions must be terminated soonest by consent arrangements to allow for the proposed amicable settlement planned for next week to take effect”- That is NOT interfering with the judiciary but directing the aggrieved parties to REASON BETWEEN THEMSELVES and avoid tedious long processes that were going to leave one party injured!! BLACK MOUNTAIN and JERABOS ARE “A POLITICAL BAIT” the opposition are MORE THAN WILLING TO USE to gain traction on the Copperbelt! Lungu has NO OPTION BUT TO APPEASE THE JERABOS otherwise he should have consider the biggest constituencies on the CB gone, most likely to NDC! And then, WHY DID IT HAVE TO TAKE PRESSURE TO GIVE ZAMBIAN RESOURCES TO ZAMBIANS IN A FREE COUNTRY?? THIS SHOULD ARRANGEMENT WAS LONG OVERDUE AND SHOULD BE DONE TO MANY SECTORS…

  15. you should also allow the marginalised to continue mining gold. We know where it is. We will form the black painter in Lusaka. Allow Zambians! to enjoy Zambian resources. just like selfish people are busy trading in Mukula at night. we want wealth too.

    • @25 Kong, But a few weeks ago, Government made a similar arrangement for gold miners in the Eastern Province! However, I agree with you that WE NEED SIMILAR ARRANGEMENTS IN ALL SECTORS WHERE ZAMBIANS HAVE BEEN UNFAIRLY DISPLACED BY FOREIGNERS!!

  16. It is a right call.
    @22 Zambiaisours. You make good points. There is need for such arrangements in several sectors including the Mukula sector.

  17. “President Lungu who met representatives of young people involved in illegal small scale mining known as Jerabos at State House on Friday said the parties involved resolved that all court actions must be terminated soonest by consent arrangements to allow for the proposed amicable settlement planned for next week to take effect. ”

    I have read the article over and over, I don’t seem to see where it says that the President has “ordered the Judiciary” to discontinue the case.

    Rather, he was addressing the Jerabos, and since the Jerabos are a party to the case, I understand the President’s “order” to be that it is incumbent upon them and their rivals to discontinue the case by consent of the parties “to allow the amicable settlement planned for next week to take effect…

    • Under5s have already twisted that plain English to suit their ego. Thanks for enlightening them. I hope they will see sense though I doubt because their bitterness has derated the brain functions. All they think of is insults and derogatory remarks.

    • Mr derogatory talking about derogatory, NICE. one thing i like about God, he made sure humans don’t see their own burt holes.

    • @Jean Bonheur … that’s who we have become unfortunately. I read it myself several times and Came exactly to your conclusion.

      Again, I kind of understand where the underlying factors that is causing people to hastily make a conclusion from just reading the headlines.

      The extravagant and unbelievable deals people in government have been making in all tenders is a point in question.

      The sooner government became transparent than there would be commeradery between the people and government.

      The problem is that government doesn’t want to be transparent because that would mean less deals for them.

    • Point well taken @Zambezi, that Government needs to be more transparent in its dealings to avoid unnecessary suspicions even when they mean well.

  18. These people have impregnated every beautiful lady on the copperbelt, leaving us with the ugly ones. They have caused pain on every family.

    No. No. No. Mr President. Don’t react to everything that Kambwilli says. What are these guys doing outside jail?

  19. The identity of Jerabos includes the following amony many: rape, theft, burglary, hooliganism (mahule), AIDS, etc.

    Please don’t tolerate them.

  20. News headline suggests lack of respect for Judicial process. The President is acting as mediator and his duty should be aimed at helping the two parties resolve their differences. Once they reach mutual understanding, aggrieved party will withdraw the case against the other.

    The right procedure is for the plaintiff to withdraw the case as a formal/ legal way of aborting the process . Not the President tempering with court process by giving order to discontinue the case. That is abuse of powers for political expediency.

  21. That’s what an informed group of people supposed to do.

    There have set precedent for provinces to emulate.

    You have to earn their vote.

    For other looking for a hand out and less informed they give their vote for free.

    Thank you Jerabos thumbs up Copperbelt!!!

  22. This wont work , the so called JERABOS will not form coperatives cos, hey are illiterate at the same time Jerabos dont like formal things, what is the criteria for someone to be a coperative member? very difficult to handle

  23. If HH and all his blind followers think,PF will just hand over power without a political serious fight via the ballot,then UPND is full of dull members.ECL is very 2015 and 2016 PF was weak on the copperbelt due to a number of mining ECL is correcting all those mistakes like the one here which involved Jerabos.Many youths are are employed by these Jerabos and more than 99% jerabos are pro PF!!i remember too well how these same jerabos drove to Levy Mwanawasa stadium in convoy of tipper trucks for a PF rally in 2016-copperbelt came to standstill!!SO ECL IS NOW GOING AHEAD TO DESTROY KAMBWILI’S IMPACT ON THE COPPERBELT!!ECL’S POLITICAL ADVISORS ARE DOING A SPLENDID JOB!!If PF wins Lusaka and Copperbelt again in 2021-THEN THE OPPOSITION WILL 100% LOSE!!nomatter Katuka…

  24. Why are the Under 5’s blind supporters so bitter on this gesture? Politics is about engineering like late President Chiluba would say “political engineer”! Obviously someone who has been supporting the “no effect” Pilato is confused yet again.
    When we tell you that Copperbel is the bedrock of PF, you cant understand, but there you are. You can continue hallucinating with your Malema and the DA leader but the corridors of power shall forever remain with us, the PF majority.

  25. it is said that when a president talks, he gives policy direction or indeed a directive to all concerned.In this case, the story says “the president has ORDERED that the ongoing court process….. be discontinued.” Me thinks this is a directive given to the judiciary to adhere to his directive. One would argue that the decision has been made at the altar of political expediency because jerabos are themselves a political heavyweight on the Copperbelt whose vote matters strategically. You would safely say on this score, the PF have held an upper hand at this stage against the rising popularity of NDC… for now.

  26. Jerabo is a sexy word for Jail Boy. I hear that they are rich thugs. Are they illegal or legal miners? Are they same as mishanga sellers?

  27. Way to capture Kambwili s good neighborhood Friends. Mr President you would have started with behaviour change counselling services for the Js thereafter teaching them how labour and company laws worked.

    I understand the boys need to earn their living but wealth can be obtained without aggressiveness.

  28. Disappointed Mr.President, how can you sink so low to meet those thugs ad give thm support whn Zambian miners who pays taxes to u are not given any platform. Those are thieves, dont pay tax ad sale to the chinese, they dont add value to the material they steal, ad here is a national leader entertaining thm. I miss KK, he cant do tht, never, those are thieves.

  29. Yea and what people don’t know is that Lungu might have used tax payers money to payoff the rightful owner so he can hand it over to these thugs. Very sad indeed as it is taking money from critical issues to useless ones for the sake of a vote. God save us from ECL and his gang of thieves

  30. Leave the gerabos alone.
    These guys mean well and they don’t terrorise Kitwe. Those are fake rumours.
    Well done Ba Commander
    Thanks your Excellence

    Umo akamwenako.

    Zambia chalo chesu. Ichilupili twalichichilila sana

  31. A zambian mentality of affliation is that which takes a stubborn fly to the grave wit a corpse.. ECL action on this is just too illegal moral not upright and corrupt. Lets cal a spade a spade. U cant grant criminals a tool of protection

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